Schiff challenger thanks him for impeachment in new campaign ad
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Schiff challenger thanks him for impeachment in new campaign ad

February 26, 2020

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  1. Early,another bootlicker. If this is the type of person america wants then Putin Would be drinking vodka in the winter palace.

  2. Why even mention his pathetic name at all ? He'll self destruct all on his own, leave him be, but it is ironic that someone with absolutely no intelligence becomes the head of the intelligence, truth is stranger than fiction !

  3. Shifty Schiff is the perfect name for him. This man needs to go to prison for leaking secure information, lying to Congress, falsifying information, and he should not be immune to being jailed. None of these people, Congress, senators, representatives. We need to change that law immediately.

  4. People are forgetting shiff is a Republican,he just might under cover draining the swamp, funny how he brought out the dems corruption and pinned right to biden humm makes you think and way hasn't he been oust from office, and not charged with a crime by the Republicans.something to think about.we love shiff bring out the dems corruption

  5. Trump is a 12 year old spoild brat. All of those who suck his rectum will lose. Keep sucking on that rectum. This the end of the GOP.

  6. I really can't stand looking🙈 at that Man! SOMEONE beat him with an ugly stick! 👺
    Must be pretty bad when your eyes get there first..👀

  7. I don’t see how any self-respecting American on either side can continue to support the current democrats. For those on the right, they wasted time with a failed attempt to oust the President, and for the left, they were so incompetent, they couldn’t even do the job.

  8. Democrat credo i'll give you everything you wan't and someone else will pay for it. Republican credo personal responsibility, where can we cut back on spending and make smarter purchases. the election children vs adults

  9. Californians you know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results……keep electing the same politicians over and over who are destroying your state.

  10. Due process proceeds the Bill of Rights and it roots are found in the Magana Carta which was used by the founding fathers as a guide for forming our government. It was denied by Adam Schiff to the intelligence committee Republicans by not allowing them to call witness to defend their point of view. I would call that an embarrassment.

  11. Pelosi Schiff and Nadler put on the biggest Clowns show in American History. These three Clowns are the Enemy of their own Party for helping Relect President Trump for another FOUR MORE YRS. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I'd be curious to know how the Bidens feel about Schiff since it was Schiff who drew so much attention to the Biden/Burisma scandal.

  13. Schiff gave a plethora of material for more ads that make the point. People there can still be motivated to vote against him for his and the democrats inability to void the 2016 election.

  14. Good luck Mr. Early. You have a serious uphill battle.
    For those unfamiliar with CA-28, it is a Democrat stronghold that has only gotten stronger with the 2010 redistricting. The Cook PVI has Dems at +23%.
    The 28th hasn't voted for Republican presidential candidate since 1992, Bush 41.3%.
    In the last four presidential elections each of the Democrat candidates garnered 70+% of the vote. Schiff himself has won elections by no less than 71% with a landslide reelection bid in 2006 garnering 82% of the votes.
    If Early was to flip the seat it would be a historical event.

  15. If that so called news anchor did his job, he would find out that, Schiff had someone working with Hunter Biden over in the Urkaine making money as well.. 9 out of 10 times people who point the finger is the one doing the wrong.. And yet news media does not ask real question

  16. Guys high time start supporting the republicans… and support trump 2020 vote for republicans … they have really gud policies .. gud national security , education choices , employment, better health care system with choices , gud trade deals with other countries, proper legal immigration Wat else do u want … they hav really gud ideas elect republicans … even if ur from left .. jus give the republicans a chance again they won’t let u down … elect trump 2020

  17. Eric Early is clearly a mental case and fox so-called news is literally the creator of the “fake news” phenomenon. Plus, Trump is actually a Democrat, he has always BEEN a Democrat, and the only reason he decided to run as a Republican is because the comedian Rush Limbaugh proved his listeners were so stupid that they would believe anything except the truth – just like FOX viewers do.

  18. Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall. The wind blew it down and he had a great fall. His combover got stuck to his spray on tan… and his supporters couldn’t figure out how to put it all back together again.

  19. If IMPEACHING a Corrupt president is the problem, then why did all the Republicans let Trump go even though they know he is guilty ? DISGRACE

  20. Voters need to dump Schiff, Nadler, Waters, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, that ugly woman from Washington state, Schumer, Pelosi, Dingell, chicken eating Cohen………the list goes on and on.

