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  1. John should retire…for Gawd's sake he had Selby down and out, then mysteriously he started choking like a drowning dog! The easier the shot the more likely the miss. Neither one of these guys played like world champs – mediocre snooker for pros…boo!

  2. snooker going backwards with an asshole idiot playing like that. the f face always there and his actions f retarded.

  3. Pretty awful standard in the final. Did Higgins bet on Selby? At 10-4 ahead you could get great odds, so we may never know. It should be investigated by the authorities. Looking forward now to some up and comers producing better snooker next year as the standard was really poor in this final.

  4. Selby is slow and annoying at times but he seems unbeatable in these long matches. The longer the match the more its in his favour.

  5. If Selby is going to be at the crucible final yearly, it is going to be annoying. Snooker really needs a shot clock to stop idiots like Slowby from taking ages to take a pot.

  6. Ive just realized the announcers say centimeters and milimeters less than inches and feet anybody know why?

  7. Even though I dislike Selby for his dull slow playing style I still admire the fact hes won the title 3 times in 4 years from 2014-2017!!!

    In an era where the likes of Willie Thorne say it's impossible to dominate Selby sure has dominated then

  8. I played the video in speed of 2x…still its very slow…. Are they playing chase… So slow… Ronnie is better in average tym

  9. It is a gentlemen's (and ladies') sport, but the World Snooker Association does not support that: they make the players wear a red band in their vests. A gentleman does not do that 😠

  10. Mark is so smart & intelligent player. On account of him, this game obtained similarity to Chess. He is reformer of Snooker !

  11. For me he is the guy who first beat ronnie then beat ding and then beat john higgins
    Damn these are some pro’s

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