See The Evidence For A Trial Of President Donald Trump: Top Lawyers Preview Potential Senate Trial
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See The Evidence For A Trial Of President Donald Trump: Top Lawyers Preview Potential Senate Trial

October 8, 2019

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  1. The Republican party is a party without soul . Forgot its responsibility to protect the democracy of the country , but for the personal benefit of the party even running the risk that the country goes back to the system of dictatorship

  2. You have to say that Trump calling around from country to Country to investigate Biden is a lot moe then him wanted to Snuff out corruption in Ukraine, he's after dirt on Biden because his calls extended to multiple countries.

  3. Republicans wanted the same Ukrainian prosecutor fired also years ago in a letter they hypocrites and liars.

  4. When in the history of ever has a law ever said you have "the right to do whatever I want." LOL Come on, dude, you are defending the indefensible.

  5. Wow anyone backing trump has to reach far outside the current visible facts and admitted corruption. Who’s corruption is trump really worried about? Another countries or trying to coverup his own???

  6. If trump doesnt deserve to be impeached after his multiple crimes exposed by mueller and trumps own admission of other crimes then nobody does .

  7. Republicans will lose elections either way .if they support trump or not.a blue tsunami is coming bigger than last one so Republicans might as well stand on the right side of history and not the wrong side of America and the constitution.

  8. Did you get the bit about David Rivkin, the troll on the right who challenged the constitutionality of Obama's Affordable Care Act, and who would have celebrated millions of Americans having no insurance coverage if he'd won?
    Did you notice how he rolled his eyes in contempt when his opponent talked about the Founding Fathers trying to ensure we never had someone with the powers of a king?
    "Let's forget dat dis is about Donald Trump. Let's forget dat dis is about Donald Trump". He says that three times during the interview.
    You WISH we would forget this is about Donald Trump.
    What a shameless troll…..

  9. This Ravken guy is a joke. So working hard and stealing are essentially the same? it's all about making money, in the end.
    He'd flunk Civics 9! had it not been the case he is conciously lying while spinnig like a Russian ballerina.

  10. The problem is that the one who is allowed to lie he got thousands of ways and the truth speaking guy is very limited in this case you must close the escaping ways in order to catch the lying man in his own lies

  11. David Rivken is clearly a Trump supporter. He makes extraordinary stretches in an attempt to frame things to the benefit of Donald Trump. HATE people like this with every fiber of my being. They're despicable & conflicted.

  12. It doesn't matter how much the forefathers argued about what was and wasn't. They decided, they made it law. It's set in stone now over 200 hundred years later. He wasted his time like a republican is good at.

  13. Hey Rivken — ever consider what was the CATALYST for Trump to investigate Biden NOW? Why didn't he do it in 2017 or 2018? Look at the timing. The ONLY catalyst was Giuliani having dug up a conspiracy theory about Biden because he was purposefully looking for opposition intel on Biden. THAT is what happened. This wasn't corruption in general. Trump could care less about it.

  14. …and now they have uncovered Rudy, Gordon Sondland, United States Ambassador to the EU and others were trying to get their people on the board of the biggest gas & oil company in Ukraine, the same things that they are accusing Biden and his son.

  15. The republican is WRONG. The founding fathers were VERY concerned about not having a king and wanted three equal branches of government whereby the president was to be checked. I am tired of MSNBC having stupid republican distraction speakers- such a waste of my time. This repub. is not concerned about facts.

  16. David Rivkin: "Do ya think that other Presidents haven't done this kind of thing before? Have you never heard of doing things to enhance your political luster? Have you never heard of one hand washing the other? Have you never heard of "you help me, I help you?" Have you never heard of collusion with a foreign power being perfectly legal? Have you never heard of poisoning your enemies and shooting them to death? Putin does it ALL THE TIME!
    So what's da problem? FUGGIDABOUTIT……."
    lol! I love the bit Rivkin snuck in about "We need to stop Ukraine from interfering with our elections…..Again!". Uh, what? That's an addled Trump accusation that it was Ukraine that interfered with our election in 2016, not Russia. And this alleged attorney is trying to sell that bs? Hooboy.

