Sen. Graham clashes with Judiciary Committee Democrats over asylum bill
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Sen. Graham clashes with Judiciary Committee Democrats over asylum bill

November 25, 2019

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  1. hell these democrats refuse to do any thing about the us border just to get more seats in congress and more illegal votes

  2. Would love to see breakdown of the immigrants…see how many sub continentals…indians and pakistans and many north africans…this debate won't end until you stop saying refugees and start saying people smuggling business model…

  3. Issue a National I.D. Card; without which a person may not: vote, own or rent property, drive a car, go to school, work, open a bank account, get a business license, cash a check, or receive any type of benefits. Bingo! Self-Deportation will solve the issue of illegal immigration within 90 days at ZERO cost to the American Taxpayer, and no need for guard towers, mine fields, detention centers or moats filled with crocodiles.

    Figure it out people.

  4. Democrats think that all white people are racist. Any white person who votes for a Democrat is voting for his or her own disenfranchisement.

  5. mcconnel, graham, trump……….these three 'politicians' are all in their last term. vote them out to save the nation

  6. I thought this video was about watching Lindsey Graham Ripon to Liberal idiots I already know Chuck Schumer is a moron and a liar.

  7. Democrat socialists think anyone that doesn't prescribe to their ideology is evil. they are the most Hateful and intolerant, control freak on the planet.

  8. This bozo's super PAC got over $800,000 from a guy who made billions off of Russian oil – a true "patriot" if ever there was one ! 😂
    What has happened to the party of Reagan ?!? He sure would be so disappointed 😨

  9. According to the same fkn morons, the USA is a dangerous place. Unless of course it goes against their talking point that day.

  10. Putting constitutional judges on the bench is the only way to ensure that the radicals that have hijacked the Democrat party cannot put their plan to fundamentally trans form the United States of America

  11. Please run a follow up on this. Americans would like to know the outcome of his look into Chuck's words. Enough is enough of politicians stating they will "look" into issues, then it is brunch with the same person the next day.

  12. It's taking to long to fix this crap. Both sides are losers. The American taxpayer is getting the big shaft!

  13. Wreckless repellent pushing is an apt description of the democrat agenda and actions. Trump 2020 Keep America Great

  14. They break our imgeration laws so what the next law they see fit to break cause they see it as unfair to them

  15. Leahy should be more careful ripping documents like that. He might get a paper cut and bleed out. Nothing would be left but BS.

  16. Dems once again pissed about what they have been getting away with for 3 yrs. Trump could agree with everything they want today and tomorrow they would pick it all apart and criticize him.

  17. They are FLOODING across the border. There's no credible evidence of assilam in that. There's just disrespect for OUR country and OUR citizens. It's got to be stopped. 🌹🇺🇸😎🤯🤣

  18. Putin played dumb dony putin bailout dumb dony putin to dumb dony dismantle usa DA Lie repeat Lie repeat Lie repeat Spin baby Spin real estate president sold out America Duh P tape P tape P tape sounds like dumb dony would DO wow

  19. Reason Schumer is Against the 'Federalist Society' – it involves debate. Dems have No Interest other than Themselves.

  20. I wonder how many of our politicians (both in states & in DC) that oppose immigration reform and want open borders are getting KICK BACKS from the Drug Cartels? Hello Arizona!!

  21. Every demonrat in congress is a useless waste of space,, they need to step aside and let someone that can actually work for the country take their spots.

  22. Leahy is a thawed-out caveman from the last ice age. By the way, humans could not have been responsible for that global warming, OOOPS!, climate change, could they?

  23. Blue-Dogs Democrats, your party has  been  Hijacked by the Socialists Party. I could be wrong but I think you agree that America should not be a Socialists Country for your kids future. The choice is not simple, Freedom or free stuff?  Capitalism or socialism? Free speech or censorship? Medicare for immigrants and diluted medical care for you and  your family?  Law and order or Guilty until you prove your innocent? When it comes time to stand alone in your voting booth, do the right thing. The choice is yours.

  24. Lindsay Graham. Get a clue no one respects you. You turncoat, backstabbed. No friend of the truth and loyalty to your own private inclinations. What about all those late night dates?

