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  1. @fgssful I know a radical shiite when I see one you are the only ones in Middle East who calls the GCC rulers occupiers and what you are doing is media marketing by talking on behalf of the people or giving a talk like you are the presenter of the country,I live with you and know you so shutup let people watch this video peacefully, you want to speak fine open the terrorists hezbullah page and put your comments and to feel better go to Bashar thugs page & give him your support while he is there

  2. Dear cfr….there is a mistake in the interactive screen. Check 34:56 min. you are missing the phrase:"counter revolutionary" in the middle of this sentence.
    " So, you know, I don't think it's necessarily agree that just because Saudi Arabia promoted or supported regime change there that it isn't in fact a ……………power

  3. I invite you to true Islam pure from all impurities I swear to you that it is the right which is the only road to salvation

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