Santa visits Parliament Hill | 22 Minutes
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Santa visits Parliament Hill | 22 Minutes

November 20, 2019

I’m on Parliament Hill to find out if our
MPs are naughty or nice. HO HO HO! Have you been a good boy this year? I believe so, yeah. You’ve been very good because you’ve been
working for free all year, you’re like one of Santa’s little elves aren’t you! You’re on the naughty list this year Maxime. You broke up with your friends, you huffed
and puffed and said I want it all my own way and started your own party, that’s naughty. What do you believe in less, climate change
or Santa Claus? I believe less climate change. I like Santa Claus. Oh very good. Ok I’m hearing it. My name is Elizabeth May Santa. And you’re a leader of the…
I’ve been a good girl! Yes I’ve been a good girl all year Santa. You’re the leader of the Green Party. I’ve only got arrested once. Yes that’s right now, I have you on the naughty
list, you were arrested. But it was for a good cause. Well what? Really? Really. And I hear you got… And I got my Christmas wish later because
they quashed the permits. You got off with it! HO HO HO way to go! What is your Christmas wish this year? Oh my God, Santa Claus, I need to be Prime
Minister. HO HO HO that’s a big ask. I was thinking a green chair, preferably,
maybe in the House of Commons. A chair in the House of Commons! I think Santa can make that happen. Stand up Jagmeet! Yes sir! Right here. Happy holidays! I know it’s not exactly the one you wanted,
but it’s as close as you’re gonna get for now, let’s see what happens in the new year. Take all the leftover coal, and dump it on
the White House. And then, we won’t use it any more. You’re going back to jail with talk like that! Andrew you look almost like one of my little elves,
you’re so darling, look at you. Tell me now Andrew, you’ve been a good boy,
what would you like this year for Christmas? Well I’d like an exemption for all Canadians
from the carbon tax, a balanced budget, and a pipeline to get Canada’s energy to market
so we can get a better price for our energy. What about for you personally Andrew, for
you what would you like? Yeah I don’t really think about myself too
too much, but I guess yknow if I had to… I might have a couple here. Well there’s just one person left on my list… Justin Trudeau Prime Minister! How are you? Very well Santa. It’s good to see you again, now of course
you were born on Christmas. I was indeed. And you kinda get left out ’cause you never
get two gifts do ya? But I get birthday cake on Christmas and that’s
way better than log. HO HO HO! Now this year, you had a bit of a list, you wanted a new pipeline, we couldn’t do that. You wanted a new NAFTA, early Christmas gift. Thank you for that Santa. And I already gave you the best gift I could
ever have given you. Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer. Job security! HO HO HO! So what would you like this year my friend? For all Canadians to have a blessed 2019,
how’s that? Pretty good, I’m looking at my list and I
got your letter, and what you asked me for was… Uh oh. A pair of socks with your own face on it. That’s all that was in the list. Tell you what, I’ll leave these with you and
I’ll see if I can do the whole world peace thing or whatever it is later. What do you say? Thank you very much Santa. Happy Christmas, and give Santa a hug. HO HO HO Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Im pretty sure that all you spiritually bereft commentors here, who decided this comedy clip was an opportunity to air your petty political opinions over this lighthearted skit, have the sympathy of the adults in the room. Happy New Year to all regardless.

  2. Did YouTube or Trudeau take down Andrew scheer Christmas video of what he got for Christmas from Trudeau. Watched it once now I can't find it can someone please tell me where it went. Happy New year 22 minutes thanks for all the laughs in 2018

  3. As an American who relocated to Canada this year: it’s still shocking for me to see a democracy that still works and people in government who are still cordial to each other.

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