San Jacinto College’s linked Algebra-Composition course gains traction
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San Jacinto College’s linked Algebra-Composition course gains traction

September 19, 2019

We learn about piecewise functions in the second week. You know that makes me crazy, but we can do it. A piecewise function is one that does not behave the same way for all the different values of “x.” It’s not the same every time. It just depends. For some values of “x” the function may be increasing, for others it goes across, or goes down. That’s great, because the students can be working on their profiles, which are right here, and if you will look at this graphic you see that there are complications. And that would work perfectly with the way they are graphing this, so they can see the graph changing as they see the complications in that person’s life. Both classes are syntactical, both deal with expression, with writing, with describing reality and understanding conditions, the way things are in the real world, so we want to help them with that. Any learning community is stronger than a stand-alone class. Studies show that when students have connections with others, they develop study groups, and as they work together and have people on campus that they know already, they’re going to do better.

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