  17. I see no evidence of anything just a question of a dirty politition tail gunner joe biden and his strong arming of the Ukraine so if you are a democant communist you get a free ride and a ticket to pass prison the whole of the democant communist party should be in a supermax

  18. The idea to have the Senate vote on removing the president was a huge mistake. The power should lie with an independent institution, and any such institution would throw Trump out in a heartbeat.

  19. one guy named john is intelligent and told it is the way it is the other one said nothing and just talked crap and lies and lives in cuckoo land so trump does have idiots trying to defend him.

  20. Hey , remember  Solyndra , the California-based solar company that went bankrupt after receiving $535 million in federal loan guarantees from the Obama administration ?  That's $535 million . Over half a BILLION tax payer dollars gone . Just gone ?

  21. If there was corruption in Ukraine there should have been some Ukrainian source of corruption. He specifically wanted Joe Biden. Manafort did not list his work for Ukraine. trump is not freed from his crime, even if someone else had maybe committed crime.

  22. He shall have Power, by and with the "Advice and Consent" "of the Senate", to make Treaties.  Joe Biden was already debunked.  only served Trump.

  23. I really wish you wouldn't give further credibility to people like Rivken. What Trump did, is a direct violation of our Constitution, END OF STORY, FILM AT ELEVEN. Then he went on television and did it again FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE! And I don't even want to get into the potentially vile implications for our national security?! There's no way to defend that, and these hacks shouldn't be allowed to do so, using outright lies and deflection. So if you insist on having them on your show, at least call them on their complete and utter BS.

  24. Hey , remember when the Obama administration sent $350,000 dollars of taxpayer money in an attempt to remove Netanyahu from office ?  Remember these headlines , " US funds aided 2015 campaign to oust Netanyahu, Senate probe finds "

  25. The guy with glasses is disingenuous. Why did you have him on your show? We don't need to hear the opinion of another deluded child.

  26. The guy in the middle is talking crap. I am an Aussie and Downer is an honest politician from a time when we were more bipartisan. He would have reported what Papadopoulos told him no matter what political side he represented….that’s what friends do. In spite of this mid life crisis we are still friends

  27. Trump is getting impeached for exposing the corruption of the US elite. Plus he crossed the intelligence community.

    He exposed the joke fisa Court. Everybody knows it's a rubber stamp. It's common practice for the FBI to manufacture evidence to get a fisa warrant.

    He didn't believe the CIA nobody should

  28. His hypothetical was terrible the difference in doing foreign policy with Jung is that it would benefit the world and not harm his opponent!

  29. And all it took to get the republicans to impeach Bill Clinton was a BJ. The hypocrisy of the republicans is palpable.

  30. I'd like to know what David (Republican) was high on, he couldn't even look at the cameras, let alone stay on topic.

  31. Joe Biden was being investigated before Joe Biden threw his hat in the ring for democrat nomination. The transcript of the phone call has been released. You should read it for yourself. You will see that this is not any kind of a crime. President Trump is not abusing his power. The media is abusing us by trying to brainwash us with constant attacks and their lies. It is so outrageous. These talking heads should be held accountable for trying to deceive us and the constant brainwashing. Rudy is the presidents lawyer . Excuse me but …remember the Mueller Hoax. Rudy had been investigating the Russia hoax for a long time. Long before Joe Biden decided to run for president.

  32. You now a right wing shil has no argument when he/she gets pissy from the get go like a lil spoiled brat, makes up some procedural hoo haw, says black is white, then tosses in some whatbout conspiracy BS all the while working on the assumption the actual adults in the room are too polite to mention how Republicans actually behave.

  33. Always the same Democrates have arguments and solutions and RepubliCONS are constantely lying and deflecting and of course blaming everyone for theyre faults and crimes. SHITHOLE POLITICIANS FROM THE DIRTY AND LYING GOP.

  34. David Rivken threw Trump under the bus….nice bow to the gentleman. !! It did not register he argues for the President. A lawyer justifies himself ( wrongfully) by asking, whos my Neighbor?

  35. I really don’t care what Obama got away with. He obviously was a lot smarter than Trump is.
    Trump the chump must go..!!

