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School Council Tutorial CONSTITUTION

October 20, 2019

constitution is a very important piece and that was one of the first things I did when I became chair at my school was rewrite their constitution because it was a little outdated I regard a constitution as a document that prepares you for the worst-case scenario so it certainly tells you who is the voting member and who isn’t a voting member of school council and that’s very important to pay attention to through the education act it’s defined that there has to be one more parent than then non-parent on the committee for voting but if they’re ever contentious issues you certainly want to have a very good handle on who is allowed to vote and who is invited merely to give an opinion once a constitution is written and passed its a document that i basically set aside and I don’t bring it out again really other than to review it on an annual basis unless they’re actually is an issue and then it helps me deal with it so that you are prepared for the worst-case scenarios a very good example might be the school review process that the board is going through right now and every few years what school councils get to deal with our people who have a vested interest in that issue that’s not the same thing as parents who will come out to a meeting from September through june and deal with all the issues of the school so you don’t want your school council hijacked by people who only have an interest in one issue even though that one issue is certainly a vital importance to them and i don’t mean to disregard the importance of their participation in their children’s education but you can’t have issues hijacked by special interest groups so having a constitution allows you to pull out the document and and how backup and a process for dealing with difficult issues it’s really important to know who needs to be at the table so the Constitution will help you shape that the Constitution really is shouldn’t be that should be something that people you know have everything avoidance to the purpose of school Constitution school council Constitution say is really to be like the rules of the road for the for the school council it’s about the purpose it’s about how the school council runs as an organization and its really something that it is it is needed it is mandatory it’s something that has a board we ask every school council to have but it really is it really is about the functioning of the school council and you know it we have many examples in the board and nose can be provided certainly because there are many many schools have those the board’s the boards and operating procedure administrative procedure for school councils gives an outline its things like the name of your organization that purpose you know how we hold all your selections how decisions are made terms of office things like that and it really is it really is something that is not that difficult to to to develop and you can start from someone else’s we can we can you know those that’s an easy way to to begin but it really is an important part to make sure that the school council functions properly and knows how it should operate from day-to-day into its various and committees and so forth the government has mandated school councils to be in place so the arg they are legislated to be in existence for each school and so they do have their power from that but the art advisory they are advisory capacity that’s their rules to be an advisory body and clearly that’s that needs to be stated as part of the purpose and mandate however it is entrenched in the in their education act and so that’s where the that’s where the the authority comes from but in school Constitution need to reflect that purpose that lines up with what the ministry hands so talks about the purpose it talks about the Lakota Connor what’s expected members you know what’s expected in terms of the decisions that are made what’s that what’s expected in terms of things like you know conflict-of-interest all that kind of thing what if there is a conflict between members how do we deal with that or if there is a dispute how do we deal with that that should all be part of the school Constitution so that really if there are issues and you hope there aren’t you know how to deal with them and the reason why do you want to do that so the school council can carry out its function to improve student achievement and to support the school i think the first thing to do you look on the on the boards website that to your school’s dot CA can look in the bum school school council handbook and there are some examples of what needs to be in place there in and in those constitutions and then I would suggest that you and you asked and you can ask your principal for example for an example of a school Constitution and they’ll be able to provide you one from another school and use that as a starting point and then i would say go from there and modify and make sure that you know you have all the key areas that need to be addressed and then make it your own and there’s always room for improvement it’s not intended to be one-size-fits-all it should reflect what your school council does and how your school concert operates

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