Secretary Padilla and AG Becerra to Hold Voting Rights and Civic Engagement Press Conference in LA
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Secretary Padilla and AG Becerra to Hold Voting Rights and Civic Engagement Press Conference in LA

September 16, 2019

percent let’s go ahead and get started
thank you all for coming this morning my name is Alex Fabia proud to serve as
California Secretary of State’s and also proud to be joined this morning by
Attorney General Xavier Becerra with a very important message to voters we know
that we’re living in too often a tense political environment right now and as
so many people are preparing for the November 6th election just five days
from now we have an important reminder for all voters in California about the
voters Bill of Rights across the state millions of Californians are already
filling out their ballot and preparing to either return them by mail or casting
them early depending on the county that they live in and certainly millions of
California voters will show up on Election Day this Tuesday November 6th
regardless of a voters preferred method it’s important to have make sure that
every voters understands their rights when they choose to participate in our
democracy so we’ll be reviewing the voters Bill of Rights that you see here
on this board and which will also be posted in every polling place in
California and is also included in the voter information guide that is
distributed to every household with a registered voter in the state of
California so what are some of these rights that every voter is guaranteed in
the state of California well first of all if you’re eligible and registered to
vote you have the right to cast your ballot it sounds overly simplistic but
it is profoundly profoundly important you also have the right to cast your
ballot even if your name does not appear on the roster when you show up to votes
the procedure to follow in that particular instance is to cast a
provisional ballot it let me address something that remains a misconception
to too many Californians yes provisional ballots are reviewed by
county elections officials and once an individual’s registration is confirmed
that ballast that ballot is counted and counts the same as any other ballot
that’s cast another important right in this one particularly as we expect a
very good turnout next Tuesday the polls close at 8 o’clock the open at 7 a.m.
and they close at 8 p.m. if you as a voter are in line come 8:00 o’clock you
have the right to cast your ballot regardless of how long it takes those
poll workers to finish serving anybody who’s in line by 8 p.m. on Election Day
every voter has the right to cast their secret ballot without anyone
intimidating you without anyone harassing you without anyone trying to
tell you how to vote you also have the right to request a new ballot if you’ve
made a mistake or for whatever reason need a replacement ballot as long as you
haven’t cast one already you have the right to request to request assistance
in completing your ballot from anybody you choose except for your employer or
union representative every voter in California has the right to have ballot
and election information in their language of preference even if it’s a
language other than English and you also have the right to ask questions of
Elections officials about Elections procedures every voter has the right to
report any illegal or fraudulent activity that they may observe or
they’re concerned about – the Secretary of State’s office and also I’ll make a
point to share the following in 2016 we saw that social media platforms were
exploited but those seeking to confuse voters in California and across the
country or to somehow undermine confidence in life
systems in California and throughout the country so this week my office lost our
vote shirt initiative to encourage voters to be vigilant about potential
misinformation or disinformation that they may come across and to utilize our
new web portal vulture dot s o SC a govt because it is the Secretary of State’s
office or your local County Elections Office that is the reliable dependable
official accurate nonpartisan source of information on when and how you can
exercise your right to vote this web portal provides information about your
voter registration status you can verify it there you can secure your polling
place information if you need to know where to go vote
you can become informed on early voting opportunities many counties offer now an
opportunity to vote even prior to election day and this portal also
provides a link to the voters Bill of Rights so every voter clearly
understands their right when they prepare to go vote you know in addition
to that a few days ago my office emailed directly all registered voters who had
submitted an email address when they registered to votes a link to these
important resources and other helpful elections information the bottom line
when it comes to election security is that voters should be on alert to if you
see something suspicious say something say something to the Secretary of
State’s office say something to your local County elections office and
finally a reminder for people who must work on Election Day
California voters have the right to paid time off from work on Election Day to be
able to cast their ballot so if your schedule makes it difficult to get to
the polls before your your work shift or after your work shift you have the right
to take some time off of work without losing pay to be able to cast your
ballot we hope that these collections of rights
