Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019
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Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

September 14, 2019

When did it happen? Morning. Around 11-ish. How many men? One. Were you sexually active
before the assault? No. Did he ejaculate? Do men ever stop before it? Film Director Rohan Ravi Khurana.. ..raped a backward class junior
costume assistant Anjali Vasudev Dangle. Tell me all the facts. I will tell you everything. But will not accept anything in court. Leave all of that to me;
I know how to present facts in court. Ms. Dangle, why did you go to
Ravi Khurana’s room in the first place? He forced me. Did he lift you in his arms?
Push you? Or drag you? How? Objection; badgering the witness. The fingernail scrapings
are considered conclusive evidence. The fingernail section is empty. Objection. I think the defence
counsel is forgetting.. ..the injury on the inner
thighs of Anjali Dangle. They could be marks of aggressive sex. The defence counsel has many stories.. ..but no evidence to
corroborate his stories. Even after everything that happened.. went back to Rohan Khurana’s house. Twice. Alone. She was not expecting to be raped,
your honour. According to Section 375 of IPC.. ..consent and permission are important. Mumbai is standing firm for its daughter. We’ve to wait and see how
the state’s judiciary does justice? This evidence is tainted. And such tainted evidence
is not admissible in any court. How will you feel winning
this case only on technical grounds? You think justice will be done. We’re not in the business of justice. We’re in the business of Law. This is exactly why I left your chamber. – Do you think you..
– Don’t. Never ask me that question. But that man is a convicted rapist, Tarun. And in the current scenario,
it’s not correct to defend him. Even a convicted rapist
has the constitutional.. ..right to a proper legal defence. The defence will prove.. ..that this case is a
classic example of a woman.. ..using as a weapon.. ..the very Law that
was made to protect her.

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  1. Just abhi abhi dekh ke aaya gand faad di bhai must watch movie akshay khanna is damn good richa chaddha is also good but khanna is mind blowing he has some mind blowing lines hats off

  2. Just watched the movie. It is a must watch. This movie definitely challenges the current perceptions and preconceptions about the legal and judicial aspects of rape and the practice of casting couch.

  3. Kudos to the director for making such a good movie. Hats off to Akshaye Khanna for a phenomenal performance! Congratulations to Richa Chadda for a commendable performance.

  4. I m big big fan of yours akshay khanna the brilliant mind blowing underrated actor in bollywood wtf
    Y hoti acting jo darshako ko baand kr rakhti hai koi filmy drama nhi main yakin se bol sakta hu agr khai acting k base main king ka chunav ho to srk salamn khi nazar nhi aayege per yha dikhave per duniya marti

  5. Apna kanoon hamesha gunehgaro ko hi saza deta hai ..Jo rape karte hai wo chhoot jate hai …aur Jo nahi karte unko asani se phasaya jata hai

  6. all men are commenting about the acting of actors . they are not commenting about the reality/fact what men go through becz of unscrupulous women..

  7. Making movie won't stop these kind of things
    By taking Seriously action on rape cases in entire India
    Indian should state of hang out so everyone will know the pain of the girl
    I request judicial system should be upgraded by the generation
    Make strict rules for all
    Everyone is equal before the law
    Transparent system
    We can take legal action against rape very serious

  8. I watched this. Thrilling revelation…but again verdict goes in favor of the woman. The accused is the victim here. Now-a-days, noone talks about the manipulation that a woman does using the law that is in place for her benefit. Men keep suffering in silence.

  9. That woman could walk away from the first attempt made by accused, but at the beginning she showed interest because she found the accused as a staircase to succeed. Noone wants to hear what the accused had to say. Woman complained that means the man is in fault. This feminism alienates men from the society.

  10. At-least something…SOMETHING in defense of the innocent men that are trapped by feminist made blind laws of this country (and many other countries ironically around the world). Majority rape cases in India are outright fake thanks to one sided biased laws that provide women with a means to turn it into & use as a weapon against men to extort them or use as a form of revenge. All hope is not lost i guess. I am surprised that such a movie made it out through the ire of leftist socialists & feminists alike. And kudos to Akshaye Khanna for accepting such a role since many pussy licking actors in bollywood would have just turned down such a role because it would anger most of the audience. But the truth has to be spoken someday & somehow.

  11. Akshay KhannaπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ…. Superb movie… Interesting, Suspense… Everyone should watch this type of movies…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  12. Amazing & talented actor Akshaye khanna…But Khans will never do Movies which respect society or which inspires Nationalism.

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