  21. PRAY FOR HIM!!!, Schiff is very dangerous, we already lost one patriot this year, the guy who was whistleblowing on Obummer!

  22. Wish him the best as CA is completely democratic. They have the same idiots holding seats for 20 to 30 years. That's Pelosi. Feinstein, Mad max and Shitty Schiff to name a few.

  23. I love how the Red Hat Cult Idiots think that Democrats didn't factor King Bone Spurs boost in approval from the quieter Cultist Idiots after Impeachment. UMM DUMMIES,, Yeah,. IT WAS WELL KNOWN THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!! Lmao! We'll vote this dummy out! Bernie 2020! Grass Wave assholes!!! Grassroots 2020, no more fake billionaire sellouts!!! Give the power back to the people instead of Big Oil, Big Pharma and Corporations!

  24. Eric early I agree with you 100% And you got my vote Adam Schiff needs to be removed from our government indefinitely he should have been tried for treason however getting him out and definitely would be the best thing for our country good Lord president run for office 2020 Let's Continue to Drain The Swamp USA Amen

  25. Republicans who anointed their new King .
    That have put him above the law .
    One sick swamp of a party are the Republicans .

  26. Don’t lower yourself congressman by calling Shiff a clown… Please rise above that classless level of name calling

  27. Only a crazy guy like this would think that in civilized California he would take Schiff seat …gimme a break!! go and run in a place like Tennessee or some other full prejudices place 😁😁😅

  28. Eric, PLEASE take this unamerican as*hole out of Congress. How does this dickhead Schiff keep winning elections? He's an lying as*hole…

  29. That's how WE do it. Git em the hell outta office, by giving us qualified, pro-American, honest, SANE, fresh and non-corrupt choices and voices.

  30. Schitt has done more damage to America than any Russian spy could have ever dreamed of…he's the lowest of the low! He'll go down in history as the biggest traitor this country has ever had.

  31. Trump cut taxes for the rich and corporations. Trump would bring down drug prices like crazy-Lie. The average family would see $4000 pay raise-Lie, would sue the women who accused him of sexual misconduct, Lie didn’t build a wall and Mexico won't pay? get rid of special interest loophole- Lie. Would end Kim Jung-Un’s nuclear program, Lie. Repeal and immediately replace Obama care Lie. He would not cut social security or Medicare but now has to because of his ballooning depict from tax cuts to the wealthy. protect pre-existing conditions but now he’s trying to eliminate them. big spending on infrastructure and jobs-Lie. He'd drain the swamp but has had the most corrupt administration in US history full of Wall Street, finance and energy Billionaires. whip the Whitehouse into shape but has fired virtually everyone he has put in office. He’d stop foreign lobbyists from raising money for elections- Lie. Promised 6 week paid maternity leave-Lie. Said he wouldn’t bomb Syria then did, would pull all troops out of Afghanistan, he didn’t. He would not take vacations or play any golf like Obama did but has done 3 X’s as much. Campaign lies, to name a few

  32. Schiff performed admirably throughout Trump's impeachment and hopefully he gets reelected to once again hold this lawless so called president accountable.

  33. In all sincerity.. If you scooped up a not too large, not too small shovelful of human excrement off of a California street and put it on a ballot, I'd vote for it over Schiff.

  34. If you want to beat the demacraps at their own game then vote. In the last election only 29% of Republicans voted. That is why the demacraps win. If 50% of Republicans had voted we would have kept nuisance out of the governors office. Take a page out of the demacrats play book and go pick up voters ballots and take them to the polling places for those that can't make it.

  35. I must say that I don’t have a lot of confidence in my fellow California voters as they continue election after election to continually vote against their own interests. This next election on March 3 will be VERY telling. If adam schiff and these militant lefties are re-elected along with the passing of these money-grabbing, tax-hiking propositions (schemes to grab any newly funded tax schemes used to line the pockets of the special interests that continue to re-elect these criminals and fund a terribly mismanaged state budget…last audit showed $7BILLION in revenues from the state lottery generated. The schools were supposed to get funded only got $1.7B…What do you suppose happened to the other $5.3B?) we will know clearly the direction that this state is headed toward. Don’t be surprised…Is it any wonder people are leaving the state in droves?

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