and resources get us to the point where there is no excuse
we all have to vote especially in the politically charged environment that we
find ourselves in this election is critical so don’t be discouraged from
casting your ballot know your rights and remember our democracy works best when
as many people as possible exercise their right to vote
so get informed make a plan and regardless of your preferred method
make sure you cast your ballot for this November general election
let me repeat some of this information in Spanish as well for our Spanish
language press that is here today and then I’ll turn it over to the Attorney
General for his remarks as well no simple promise console Cinco vs k kharon
antes de las elecciones desta seis de noviembre in Taurus is el estado I vote
on ttis ya Yin & o su vole epic on sous-sous vatos a mutual votantes
regresamos uber let that poor choreo muchos votantes que Stan de mando went
ahead of pertinence they wrote that in persona antis this the Proxima Marcus a
mutant savannah preference para para sa DLC noviembre para votar in persona no
importa su preference in Como both are important bloob importante es que cada
wat intelligibly salga avatar a participant a nest election tan
importante pero necesitamos para para para votar sta artists importante savvy
investors derechos Como’s botan Cizre chose Caprican at all of Atlantis and
Mustafa California is on guarantee shadows
aquí está lista de los derechos de votante is a master in cada
Casilla electoral unless Tahoe California El proximo Marty’s Italian up
RSA and like here a votantes que and together ekkada and with the shunned
on they existed on Butantan and south california koala son algunos de nosotros
como votantes implement Garces le here in skeeto para usted tiene el derecho de
boat – boat our sink alchemy huh can opener boat I see I’ll get started
on Jose prevenir su participation or the silly no tiene que votar the stamina doc
Dominator no stepped in a letter to the motor boat our privado in sin steeples
Atticus see the self super later altering formation electoral in espanol
tiene hasta como votante el derecho esos materiales en su idioma preffer era muy
importante special maintain in areas on the Suspiria in iran evilest a
participation como votante sea-bottom persona este Martez Yaga las Ocho de la
noche as soon as Aaron Dessner nosotros
Augusta and Fila en el derecho the spirit blue tiempo necesario para poder
botar este Martez no importa yet on tarde so the retro voter s guarantee
sallow see bhagavata y su nombre no operation in la lista de votantes and si
center de votación tiene el derecho a luna bullet a
provisional akira clara una una cosa que småland a needle and muchas entry
elementally muchos votantes whenever later provisional s una bolita solo Agra
gamos unprocess hold on the el registro de votantes verificar o por los
officially del condado y luego es cantata see say cuenta las maletas
provision allah’s ESO a medida de seguridad en el caso de que el nombre de
votante no operational ista cuando vote aru no pero SI SE quentin después de ser
verificar dos the main currency RK n eldest male necessary so sir vamos as
Jonas the Arcturus con malice intent Jonah’s at I know they create cows and
interest Mutantes they know solar California see no an todo el pais
tratando the this vanilla confianza get the cameras hemos el sistema electoral
porcelain samos lani sativa vote sure esta semana the party line oficina de la
secretary del estado vulture Asuna company educativa para brahma web
information official legitimate I know party Daria para los votantes en el
estado pero como votantes estamos haciendo yo sorondo Mucha information
Vida no soul Oprah special maintain a Spatafore mas de la sociology see tienen
algunas alguna Duda por favore visita nuestro piscina
vulture Punto si o si Punto say a Punto hey Oh a para la información legitimate
para los votantes en el estado this observe an infomercial que no opera
Sabian porfavor pueden entregar una queja or informant
and rest oficina de la secretaria de estado o su departamento election in el
condado donde VV Pangasinan contacto con me oficina para poder
protege knows de la molina for michonne que existe durante la temporada
electoral el derecho de votar es la vie en nuestra democracia a nos podemos
defender ii a poder r em con la participation a nest election en cada
election so with that I want to thank all for being here before we open up the
questions I certainly want to give the platform to the Attorney General of the
state of California my partner in protecting all of our legal rights civil
rights voting rights in the state of California have a bracero to Secretary of State Alex Padilla I
want to say thank you very much for coming together as partners once again
it is important that Californians understand that we are here to talk
about the importance of the vote and the importance of protecting your vote we
want to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote understands that this
is a time to cast their vote and it is true that as Secretary of State by the I
said there is a partnership here it’s an important partnership because we work
together to make sure that we protect every American citizens right to vote
here in the state of California we will undertake whatever legal efforts are
necessary in this partnership the Secretary of State’s office and the
attorney general’s office of California to make sure that no one is deprived of
their right to vote and everyone feels comfortable exercising that right voting
for all of us should be a cornerstone right in this democracy and in our state
