Samsung The Frame 55 inch QLED TV Unboxing & Overview
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Samsung The Frame 55 inch QLED TV Unboxing & Overview

October 8, 2019

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  1. I have iffalcon 55" 4k uhd tv and planning to replace it with samsung frame…what do u suggest is it worth upgrading in terms of picture quality..thanks

  2. hello, is the Samsung Smart_View app working for anyone? I am not able to connect my TV (samsung Frame TV) to the app. If this works I can use the app to act as a remote, and also install personal photos on this tv

  3. Let's hope an extensive review is comikg out even thou I have bought this tv, please try to update all of us on the settings of the tv since its really bothering me with jittery video specially on apple tv video wallpaper one can see clearly…. Would appreciate if you would share all the settings also in the review

  4. First u have to pay for 80000 for frame then u have to pay more for 📺 300 rs per month

    Aur yeh feature not new lg4ktv is also providing same features and Sony withdraw it why we will pay more bcoz after few months

    Aap sirf picture quality hi dekhenge

    So don't follow stupid feature always prefer pictures quality

    My view

  5. Got it thanks it's looks good when u hide all items like dth connect box features is also available in other qled models and lg models Sony just withdraw it and remember it's qled and qled burn in risk company giving only warranty

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