Scaramucci SWEARS Senate Republicans Will Convict Trump
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Scaramucci SWEARS Senate Republicans Will Convict Trump

October 21, 2019

Anthony Scaramucci, the former white house
communications director told CNN earlier this week that he firmly believes that at least
20 Republicans in the Senate will eventually turn on Trump and vote to remove him from
office when the impeachment trial makes its way to the Senate. Now that is a very happy thought right? that’s something a lot of us would love to
believe that, yes, we’re going to get those 20 Republicans to flip. Trump’s going to be gone. Then we’ve got to deal with Pence for a few
months and then Democrats take the 2020 election. It’s not going to happen, folks. Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Hate to burst your bubble there, but it’s
simply just not going to happen. Now, Scaramucci went on to say that eventually
the criminal conduct of this administration coupled with his actions in Syria that’s already
turning off a lot of Republicans. He says, and as we learn more, as more of
these crimes are exposed like what Mick Mulvaney admitted to yesterday, it’s going to become
too much for these Republicans to continue to stand by him. I disagree. Now I do believe firmly that there is a point
at which some Republicans may be willing to flip and vote to get the president out of
office, but even that there’s like less than a 1% chance we ever hit that point and that
point would have to be, it would have to be measurable in polling data for their state,
for that Republican Senator who also has to be up for reelection. It has to be shown that they would lose enough
support by standing by the president in order to lose their election in 2020 if every single
piece of that criteria is not met, they won’t flip. They won’t. Now think about all those things I said they
have to be up for reelection. The polling has to show that they would lose
their reelection and they would have to lose that reelection solely because they stood
by and supported Donald Trump. So three major things that have to be met
in every single case and you have to have at least 20 people who meet those three standards. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. And I know Scaramucci has got an ax to grind
with the president. I know he allegedly hates him now, but we
have to be realistic about this. We have to kind of taper our expectations
and we cannot expect 20 Republicans in the Senate to actually do the right thing. That that’s the part that people miss. Voting to remove Trump from office to convict
him in this impeachment trial. That would be the right thing to do. And I’ll leave you with this question. When was the last time you ever saw any elected
Republican official do the right thing.

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  1. There may b more than u know that r totaly humiliated by the orange n grey man. He's given them a bad name that THEY never had before. I think THEY'RE REALLY Exhausted by HIM at thier LEVEL. Theyre going to have to build THEY'RE REGULAR behaving bc ppl r LOOKING at them SIDEWAYS now.

  2. Why listen to Scaramucci? This fool trusted Trump. He sold his business, lost his wife and destroyed his life because he acted like a thug. He got fired weeks before his first day in his new job. Anyone who would work for Trump is an idiot for doing so, and is probably involved in crime as we have already seen several times.

  3. I sure hope there are at least 20 Republican senators who put ethics before party. So far, most of them have shown no signs of doing that.

  4. I bet Mooch is so glad he was fired! I don't get all these Trump loving Republicans who are obviously doing job interviews on fox everyday.

  5. I disagree with your analogy… The polls across several agencies are from 53% to 56% for impeachment. You speak as though they vote for each other! We the people! Americans are tired of Trump, I believe if enough people stand… He will have no choice but to leave office. Your analogy is dependent on Congress as though you’ve lost hope or never had any hope in American citizens! Many countries bigger then ours have protested a president out of office! If it’s one thing I learned in all my tours overseas… it’s NEVER put anything passed the American spirit! Not everyone is divided in this country!

  6. Tha Mooch is here!
    Tha Mooch is here!
    Tha Mooch is here!
    trying to be relevant again!……cause thats what tha Mooch is all about!

  7. But how many Republican senators are not up for reelection for 3 or 5 more years? And how many have already announced retirement, or will soon? Wouldn't that make a difference?

  8. Sometimes what you say makes sense. But this is not one of them, the Republicans have always wanted Pence to be the president. Now is the time to get rid Trump and put in the man they always wanted to be president. So say I Moses of Englewood Chicago.

  9. Republicans are too greedy, vile and corrupt. They are behind him and probably in front. They’re staying. Can’t fix greed.

  10. I use ted Cruz as an example to measure this variable: ted had his nose so far up trump's butt, that he could smell putin. This is after trump insulted "lyin Ted's" wife in front of the world…. they will not vote how this little man believes.

  11. I agree with Farron. The Republicans are chicken shits. Trump will win next year. Our only hope is taking the Senate.

  12. This is meant to be subtle – he's been told he's going down – possibly at the Republicans request he's been given an ultimatum. Either give us something easy to impeach you with and you step down or it goes to the extreme of tax exposee, Russian contacts, Israel, Saudi etc. – so he hires his golf club for the G7 as a distraction and gives them no option but to impeach him on that – and if the Republicans play it right the GOP comes out it better than the alternative – that's if the Dems. back off and I don't think they will.

  13. Anthony Anthony Anthony. The Republican Senate are not going to do anything. They are stuck with him and they are in so deep now they have to take the whole ride with him. And after all this I want them all gone. But shhhhh our secret. Keep that text on the softer spoken side like a whisper.

