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  1. WHY do we need any kind of legislation for anything that is already OUR Inherent RIGHT? That's dumb to me… anyone that goes against OUR Constitution is committing treason

  2. WAKE UP! Eisenhower, JFK, & Ron Paul have all been warning everyone about Agenda 21… get with the program and get US OUT of the UN!!! See
    Ayn Rand's Prophecies of Atlas Shrugged if you need it spelled out for you. Or better yet – see what Bush did at the Earth Summit in Rio… he told the UN Americans would have allegiance to the UN.

  3. Thank you Senator, thank you for standing up for OUR Constitution and it's undermining by the UN and the current administration. The 2nd amendment guarantees all the others.

  4. Sounds like a proposal to protect gun manufacturers and dealers, not gun owners. I guess that if I owned one of these companies, I too would advocate for keeping my market open to to the voracious appetite of Mexican drug dealers so that they could continue to shoot people's children. I'd tell everyone that I was a patriot because I supported an interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that would allow individual citizens to bear arms. I'd hug Dick Cheney for good measure.

  5. Funny to me the IGNORANCE of taking guns from HONEST gun owners!! It will NOT STOP KILLERS IN ANY WAY!! IF a person is going to kill someone a GUN will NOT STOP a killer in ANY MANNER!! Look how MANY CRIMINALS KNOW they will face ANOTHER FELONY by mere POSSESSION and they STILL USE GUNS EVERYDAY!!
    When you KILL a KILLER THEN YOU STOP the problem!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  6. It should be asked is why they are doing this,what is the bigger picture, it's ether a step forward to a NWO or the first step to bring peace to the World.

  7. They will have a war within the United States if the UN thinks they are going to take American's firearms.. And that's all I got to say about that… Thank you Senator Moran for trying to do what is right for the American people.. But I hate to say it… But President Obama has already said he doesn't need Congress for anything he needs to get done.. All he needs is himself and the UN..

  8. Here is a clue: The five permanent members of the UN security council are the worlds largest exporters of heavy arms at a time when the UN is trying to get small arms out of the hands of the American people. You dont need to be a geopolitical strategist to see what that means.

  9. Senator Moran has American courage and we appreciate you senator. We know this plot is to disarm the underlings so the NWO of ???peace??? what a joke… the NOW is no more peace than hell is.

  10. eric holder and his ilk have done a good job with guns… and they go scott free though they should be charged with murder…

  11. protect Hillary Clinton??? from what? her unAmerican behavior working so hard to scrap the US Constitution??? Banning the death penalty should not happen however to sentence someone to execution should only be done when there is proof beyond a shadow of doubt…never based on circumstantial evidence…

  12. I wish he would say what this government type is; Constitutional Republic. but, I applaud this senator

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