Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Sotomayor
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Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Sotomayor

November 18, 2019

we have started so my or and uh… it
you know it’s a great thing that she was confirmed that she’s going to be
confirmed which is confirmed in committee today overwhelmingly thirteen
to six one republican lindsey graham who actually was you know was frankly uh…
well-versed on why he voted for her uh… and uh… you sort of wish it was
contagious in that room but you read two senators suppressive i wanna learn hatch
of utah who have both been in the senate for bulls aggressive wrote thirty years
and orrin hatch fought for a bit more uh… have never once ever voted against is supreme court nominee and they’re
choosing sonya sort of my door as the one they’re going to vote against
this issue so adamant in the patients and are so different from any other
judge about interpreting the constitution it’s really offensive for what i do like
about it analytically is that when you know if they’d never
done it before and this is all one time they’re doing it obama’s most certainly i would imagine
going to get another shot had nominated judge it would be interesting to see if they
do it again for because i can’t imagine that they would and that sort of setting a standard here
and i know that they’re trying to pressure the white house in trying to creases how they’re going to be here the next time around on a tending to generous but i do think
that this is this is actually good in the long term they didn’t need the votes
in the senate uh… and uh… and somewhere might or will
certainly be confirmable it’s listen to uh… the eloquence of uh… if not always uh… in and chanting dot
chuck grassley uh… uh… jr let’s play out let’s play
number two uh… video number two services truck grassley the seen the
republican from ohio well it’s a little bit more western
europe alexander graham said because he is a very different increase tax is communist you know what leading liberal he says i’m not worried
about my path of least assistance from they are worried about the future of the
judiciary aoc high positions not qualified for this job record is one z is left is centered within the
mainstream this is disturbed me but i’m not going
to make the judgment based on the stage and then the factual record what’s wrong
with looking at a record number speeches well i’m looking at a record as well as his speeches and i think that uh… as i look at that
record ideal find the respect for the
constitutional right to private property i don’t find the respect for the
fundamental right globally and gone that’s already been defined by the
supreme court of the federal right idea i i i find fault with uh… will go
a lot to be safe as she has not made any definite
justification for those of a decision’s and one of those who is a personal
property case where i think she cited ricky it’ll supreme court case in new
intuit uh… yeah connecticut wrong and then uh… the the
rationale behind the recieved lisa in new haven policeman a case
recently overturned by the some important and that you gotta remember
that eight out of canada her case isn’t that have been brought to the supreme
court have been overturned by the supreme court and one other one i’ve
expressed uh… i’ll write disagreement whether even though they affirm that the
statement that so i think there’s a lot of evidence looks let’s stop the uh… the masses are pressing her
eight-year-old grassy pointing to the fact that he
doesn’t see the judicial respective that that uh… so my or has for the
constitution which is producer because he apparently in the
last thirty years saw that from antonin scalia saw that from clarence thomas saw that from presumably robert bork saw
that from sam alito saw that from john roberts his continue to see if it somehow this woman seem so far out of the
mainstream for chuck grassley that she couldn’t vote for in canadian of course
will vote for on the senate floor either and then he points to the fact that
eight had over ten uh… cases that were first this report were overturned by the
supreme court what he doesn’t mention to the people is that having only ten cases
go took from the appeals court to the supreme court is not unusual and it’s a
low number and eight out of the ten were upheld the were were overturned that’s
not surprising they were appeal than they were overturned but this is the to
the judgment that you use what about the the the ninety seven
percent of her cases and and guessing uh… at that number was the generous
with the with the conserving as a seventy four percent of the cases
that we’re not census report more not overturned
because they were sound judicial rulings that there’s no way to understand the way these people operate other than
to say is that created the little cobol and in the senate this is this the side and they don’t
want to do anything to obama wants does not wanted bipartisanship they’re they’re looking at it does look
great respect within retractor witty history of having been uh… aid and by all the accounts any
uh… a fair-minded jurors anderson we’re gonna get rid of her we’re not in
that we’re not going to have her be a part of uh… of our supreme court what
they can do it now because they’re so outnumbered the senator so out numbered
in committee and that the people like chuck grassley
and orrin hatch eventually would put out to pasture and and and it’s for its
first silliness like this my opinion watch more class at the on personal income

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  1. I just watched the Htww's video about TYT, and it just made me laugh.

    "Wah wah wah, they've got so many subscribers, who dont have the time to listen to a 3 hour show, so need to get the highlights on Youtube every day about issues they are interested in and care about – and (acording to me) this is such a bad thing"

    Htww is an idiot.

    I dont care if TYT ignores or gets in a conflict with this punk,

    I will still enjoy TYT daily, cos its interesting, funny, and i like it.


