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  1. CrazyDayz, so, you think they shine when defending the Constitution related to war, just not when they defend/protect the Constitution relative to everything else? Because that's pretty much what you just said, because all of their policies and Cogressional votes are: Constitutional. If We lose the rest of the Constitution we will have to voice or power to effect ANY change we might desire. Then what? Can't we save the Constitution, and our voice THEN work on the social issues?

  2. Both the Democrats and Republicans are corrupt. Each are beholding to special interests. The Main Stream Media (MSM) is also corrupt and owned by the special interests.

    How do the people (most of whom are ignorant of this situation) regain control of our country?

  3. I've actually been pondering that question. Even if Ron Paul becomes president things won't get better (it will be an amazing start tho) because there's so much corruption all throughout each branch of govt. There are also external interests as well. We need an intellectual revolution before anything else…

  4. This sanction corresponds with Irans economy, which will effect the Iranian people. He is good on domestic policies but in the case of Iran sanctions he voted like a Neo-Con. Just like Obama talks one way, buts acts like a Neo-Con.

  5. Mike Lee is good, too!

    We worked our butts off for almost two years to elect Rand, and that investment is paying big dividends.

    We're going to do our very best to replace McConnell in 2014, assuming we still have a country.

  6. Liking this video seems so inadequate. I wish there was a YouTube button for I ****ING LOVE THIS VIDEO AND I'D MARRY IT IF I COULD!

  7. In a not so distant future, Rand Paul will win the presidency and we will see liberty and freedom for ALL (not just the rich, the elite and the powerfull) Dick Cheney might have had his heart replaced, but you could NEVER replace something you never had to begin with. Ron Paul 2012 reuniting America in solidarity for the greatest cause..

  8. You are correct. And the future prognosis is dismal. We are looking at a fiscal collapse with a socialist, fascist coup by the president ending our Constitutional Republic. There are very few honest people in our Congress and among the political appointees. They are "yes" people. Most american people are ignorant of all this.

  9. I disagree in part. Congress has a what, 9% approval rating? I think the American people know full well that something is wrong. There are many factors in play. Americans work more hours than any other industrialized nation, and the people by and large are under a lot of stress. Many people out there are informed enough to know that things are wrong, but haven't taken further steps about what ought to be done. Standing up and doing something about corruption isn't something we learn in school.

  10. Get involved, and get organized. Join a political party and become active. Support people with good ideas and beliefs.

  11. I think he and his father made a deal. I am being very careful with Rand and Ron Paul. It might be wise for everyone to dig deeper with Ron and Rand Paul. Civil Libertarians making deals with Fascist, Trotskyite Neo-cons? That bothers me. You are forgiven by the way for calling me a "fag". 🙂

  12. What is the definition of war? , because the president seems to be able to do a lot without going to war. There’s the CIA the drones and most people would consider sanctions an act of war.

  13. exactly…you "think"…look at their record…its for the people, by the constitution…whats wrong with that… what proof do you have there is a "deal" going on?

  14. Then me 2028-2036. Then you 2036-2044. Then one of these other chaps who subscribe to this channel 2044-2052. The Paul's are the beginning, but we need to make sure we follow up. =^)

  15. Yes More US sanction on a country that hasn't attacked anyone for Hundreds of years!

    More sanctions just like on Iraq when thousands of children suffered..

  16. Thank you Thank you Thank you Senator Rand Paul! Please continue to do all you can to put the brakes on the war machine 🙂

  17. Paul thinks taxpayers should be glad to give oil companies their tax dollars while they record massive profits. He will stop any bill to make Obama look bad. Crazy doesn't fall from the tree.

  18. Yeah crazy to believe it's up to the people to STOP BUYING if you don't like the prices. CAPITALISM? WHAT A CRAZY CONCEPT!

    Do you know how silly that sounds? Nobody is complaining that Apple is somehow making too much money in what is supposed to be an open Capitalistic market. Why would we increase gas prices by taxing gas companies? Did you fail 3rd grade math?

  19. IT is actually not about stop buying products. Rand and Ron Paul know that when you shrink government involvement in business then completion goes up. When competition goes up prices fall. In relation to big oil, the competition will be in the areas of renewable energy cause prices of production will drop. Thus we will eventually have little need for big oil. I personally do not know if global warming is a fact or not. They cause air pollution, so to me we remove them we get healthier.

  20. Inflation is a HUGE part of the rise in oil prices. The price of a barrel of oil is based on the value of gold, not the US dollar. When the dollar is backed up by nothing, and they print it whenever they please, the value goes down. When you really think about it, the US dollar has NO VALUE. It's an illusion, its a piece of paper backed up by nothing. The federal reserve controls the world because they control the printing of the world currency.

  21. @pexw Well I'm glad you have started to see the light. This world (USA) isn't about "the left" versus "the right" anymore. The "little creep" title you have coined is based on what exactly? The "little r" next to his name? Or the fact he is fighting for our rights?

  22. Рэнд Пол – молодец. Выражаю свое глубокое уважение к нему после этого шага.
    Не весь конгресс работает на Израиль. Нельзя допустить, чтобы евреи в очередной раз совершили безнаказанные преступления, разбомбив следующую мусульманскую страну.
    За мир без войны!