  14. They will never convict president shit for brains. When you look at the amount of president shit for brains administration that went ro jail it proves the corruption in white house. But imagine if this was obama administration the racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters would be climbing the walls. With pitchforks. America is the most hypocritical country of all. But this all about American racism it was built on it and it will be destroyed by it. President shit for brains campaign was all about making America white again. Period.

  15. The only way for the Republican to redeem itself is in the Senate to convict unanimously from both sides and remove this traitor/ the sellout of America! He is not making America great! He has been dismantling it since day 1, he didn't drain the swamp in DC but make the swamp bigger around the world! So here is the message to the world and our allies!! Restore America's honor with the removal of Trump in disgrace! Condemn it with rule of laws and justices for all. Duty, Honor, and Country first! Huuuuuuraaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  16. No it won't. We'll be lucky to have 5 come from under their rocks. As soon as any of them find their balls, the resign the next day.

  17. When you elect a Clown, you get the whole Circus. Also, the show must go on. The easy thing to do is support the clown and we have a Senate that has not done a fucking thing except sir on thier Ass for 10 years thanks to MOSCOW MITCH. The Chief Ass, Moscow Bitch maconnel has no reason to do anything moral or legal to oust the Garbage encrusted moron. They will sit on thier fat white ass forever, if given the choice. Democratic and independent will have to take thier jobs to ever get back our government. In my life, only the asanation of President Kennedy has been such a foul repub action against our nation. The death of a President is not beyond the rich, immoral, elderly white bastards, it's just thier hold card. Twerp changed to repub because he saw the moral and ethical vacuum in the repubs potty. Good luck getting a MOLESTER to guard your family. And what the hell happened to maconels face. He has no jaw.

  18. The picture you paint of the Republican Senate is rather bleak, basically portraying them as a bunch of money grubbing, power seeking hacks. Which of course is precisely what they are! Anyone who believes even for a moment that members of the present Congress care one wit about law or the Constitution need only review the dramatically different position statements made by Lindsay Graham over the course of his pathetic career to realize that the only "principal" governing his conduct is winning at any cost. Are the Democrats any better? I hope so but I suspect not with a few notable exceptions like AOC, et. al. It beggars believe that a clown like Trump ever was elected as President and how the religious right and working class Americans can continue t support him is simply beyond belief. But support him they do and as you point out it's going to take something more serious than him shooting someone on 5th Avenue to get him out of office. So don't count on any magic solution to the Trump problem and make sure you vote in 2020!

  19. I agree with Scaramucci on this one. I will sgree too with Jeff Flake who said 35 Republican Senators will flip.

    I believe most Republican senators loathe Trump and want him gone.

    By thevtime the trial is underway I think the public support for impeachment will be such that many will flip.

    Before that, and to help it along, I think a high profile Republican, such as Mitt Romney will flip. I believe he is immune to Trump's wrath. Once he or another one does….the dam will break just as it has done with the career diplomats ignoring orders from the White House and Justice department not to testify.

  20. Well, the pollings already show that they won’t win in 2020. Even Republicans must know that keeping this idiot in office will finish them for a long time ahead.

  21. What I want?
    I want, in November 2020 for “we the people” to unequivocally FIRE Donald J Trump. I want my fellow Americans to take the Trump Presidency and take it to an undisclosed location in the middle of the ocean and DUMP IT…just like Bin Laden’s corpse.
    I want the world to unequivocally see this!
    I want all those “Don Heads” who religiously attend his rallies to unequivocally see this!
    To be honest, I really don’t want to see Congress…which has a lower COLLECTIVE approval rating (of course we all love our OWN individual congressman) than Trump himself…do this. This is OUR JOB people!
    I want it done AT THE BALLOT BOX by my fellow citizens of the USA and I’m willing to suffer through another 14 months of this disaster to see it done “by the people “.

  22. i used to watch your videos but your high pitch voice is turning me off. it’s annoying and sounds nagging. you need go calm down dude.

  23. The A.G. Barr, if he weren't in Trump's pocket, should be front and center upholding the law. After #45 is impeached, not removing him decimates the GOP. After 2020 elections, Dems will lock them up.

  24. I would hate to see that happen. Pence would pardon Trump, he then would have only to deal with state level prosecutors… not a big enough punishment…

  25. What you say is true. What we have is a body that is only concerned about money not public service. They don’t care what happens to you or I as long as they have what they want a job and life time security. Sell outs are what they are. They let Trump talk bad and insult them and their families. They are too afraid to stand up to the bully.

  26. Hey, he has been right so far! He said it was only going to get worse (Trump's behavior) and guess what, it did. Though, you make a good point about the polling!

  27. Didn't McCain vote against the rest of them trying to take away/tear down Obamacare? And know that it wasn't ideal, but it was at least something!

  28. I think that it’s way less than a one percent chance, I think it’s more like the odds of a chimpanzee typing the Gettysburg address, like the last time we had a good republican president did.