protecting this most sacred right as I said has to be a team effort secretary
state by the and I are in this together not just because it’s part of our
responsibilities as state officials but probably more so because we both learned
the importance of voting from our parents our parents were hardworking
immigrants who took nothing for granted least of all the right to vote we
believe when we say west revolto Esmond West Davos our vote is our voice is
powerful so we’re making sure that every eligible Californian has a chance to
make his or her voice heard and counted on November 6th on election day a team
of more than a dozen attorneys from the attorney general’s office along with our
administrative staff will be standing ready to support the Secretary of State
and his until the last polls close on Election
Day our election day teams are located in six offices throughout the state of
California Sacramento San Francisco Oakland Fresno Los Angeles San Diego if
needed they will provide a central legal support if any issue must go to court
before a judge right away and so we hope that everyone understands Secretary of
State buddy has said make a difference make your vote count recognize your
power in our democracy and participate I also want to say in light of the news
that we’re hearing today this morning of vandalism of the Beth
Jacob synagogue in Irvine a few additional words that I think must be
said first coming on the heels of the horrific tragedy that occurred in
Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life synagogue where so many people were gunned down
several injured including law enforcement we have to speak up we have
to explain that in a civilized society that we do not stand for that we will
not stand for that and I hope that we can together locked arm-in-arm convey a
message that we are much better than that and that in this election year and
on November 6 we will send a very powerful powerful message we must
condemn unambiguously the unconscionable vandalism that was just directed at the
Beth Beth Jacob synagogue in Irvine we must make it clear that hate crimes must
never find safe harbor anywhere in America and we must make it clear that
attack on one of us is an attack on all of us we stand ready with our fellow law
enforcement authorities as they investigate this crime that
occurred in Irvine and hopefully we’ll bring these perpetrators to justice but
perhaps given that November 6 is upon us the most powerful weapon we can convey
to our citizenry that we have in our possession to fight against hate lies
and intimidation is our vote with our vote we can put down those who would use
violence those who would use terror those who would use lies to try to
overwhelm us to scare us our vote it becomes very powerful and so given all
the tumultuous times that we’re experiencing I hope people understand
that our vote can be our voice to respond to what we are saying
Brava meant en espanol me uno con el secretario de estado Alex Padilla para
otra vez anunciar lei a todo el pueblo que el dia importante del seis de
noviembre de yaga yaga la todos saben que se tiene una oportunidad por que son
ciudadanos salan avatar intend MOS la importancia tal vez más que muchos por
que somos hijos de near antes quentin in 10d eran muy bien y ellos no estos
padres la importancia de participar de siempre se caen Todd O’s y de votar Y
chorizos tamos aqui mondo do mensaje c ustedes se va kaeh regular mint a Volta
muchisimas gracias a gal otra vez si ustedes Alli que pasó por el proceso de
ciudad a Nia y tienes a derecho considered a no de votar bravo los feliz
Atomos y SI y ustedes alguien joven que por la primera vez intenta botar
excelente por que sabemos bien que dicen que son los jovenes los que no Bolton y
es a palabra de esta Juventud keiki Erev a cambios que
tierno un mejor Pais puede cambiar mucho y los feliz atomos y los an imam owes a
salir a vote our pero más que nada creo que el secretario de estado padilla yo
queremos van Duren mensaje Rosana mom owes a boat a Claro Parros tambien
estamos I prepare a protege Loews para que pueda near a boat our con confianza
hace que por favor y mañana antes del seis de noviembre pero al ghul timo
mementos es necesario antes de las Ocho de la noche al says de noviembre este
marques que viene salgan a boat our muchas gracias next remark oh thank you
join drop a set around his comments about the incidence and irvine overnight
and i think it’s in that spirit that i’ll show the following in the passage
and signing of the federal Voting Rights Act in 1965 President Johnson referred
to the right to vote as the right that protects all other rights we into a lot
of rights as citizens of the United States of America freedom of speech
freedom of assembly on and on and on and yes including freedom of religion but it
is a right to vote that engages the office of citizen as the mo most
important office of the land in ensuring and protecting all of our other rights
please exercise your right to vote and last but not least a me announce the
Secretary of State’s office does establish a voter hotline each and every
election it is open now and will be very busy on Election Day but if you have
questions if you have concerns anybody in the state of California can call
1-800 three four five votes Cpl going up at I won’t die when I can
huh and throw e el martes resolume OC Amadas en el centro
telephony code el secretario de estado por denmark r el otro cientos tres
cuatro Sinko vote a a la podemos ayudar muchas gracias thank you very much we’ll

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