School House Rock – The Constitution
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School House Rock – The Constitution

August 23, 2019

Hey do you know about the USA? Do you know
about the government? Can you tell me about the constitution? Hey learn about the USA.
In 1787 i’m told our founding fathers did agree, to right a list of principles for keeping
people free. The USA was just starting out a whole brand new country, and so our people
spelled it out the things that we should be. And they put those principles down on paper
and called it the constitution, and it’s been helping our country ever since then. The first
part of the constitution is called the preamble and tells what those fathers set out to do. We the people, in order to form a more
perfect union, established justice since your domestic tranquility. Provide for the common
defense, promote the general welfare and then, secure the

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  1. Whatever happened to our old cartoons, I miss them as old I am…. From 6 am to 2 pm we didn't do nothing or go anywhere… Lol….

  2. I was in the 8th grade in the mid 80s when my teacher told us to write the Preamble 100 times so that we could remember it for our Constitution exam which was a graduation requirement. I proudly raised my hand and told her I already knew it by heart. She didn't believe me and demanded that I stand up, right then and there and recite it in front of my classmates.  I did, word for word, without fault, without singing, and all were amazed. I was like, "y'all don't remember this from School House Rock?"

  3. Too bad those principles are eroding with the people giving our government more control and power over our lives. Some don’t care about their individual liberties and rights anymore and just want to be slaves to the state.

  4. Liz Cheney
    @Liz_Cheney sent me and AOC here! They need to bring these back so that the youth of today understand our country and our history!

  5. AOC is the tip of CAIR's spear in our Congress…she and her 2 cohorts Omar and Tilab. They have no respect for their position, elders, POTUS, or apparently themselves. Cheney is just the sort to either set her straight or expose her for what she is: The camel's noes under our Tent.

  6. I have serious doubts about AOC's ability to understand this video. I can explain it to you, but I can not improve your IQ to help you understand it.

  7. The best part of the Constitution is the Bill or Rights, which were not part of the original Constitution, as they were Amendments added later. Without the Bill of Rights, the Constitution is basically a Roman form of Government. This video is propaganda!

  8. Sorry, but trying to school the Moronic Barmaid about anything is a waste of time, because attempting to do so would assume she possesses a sliver of logic or reason. It's called "arguing with the side of a barn." You don't enter into a debate (or a boxing match, or a football game) when your opponent is willing to throw out the rulebook from the get-go. And that's exactly what you get with the leftist/liberal/Democrat scum. That's what makes them so very dangerous. They're perfectly willing to call up down, black white – whatever, in order to further their "agenda," which basically consists of one thing – do whatever it takes to get votes. Trust us, we know this woman is a complete idiot – we made it through the 5th grade. The solution? Easy – just head to the polls come election day. The liberal/Democrat scum can't do anything about that. (But you can bet your ass they would if they could.)

  9. Great job, @Liz_Cheney by helping teach @AOC how the US Constitution came into being. Unfortunately her and the previous president never looked at the other video you mentioned about how a bill becomes a law. SNL did a great skit on that one.

  10. AOC needs to watch this video for about a week straight.
    Better yet someone needs to buy her the whole School House Rock collection and make her watch it over and over again for a month! Then again she’s so stupid she probably wouldn’t learn anything at all from it.

  11. I see you, AOC! But listen, while I gotcha here…let me say that, in my opinion, "You're an embarrassment to this country! OK, carry on and pay attention to the video!

  12. I'm here because aoc proved the world that she and her socialist budies are a basket of deplorables.

  13. That dumb taco ape AOC watched this simplistic informative video about the Constitution and still doesn’t understand it.

  14. I'm going to excite all the GOP trolls and say that AOC knows more about The Constitution than the President, who doesn't seem to understand the concepts of the free press, separation of powers, or rule of law!

  15. Posterity = The children of the Founding Fathers, not imported turd world garbage looking for free shit.

  16. This song is boring …😑😐but I know it will help with my test😑trying to concentrate but can't 🙄🤔"We the people…"

  17. When I was in the 8th grade, we were given the assignment to memorize the Preamble. The entire class began singing this song.

  18. Perhaps "We the People" should "tweet" this video (since he can't read) to the imbecile in the WH. . .

  19. I'm here because I grew up with School House Rock. It's one of the things that makes me proud to be American, but dang, this comment section got toxic.

  20. Can I just say this looks kinda bad nowadays, and I'm not talking about the animation. You got a cabin in the middle of the woods and then all of a sudden the forest is gone and houses pop up.

    Good on ya! The link shows my own effort at making an impact similar to yours. (Too few of the public had vocabulary sufficient to understand the meaning of "expand that social contract" or "guns and butter" in our national life; I wasted a lot of money producing this!) Rattle my cage to collaborate on future efforts; I'll very possibly say yes.

  22. you notice is one black.face in the jury box in this cartoon. This Is How They brainwashed black people back in them days and to this day to..eleven go into one…hmmmm…? I'm just here to make you think….hmmmm..

  23. I wish all members of Congress would watch this cartoon right now and start removing TRUMP by force and put that S.O.B in prison where he belongs for good!!! To show America+ the world that the president is not the LAW or above the LAW!!!

  24. Informational videos that teach our basic rights is considered offensive today. They will not teach civics in school, or social studies. It is much easier to take someones rights when they don't know what their rights are.

  25. The preamble in reality actually says, "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    It used to bother me that this song didn't say the whole thing. However, saying the whole first phrase ("We the people of the United States") doesn't work with the beat and rhythms of the song, so they had to just say "We the people." It's still accurate, and like many others, it ultimately helped me in school. I therefore wish schools to this day still play these catchy tunes for the kids to learn, since music is a powerful teaching tool.

  26. My 7th grade teacher the first day of classes said "if anyone can recite preamble of the constitution you get an a in the class." I raised my hand, stood up and sang i easiest A EVER

  27. 4th grade teacher: so you have to memerise this
    Students: Yea mam
    4th grade teacher: (my name)
    Me: yes mam
    Teacher: say the preamble
    Me: ok, We The People of the United States to form a more perfect Union establish Justice insure domestic tranquility provide the common defence,promote the general warefar for ourself and our posterity do ordain-
    Teacher: THATS ENOUGH
    Me: ok
    Mind: Ha she thought i wasn't listing 🤣😂 jokes on her i wasn't i was reading it off the sheet she gave us!!! Lol

  28. Appreciate the work you did here, to marry quality audio to the video. This is a timeless classic, to be preserved.

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