  25. Come 2020 when we take back the congress Do the Same as they did too us Give them Nothing but Take from them Everything !

  26. Who made the laws that made this possible? And those names should be made public. And then charged with the appropriate crime And then FIX the laws. DONE

  27. Donald J Trumps 2020 budget proposal- 1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, 845 billion in cuts to Medicare, 25 billion in cuts to social security, 220 billion in cuts to snap food stamp program, 21 billion in cuts to temporary assistance for needy families, 207 billion in cuts to the student loan program and cuts or eliminates subsidized student loans  AND 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS TO THE WEALTHY- As we speak he is trying to kick ~3 million Republican Americans off of food stamps without congressional consent.



  30. I would like to see democraps care as much as they do for illegal immigrants for real Americans in the streets of drugs and disease!!
    I'm sure alot of homeless would love a clean bed, free water, and nice beds rather than sidewalks and cardboard boxes

  31. Shannon, really? Are these countries really safe? Lefty bs. So, bring them all here and turn this country into the same corrupt s….holes they come from. When these people march towards our border with their home country flags, that is an invasion to overthrow our way of life and bring us down! If they are so afraid of their homelands and are seeking asylum, why are they so proud to carry their flags?

  32. We demand that these news networks focus on the problems in our own citizens in Baltimore that are being treated worse than the Illegal Aliens at tge border…..

  33. Chuck Schumer is demon possessed , he said anyone who believes in God should not be able to serve as a judge.

  34. Yeah let's just decriminalize ILLEGAL border crossings!. That's just ridiculous and shouldn't even be an argument ever!. You aren't a citizen of this country LEGALLY, so why do you deserve a break from justice?.

    The Left: You don't know what they are trying to escape from so you better try and understand their wants/dreams or else!..
    Me: They broke our laws no matter what their sad sob story is and somehow you just want me to ignore that and just be ok with that because "They're good people we're turning away"!. Nah it's cool I'll just worry about our citizens first and fix one problem at a time!.. And if you all can't wait we'll just put you in jail for breaking our law's no pity party sorry!.. And just know that I know exactly how I'd be treated if I tried such BS with your own countries/government!. So stop your fake outrage BS because people are now seeing it for what it is worth!.

  35. Democrats are same as always,making unsubstantiated claims that can’t be proven.Simple it’s called lying,and lying by leading democrat

  36. ALWAYS HILARIOUS when I see politicians read from a script they clearly haven't written! On the other hand when politicians who speak without scripts come across as straightforward and more BELIEVABLE!
    And the Democrats have become so far LEFT it's truly hard to believe that those who publicly defend them really believe privately what they're defending.

  37. Who titles your videos I noticed Fox can't title a YouTube video for the life of them. Where is Lindsey Graham.

  38. Democrats = Liars … and Schumer is a total schmuck. I'd like to see him up face up to a real supreme court judge – who would put him to shame intellectually. What a snake and Democrat who can't handle the pressure of losing the Clinton campaign. Bill Barr and John Durham are going to get to the bottom of the FAKE Steel dossier paid for by the Clinton cabal, and the false information presented to the FISA courts. I hope the elite criminals in power pay the price. The mainstream news media should be restructured as well.

  39. Those Radical Anti-American Dem's do NOTHING. Scumbag Schumer is a huge LIAR. Thank You Mike Lee 4 the Truth Bombs. A Latina 4 Trump 2020!

  40. Conservatives will have to RIOT and burn structures down to force these obstructionist Democrats to act 👊👊👊

  41. Graham doing a good job so far as long as he don't let the recent shootings start swaying his thoughts on the 2nd amendment. AR15s are all over South Carolina. Outlawing them would turn most of the state into criminals.

  42. It's all bulshit ..Lindsey Graham's a criminal just like the rest of his buddies and his pal Blumenthal.. they want to take your second amendment and throw the constitution in the trash can.. thats Lindsey criminal gram for you ..turncoat traitor..

  43. Since he took on the mob & fake media, Trump is a hero cos :
    Everybody thought it impossible, then came on one who didn't know it and did it!!!!!!
    “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in 2017

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