Sally Yates speaks at Harvard Law School’s 2017 Class Day Ceremony
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Sally Yates speaks at Harvard Law School’s 2017 Class Day Ceremony

October 23, 2019

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  1. What an excellent speech, I hope it gets a lot more views! Thank you Sally Yates. The sooner the lying orange rage monster is out of office, the more lives will be saved.

  2. Mrs. Yates, I want to thank you for the very moving speech to the 2017's Harvard Law School graduates. I was in my early thirties – when I began attendance as a pre-law student, at the Urban Legal Studies program of New York City College. The very same health problems that hindered me from continuing and obtaining my degree as a Public Interest Attorney – still plagues my body today – in my fifties. But in the years prior to my admission, I worked as a community advocate and became involved with immigration issues and of helping shape policies – that would allow Public Assistance Recipients to obtain a waiver which permitted them to work, set aside income (in an IDA acct) – to start their own business, buy their first home, or pay for education. Over the years, I have continued to be a voice for those who feels helpless and lost within a system which is supposed to help move them out of poverty. I want you to know that, I listened to your speech in its entirety. Though "Dina" would not receive a law degree in 2017 – through the benefit of technology – I received a very timely "marching order" for the next project I'll be lending my voice to. Thank you for being true to your calling, transparent (in your presentation) to the Harvard Law School graduates, and an example of bold leadership qualities. You possess the right recipe for leading the individual graduates – into a life of service, that is purposely directed to protect – the Constitution of the United States, its people, and the neighbors it is designed to protect. Thank you, Mrs. Sally Yates. It was an honor to partake. Your speech will continue to shape this nation's law school graduates, for years to come. Again, thank you. You are an awesome lady. And we are blessed to learn from you. God bless you.

  3. Hmmm. A liberal AG speaks at liberal Harvard…home to affirmative action, inflated grades, cheating scandals, and Barack O'Bammy.

    Another liberal, John Kerry, spoke down the road, too.


  4. 7:00 "We are all better than our worst moment but sometimes we are not quite as good as we think we are either."
    11:44 "You never know when a situation will present itself when you're going to have to decide who you are and what you stand for. The defining moments in our lives often don't come with advanced warning."
    19:04 "The safest course is not always the best course. Be bold."
    21:52 “And it is seems it is the times in my life that I haven’t acted thats when I’ve regretted the most. Being willing to be wrong also requires that you willing to own it.
    We’re all wrong at times. Its going to happen to all of you as well. And there is nothing worse than the person who never wants his/her fingerprints on anything controversial. And who try to slip out a responsibility when things hit the fan.”
    22:43 "Being bold, taking a risk isn’t easy to do. And the instinct for self-preservation may continually draw you to the safe risk-free course. But I urge you to resist that instinct. Not only its a life of hedging your bets, unsatisfying. But it means you are unlikely to make much of a difference. You can either glide across the world or impact it. Its your choice."
    P.S. The above are some of my favourite moments that I want to remember. Thanks Ms. Yates for a great speech and your service to your country!

  5. She may be married, but I am still in love with this woman…a true American hero who had the guts to stand up for her beliefs and the US Constitution…unlike the selfish pigs that constitute the Republican Congress.

  6. Sally Yates is Superb Woman and she is great speaker and a true American with wisdom and i support all her efforts because she has wisdom and courage and she is fighter .. 2017 Superb thanks Sally Yates for taking the time to share your vision and thoughts

  7. Liberalism has eaten deep into higher education and it's a shame how diversity of thought has been so suppressed in our daily conversations. It's a shame!

  8. This woman has no standards and doesn't have respect for and oaths she would ever make in live. She most certainly has no respect for the laws and the Constitution of th United States. the woman is a liarer and fraud.

  9. Idiots like Yates are ruining this country. OF COURSE Trump's travel ban has everything to do with religion. ISLAMIC JIHADISTS are MUSLIMS, and for them Constitutional religious protection DOES NOT EXIST, because they are OUTSIDE of the jurisdiction of the US Constitution. Good riddance Yates. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  10. Excellent speech coming from a very intelligent lady (in contrast to the ignorant, poorly educated people that supported the conman).

  11. What a woman! She oozes integrity and dignity and is the embodiment of a public servant. This is a great example of taking your moment.

  12. Hypocrite! Sally does not care about the rule of law! She only cares about perpetuating her own far left radical agenda!

  13. Let all this ugliness and vulgarity come out of these Trump supporters, they have elected a vulgar and a sick man as a president, but we should never get to their level and to be affected by their vulgarity and meanness, and this dose not mean that we shouldn't resist and be energetically active. As a human being I am so happy that there are persons like Ms Yates who has such a caring values and a good heart that touches us all; only if we are willing to listen with open mind and affectionate heart, which vulgar people can never have.

  14. Did you get your pity suck up moment speech Sally Yates? Just like the Obama weirdos they need to justify themselves in front of the graduates and family. You look like you are and sound like you are trying to hard. Bingo Lorretta Lynch. Worthless speech. Oh my I'm going to cry her speech making me cry 😭😪😥😅😃😄😁

  15. unfortunately she is unique and not a reflection of the criminal cabal that lawyers really are – yes there are exceptions like Sally Yates is and she is honorable

  16. How shameful for half that audience to sit without reverence and applause to this remarkable and intelligent woman. They should be honored she was even giving them the time of day.

  17. Because of where she went to school (Georgia), one could say she stepped on Trump's (and Cruz's) face with a hobnailed boot and broke his nose, if you get my drift.

  18. Sally Yates—another Obama Flunkey—Congrats Harvard—Ted Kennedy/ this idiot/ Barack Obama—aka watch your wallets–WOW–Ivy League—I DO NOT THINK SO !

  19. Sally Yates, wonderful thoughts!
    Your best line? Many, among them, the following:
    Show me your scars? Was there nothing worth fighting for down there?
    HLS, thanks for sharing. Do fix the subtitles; they spoil my viewing.

  20. Harvard has put out so many Crooked Politicians that have done serious damage to this country. I hope the current and future students don't follow in the footsteps of the Obummer, Bush, Lynch and this arrogant women Sally Yates. I think People who graduate from Harvard are narcissistic and believe they are above the law. Yates was part of the Dept. of Injustice.

  21. A great example of public service, poise and enthusiastic encouragement of others. USA need more impartial people like this.

  22. strong people have the courage to admit and reviewed the worst moments in their life and make them their drive to better themselves.

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