  23. @senatorrandpaul Where is the tea party? Why are they not out there supporting RON PAUL? Why are there not efforts being made to educate the OWS people that the enemy is corruption in government? Why is there not an Occupy The White House movement? PAUL / NAPOLITANO 2012

  24. r.i.p ron paul….he's gonna get killed 😀 probably they will make it as an accsident heart attack alergy or whateverno way he's gonna win this too much loss of money and certain extremly powerfull people will not alow that 😀

  25. Stay free my friend! Keep searching for the truth and you will do well. Take good care, Gospel Blessings! 🙂

  26. where was this thinking when bush was president and sent us to Afghanistan and Iraq? Congress was expected to roll over and bend over and give the president the authority to go into any place he deemed a threat. All rand would have to do is repeal that authorization and get congress to do so, then no president will have the power to invade with out congressional approval. Just a thought

  27. If Reid is saying that this is NOT a declaration of war, then WHY is he opposing Paul's objection?!?!
    If there is no intention of war, then Reid should support Paul's objection.

    In fact, I feel there MUST be a CLEAR STATEMENT that this is NOT for war. It's called "COVERING YOUR ASS!"

    If the amendment for NOT going to war is not passed, then it MUST be for a war. It's SIMPLE LOGIC.

  28. This is also the doing of the dumbass McCain and dumbass Lieberman wanting to strike in Iran/Syria, "While the window is open."

    Watch it here: youtu . be/yXyqCuoRvaE

  29. I wish he was my Texas Senator. Ron Paul 2012! Rand Paul 2016! The best Revolution is a peaceful one. It's time to take our country back. Elect officials that obey the constitution to make this country prosperous once again.

  30. Like to have him as our representative. You are very fortunate. Almost moved to Kentucky years ago. Beautiful place and with friendly "down to earth" decent people. Now, wish we would have. We have NO decent representation in our state. Not in either the Senate or the House.

  31. I like your view. How could i forget about those commander in chief powers? lol Bringing the military home will be great. How about "Reviving America with Dr. Paul"?

  32. And to think people say that Rand Paul isn't strong on Foreign Policies. I believe Rand will accomplish many great things, thanks to his father for opening the door for the Liberty Minded folk : )

  33. This guy is a hero. A true patriot of freedom. Ron Paul and Rand Paul will be the anti Bush's! The cure for this nation! I wouldn't mind them become kings of the USA! They're honorable men! Vivan los dos! Un aplauso para este hombre! And thanks for doing your best!

  34. It looks like Rand is closer to his dad ideologically than I thought. I could perhaps support a presidential run in 4-8 years.

  35. No constitutional element in sanction against Iran without any doubt.
    The only vital factor is only Netanyahu and AIPAC impact.
    Obama was brought to bypass the congress.
    Rand Paul hit the iron while it is hot .
    Obama and his greedy financiers have been trading in blood of Christian American youth to protect their businesses and magnifying their wealth .

  36. Those who object to the US Constitution need to immediately step down from their elected office as they are a disgrace and intentionally violate their oaths of office. We need more Rand and Ron Pauls to uphold and defend our US Constitution. Please people, when you vote please vote for those willing to unrelentingly uphold the US Constitution as does the Paul family; our nation will be the better for it and the Republic will not survive without our Constitution intact.

  37. Those who object to the US Constitution need to immediately step down from their elected office as they are a disgrace and intentionally violate their oaths of office. We need more Rand and Ron Pauls to uphold and defend our US Constitution. Please people, when you vote please vote for those willing to unrelentingly uphold the US Constitution as does the Paul family; our nation will be the better for it and the Republic will not survive without our Constitution intact.

  38. We have Ron Paul ! I agree he will cary the touch but must lean how an innocent statement can turn into a Race Card issue, even though he never said it.
    It's like my Favorite claim by Rev Jackson and the Good( for nothing) Rev, Al Sharpton claims that it would be genocide to give out fee birth control for those on welfare . Since when does Poor have a Color .


  40. Isn't it time that our Congressional delegations from each state listen to Americans instead of AIPAC? Do they not consider the economic blow-back to Americans of sanctions and war on gas prices, which inflate all consumer goods prices too? We are being manipulated into another war or conflict to destabilize the Middle East which will have devastating consequences on our own economy, and already has since the Iraq war!

    What an excellent speech, a voice of reason and sanity for a change!

  41. The fact that members of AIPAC dislike this video speaks volumes of these Zionist leeches. These AIPAC Zionists and Zionists bankers are nothing less than a cancer on Western Civilization. Once eradicated, civilization can then BREATHE!!

  42. I was a little confused by the AIPAC comment, but now I get it. Sarcasm runs deep. st1ckycheese must be related to Milliondollarbonus on ZeroHedge. Nice job!

  43. I agree with vaccine, an example must be made, this is so sick how he and ron paul betrayed us all…..

  44. ur right, Ron Paul didn't betray us, he kind of just gave up or in the alternative made a bad political move by not going after the fraud in maine/iowa, etc. As for Rand, he ran on the platform that he was like his father, but he is a statist, which his father is not. So Rand's behavior isn't betrayal just expected….

  45. I'd rather have John "Nutcase" McCain than Nancy "We Must Pass This Bill To Find Out What's In It" Pelosi, or Harry "The Olympians should be ashamed of themselves" Reid.

  46. I know this is completely unrelated but Rand Paul should have run for president with Paul Ryan as his VP. That way the ticket could be Paul Ryan 2012 LOL How funny is that?

  47. And then there's the intelligent people who are going to continue supporting Rand Paul. He knew his father wasn't going to win, Ron knew he wouldn't win, and I'm pretty sure they both knew Romney wasn't going to win.

    The biggest between Rand and his father, is that Rand knows how to play the game. He knows how to get into good graces with the establishment, and as a result, he could very easily end up with the nomination in 2016. Once hes elected president, he'll end up being just like his dad.

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