  36. AN offense ? The list of his offenses in Office goes on and on and on, offenses for which any other president would have been subjected to an impeachment inquiery immediately. It's not just the reps enabling him, it's the whole nation ! In 3 years of weekly scandals and outrages, not once have the american people taken to the streets en masse to have this gangster and his family removed.

  37. So the lawyer sits here and spews baseless accusations about Joe Biden. Willingly looking away from Trumps in-your-face crimes on a daily basis.

  38. Как русский я благодарен президенту Трампу за то, что он снова сделал Россию великой! (As a Russian, I am grateful to President Trump for making Russia great again!)

  39. when you debating and getting beaten they digress, they begin to waffle and use everything instead of the case in hand guy with the glasses got beaten hands down

  40. MSMBC, you ppl have to know, no one but a few nutty libs actually watch your show. All yall do is lie & push democrat & liberal agenda! Trashy network. Yall are pathetic!

  41. If donnie is interested in rooting out corruption, then why is he not putting sanctions on russia for interfering in 2016? He is also not making sure 2020 elections are not interfered in, instead he is exchanging foreign interference for US aid. No US aid, unless foreign governments interfere (case in Ukraine). Better trade deals if foreign government interferes (case in China). And who knows what other transactions he has in the background with other governments. Subpoena the secret server for those discussions and issue a warning to all who are aware of those communications and who haven't come forward as whistle blowers!

  42. I would say the 1st guy is “ sharper than a tack” and the 2nd guy is a sharp as my kids’ pencil eraser , which is a worthless nub.

  43. Can anyone tell the literal clear and present wise man with a bow tie- and- 🤔the man who jumped straight out of a 1952’s “civics book “ in the back of the library because the has too many mistakes?!!🙄

  44. GOP & Trump's hardcore (halfwit ) base – all with blinders on.. How can they say Unstable Genius's joking when he's asking the Ukrainian President 8 times & Now China to investigate Biden? Just wait till after 2020, these enablers voted out in disgrace and the Trumpets better be ready to be investigated proper for everything they have their sticky fingers (paws) on.

  45. Flannery is so sharp. I look forward to his expertise on Ari's shows. 1 minute & he lays it all out succintly. The other guy looked ponderous & unfocused in comparison.

  46. Rivken sought to rewrite the Constitution and factual history, Flannery used the Constitution and factual history to make his argument. If you start each of your arguments with 'let us suppose…' then we know it's based on fantasy.
    If that was a boxing match that would be a 2nd round TKO to Flannery… Not only did Flannery come with some decent attacks but Rivken had zero defense.

  47. He's Impeachable, the question is: Is Trumps sedition, treason, self dealing, election fraud/emolument, misappropriation of appropriated funds enough, to get 20 Republican Senators to vote to sanction a President of their own Party.

  48. Are you really that stupid we all no your fake news why are you not asking about biden and his son why are you trying to stop the president looking into corruption in government on ether side why are all dems so frightened why no vote on the floor and why did schiff lie to the american people in this opening statement and look into president clinton asking PM tony blair for a favor against his opponent in an election year 2000 just tell the truth this is bull crap

  49. America dosn't need Russia ruling their country
    Under Trump and administration you are,Trump is being ruled by Putin
    Time to make America your country again

  50. In fact, left wing news outlets are fairer in their questioning and interactions with guests than right wing ones.

  51. Like I heard on a different program, show me a Ukrain corruption statute or law that is being used to request an investigation. There is none. Trump has no interest in corruption in this country or any other country.

  52. how is today's psycho-therapy going… let's read a bit… 🙂 …Trump->no like->impeach… still no progress here…

  53. Downer the Australian Ambassador mentioned is their equivalent of Lindsey Graham. The party in power in Australia at that time went even further to the right before America. To suggest that Ambassador or that government would be behind some conspiracy of spying on Trump is ludicrous.

  54. Dangerous precidents being set here. Do republicans realise there will be another democrat president one day? Do you think this won't be used against them?

  55. What is the accent of this second guy? Russian? Ari, where did you find this joker? Desperate to find ANYONE to defend Trump?

  56. Poor Republican he had nothing to debate he got owned epic style just look at how mad and incompetent he looked through out

  57. The FEC is unable to function due to Trump. These are the folks that watch over campaign donations, etc. It is rather ironic… 🤦🏻‍♀️

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