  29. I don't necessarily disagree with Cousins but neither do I agree with him. Republicans not up for 2020 reel3ction are likely to turn on Trump for one of two reasons. Historically, we know Republicans do turn (Nixon and Joe McCathy come to mind) but it takes lots of evidence and public pressure. We also know that many GOP Senators don't believe Trump is good for the party of the country, and many of them aren't up for 2020 reelection. Those with two to four years to their next reelection are likely to turn if the evidence supports removal and more than 65% of the electorate support removal. Removal is very possible but whether it happens largely depends on unfolding events.

  30. It's amusing that this guy is criticizing Scaramucci's opinion while doing the same thing — stating his opinion as if it's fact. I won't be subscribing and really would like rof not to show up univited in my feed.

  31. Scaramunchkin, lasted less than 30 days in WH.. Loosenut its not a crime to investigate foreign corruption. Do you think we should give money to thugs? Good Lord, get a brain cousins.

  32. This POS needs to go away too. I refuse to watch any news network or channel that features him. Sorry Farron but this POS needs to get an job.

  33. I forget what was Trump's crime? Eating salad with his dessert Fork? That is not presidential! And I heard once that he stirred his tea with his butter knife! Off with his big fat orange head!

  34. Who the hell is Anthony Scaramuchi. ..however you spell his name…this guy was an ass licker to trump and was obnoxious when in the white house….he just wants to stay in the spotlight. He's as goofy as trump…get rid of him too..

  35. Time to pressure our representatives
    and our senators. We are their constituents and we need to push back hard in this country. When will we demonstrate our support for getting rid of Trump. And while we’re at it we need to pressure KY To get rid of obstruction and holding our senate hostage by refusing to allow legislation to be discussed. He needs to find somewhere else to grim reap😈

  36. Wouldn't listen to a word any of these scum Republikkkans say (past or present) they are all crooks where money and self interest come before the wellbeing of America and its citizens.

  37. The Dotard knows if He is Out, Jail Time is for sure; Inevitable to hold power and seeking re-election for 2nd Term, You cannot indict a sitting POTUS, that’s what KAVANAUGH said!

  38. Republicans do the "right" thing all the time.. in fact, they just get better at doing the "Right" thing….
    There's no limit to how "Right" one can be….

  39. Because of his reelection and popularity at the time, I truly thought that Tricky Dick Nixon would survive impeachment as well. But when the tapes were released showing that Nixon was indeed obstructing justice, the Republican leadership DEMANDED Nixon’s immediate resignation. If Nixon had refused to resign, the Democrats had the bipartisan support needed to prosecute Tricky Dick in the Senate and remove him from the Oval Office.

  40. Most of the Democrats and Independents who voted for trump in 2016 won't vote for him again. So chances are enough gop in the Senate would vote to remove trump from office, no one knows how the Senate would vote concerning trump and his asinine decisions because mcconnell never allows votes to come to the Senate floor…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump!

  41. See it is the same story with Jesus". He died for us ,to give us a kingdom that will give us ,all we need ? But there are so many self righteous people around ,that will never agree ,see they want to be king,and there are to many of them, and there is only one king that can provide what we need ,remember he knew us before we where in our mothers womb.,you don't believe, I challenge you to ask him yourself, I guarantee he will unsure you .try it ??

  42. I agree with you. Republicans are complicit and rotten. Trump's toxicity has corrupted them to the court. For instance, here in Utah some seats are about to take a change

  43. who is this guy? Never seen him before and now acting like he knows something. Another person looking to be on TV. Can't stand it!

  44. Part of me hopes republicons vote no on removal. I think it will prove how corrupt, vacuous, partisan and hypocritical the GOP is and will likely increase democratic turnout at the polls in 2020. And history will once again show they were on the wrong side… ethically, morally, constitutionally, and patriotically.
    "If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it." – Lindsey Graham, May 2016

  45. I think if it’s clear a removal vote is the right thing for the country republicans might have to say there’s life after the senate, or tell their constituents “what are you gonna do vote democratic?” Lol

  46. Something to consider, Farron. Let's pretend we're having this discussion two months ago. Little could we have foreseen the Ukraine scandal or the precipitous withdrawal of troops from Syria or Trump announcing that the G7 would be at Doral. So imagine how much more might happen over the next six months. You know Trump isn't going to change. He will continue to do impulsive, stupid, dangerous, and corrupt things. There are also numerous investigations still ongoing which may yield damning results. There is also the matter of his taxes, which will almost certainly show corruption and criminality. And then there will be all the cover-ups between now and whenever the Senate trial occurs.

    Finally, what if Trump does something that truly pisses off Rupert Murdoch and Fox turns against Trump or at least starts giving balanced reporting and commentary? Senators might feel less confident with Trump's rapidly shrinking base under those circumstances.

    So let's not be too certain that there won't be 20 Republican Senators who will convict by the time we get to that point. Scaramucci might be right. Sooner or later Senate Republicans might start thinking, "Well, why not Pence as President?"

  47. I'm not even a democrat and I'm voting for nothing but democrats this election. Sick of these greedy, immoral, unamerican, self serving republicans.

  48. Republicans always puts party over country they are basically selling out America yet you idiots keeps voting for these lawless people smh 🤦‍

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