Schiff makes opening statement in first public impeachment hearing
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Schiff makes opening statement in first public impeachment hearing

November 14, 2019

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  1. This guy is a real peice of work lieing thru his teeth saying he dont know who the whistleblower is when the whistleblower came to him and his team i got a feeling there was no whistleblower i think schiff has made all this up this schiff guy needs to go to prison for treason as does Pelosi…

  2. 😆🤣 Who else finds it cringe worthy "& ridiculously funny" that he's trying to be sincere & loyal to the U.S Constitution..

  3. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  4. Shifty needs to get booted from Congress.hes a pathetic liar and is out to get our president no matter what.shifty is a total joke and a pathetic looser and needs to be brought up on criminal charges ASAP. God bless our president Donald j Trump.

  5. But Shifty Shift, when Russia invaded the Ukraine in 2014, Obama gave these Allies blankets. Your Opening Statement is trying to continue the failed Mueller Report.

  6. the fact that Obama who was the president in 2014 and not Trump so Shifty eyed LIberal Shiff is caught right off bat lying threw his anal teeth by his obvious false accounting of facts. Shity or rather shifty-eyed pious lair Shiff who has perjured himself agaIn and on purpose right out of the gate hoping no one catches him in this thug in the act at it as if giving his own accusing speech is true. Shiff need to go to Jail for his redundant deliberate part of his non stop accusation lies and his pious proud perjury's as he blatantly avoids any and all true facts Shifty thug eyes voids his own Liberal thug president Obama own deliberate no actions taken in Ukraine in 2014 so the truth and the fact speak loud ansd clear for itself as it was his Liberal thug President Obama who did squat .so really what a shifty-eyed Devil in a suit he is .

  7. This corrupt an needs to be taken by the Marines. He is a traitor to the American People! Schiff needs to be removed quickly. His opening statement is pure fiction and shows that he has already determined guilt prior to any investigation or trial. That is very unAmerican and can not stand in this country.

  8. The first truthful thing that he said in this video is that he couldn’t tell an impeachable act from an non-impeachable act

  9. Every time the Demon Rats question a "witness" and they don't get the answer they are so very desperate to get they then go to the old "well is it possible" to wrangle out an affirmative answer which is manipulative and dishonest at its core. OF COURSE, IT'S POSSIBLE, given the fact that anything is possible but they never ask if it probable which leaves the POSSIBILITY of yes or no.

  10. Trump is trying to get the best deal for the United states $$$ biden was trying to get the best deal for hunter and the hidden Democrats who invested in it that is why obama tried to stick his hand into the proverbial cookie jar with the rest of them

  11. Why is this farce allowed, throwing out their lies like it's the gospel.
    All they are doing is spreading SEEDS of doubt, PEOPLE hanging to every lying word; LORD bring into the open, who really is LAW breakers.

  12. Schiff's comments are completely unsettling. He has rewritten facts and passes them off as truth. I dont think he understands that he is undermining any public trust left in our government officials. That goes for both right and left. I am of the firm opionion that all elected officials should be limited to one term. Will it stop corruption? No, but hopefully it limits the damage and the corruption inflicted by these individuals

  13. This is huge waste of our money, and after allll said and done we will not impeach our president. this is sad and the longer this goes on the angrier we get.

  14. Even if most of this is so….. Why would anyone give money to a corrupt foreign country? Isn't that in Americas interest? Like Trump need anything to beat Biden. Drain the swamp

  15. I can see it coming. They find out Trump did nothing wrong … but then they try to impeach him for obstruction of justice (again).

  16. There are 3 branches of government, Mr. Schiff the Executive CONSTITUTIONALLY has the most power. The president IS a monarch, an elected monarch.

  17. After listening to this turd spew his lies for 8 minutes I had to turn him off! What a crock of shift, history will not remember this jackass kindly.

  18. It’s Shiffs investigations, and he claimed he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is. Hahahaha Hahahaha you’re done democrats, just give it up already.

  19. Yes Schiff, in 2014 Russia invaded Uckraine. And Barack Obama didn't do a damned thing about it.
    🖕🖕🖕 All you Rat BASTARDS

  20. He’s undermining our security by saying it would undermine our security thats such bs we are more in control of the world than that.

  21. Jeez, what a fake person. What is scary is the Democrat 'establishment' is acting as if this is a real thing, when it is obviously baloney, but they seem like they would act on it. What kind of half-human would think this was an okay way to go on? Faking nonsense about Ukraine…

  22. Why are the Biden’s walking around free and acting like they are angels. This talking anus should be beaten with a big rubber phallus!! Publicly!!!!

  23. I heard it from someone that was told be somebody else who heard it from a friend of a friend that Santa clause was real. I therefore assume it is true.

  24. Schiff wants to be the Queen Maker. He wants to make Pelosi the President of USA. Via the backdoor. Pelosi may have promised him VP position in return.

  25. I love the fact they forgot to mention that in 2014 the dnc and the state department performed a blood less coup d'etat that let to the removal of the government and installation of a more friendly government

  26. What a joke trump doesn’t need help from Ukraine to get elected again he didn’t try get dirt on Biden as Biden is no threat to him how many more lies are you going to believe . Get on with your job do something for your people and country democrats

  27. With the amount of times Biden name has been mentioned why isn’t the Biden’s there to clear there name hahaha cover up in front of your eyes lies lies

  28. Couldn’t get :40 sec into this. I have a hard time listening to this low life. He opens with a history lesson but fails to mention that Obama/Biden’s idea of military assistance was blankets and first aid supplies and food……

  29. If Trump did something impeachable, he should be impeached simple as that- not sure what he or you republicans expect given the hatred for him. Trump failed to assemble a team that should have been able to steer him clear of even the appearance of wrong doing. Sloppy on Trumps part.

  30. I see he didn’t do his daily drug of Adrenochrome……blood test this Schiff , basically a meth freak with Adrenochrome ……

  31. In 2014 Rusian invaded Ukraine and Obama did nothing. Never one to let a crisis go to waste Obama sent Biden in the grab some cash.

  32. These people that he keeps quoting should be up there on the stand telling this to us but no here we are once again listening to schiff's parody of what was said how are we really supposed to take anything this man says seriously

  33. I don't blame POTUS for wanting to put info in a secured location. Too many leakers in the Whitehouse, and he's not Hillary. Thank God for President Trump! Trump 2020 again for keeping national security secrets that nosey Democrats can't keep their noses out of!

  34. Do you every tell the truth, You make me sick you need to step down, what you say he did wrong you in fact are doing the same thing

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