  2. Just wanted to let TYT know that I noticed that they deleted my comment. My comment was at +8 when you deleted it too.

    I've been a long time fan and supporter but I have to admit that I'm really disappointed to learn that TYT censors.

  3. When Palin becomes POTUS in 2013, she will DRIVE OUT ALL MEN and Liberals OFF the Supreme Court and have it comprised ENTIRELY of CONSERVATIVE WHITE WOMEN!

  4. And then they'll have massive lesbian orgies?!?!? The only question is whether they'll allow spectators in this new Supreme Cunt sport.

  5. lindsey graham actually is less of a nutjob than most republicans. he always talks alot of shit along the way, because he knows that he has to appeal to his base. ive been suprised by his voting ever since ive been following him

  6. im not saying hes not a dickhead republican, im just saying ive seen some of the things hes voted on and its funny how hes the only republican that votes one way while the others arent……..i dont know, im not saying hes a good person by any means, just that his voting is sporatic and unpredictable.

  7. Lindsay Graham is Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin is a SUPERIOR politician and statesman than Graham could ever be. She is also MORE MAN than he is for Graham wears the skirt in his family while his wife wears the pants!

  8. 3:03 : "And then you gotta remember, that eight out of ten of her cases that have been gone to the Supreme Court…"

    I think he should have been gone to grammar school more longerer.

  9. Oh I think it's so wonderful that we have here a person of color that hates Caucasians as much as Obama does. Now we'll become sophisticated and enlightened because this lovely hatefreak of "white people" is going to use her second-rate intellect to righten past injustices. We'll all be so much richer due to this idiot having this gravy job for the next 30-years! THANK YOU SO MUCH OBAMA, YOU DA MAN! *belch*

  10. so big deal same old shit just like the rest that were there before, it just bothers you because she just happens to be a hispanic.

  11. Arent americans democrates, latinos, black, jews, asian, women, gay or is americans only white hetrosexual males?

  12. He's projecting – he imagines that if he were a person of color, he would be prejudiced against whites, therefore, any person of color is prejudiced against whites. The facts mean nothing to him.

  13. And further moves step by step th erosion of the judicial system and the rule of law. Constitution? Hey, that obscure piece of paper was written by white slave owners, so we can ignore it when it suits our idealogy. Hey, my personal outlook on the world is WAY more important than precedents or legal ramifications.

    This country is sinking like a stone.

  14. That's because, as a white man, he is prejudiced against persons of color. But that's what projecting means, huh. Sorry it's early.

  15. Sometimes I wonder. It depends on who you ask. I always though that they should add a clause to the last line of the pledge. "Liberty and justice for all rich white heterosexual men," because that seems to reflect the truth better than "Liberty and justice for all."

  16. You, I would guess, feel you have been wronged in the past and may feel justified in discrimination against white heterosexual men.

    I would guess you would then say:

    No, I want everyone to be equal

    But , and this is only a guess, what you would really like is:

    "Liberty and justice for poor lesbian womyn only

  17. Your country is a Cannabis coffee shop, 60% under sea level, with a the flood on the way, but you can only look to America to criticize.

  18. No, I just don't turn a blind eye to discrimination all around me. Since I am not a poor lesbian, that would be a stupid goal, if I were self-centered, as you imply. I choose to see beyond the fences in my own back yard. I guess that's offensive to you. I can see by your other comments that you are a troll. I'm not going to respond further to your insolence.

  19. Thanks for responding, sorry you feel that people you don't agree with are trolls. I thought it would be nice to talk to people, such are yourself, that do not agree with me.

  20. Insulting people and making ridiculous assumptions about them is not a good way to civilly discuss or debate about a matter unless you are seven.

  21. Circuit court cases are ALWAYS appealed, usually successfully. In fact, up to the Supreme court, ever case below the Supreme Court's ruling is always following this pattern: Judgment, appeal, move to higher court. Judgment, appeal, move to higher court. Judgment, appeal, move to higher court.

    Grassley knows NOTHING about the judiciary system, and tries to stain Sotomayor's judgment with some totally irrelevant garbage like that. What an idiot.

  22. he'll be back on thursday, be patient.

    Michael knows his stuff, but isn't as entertaining as Cenk 🙂

    Enjoy your day…

  23. But at least Anna gets a word in edgeways. Have you seen how often Cenk cuts her off? Love this show but Cenk needs to give the girl enough respect to let her say her piece before he chimes in. Thanks for standing in, Michael.

  24. i agree thank god they are so outnumbered we have seen this happen before a clutch group tries to block everything what sucks is that valuable time is wasted trying to sort through it and in meantime it shows just how partisan they really are which shows me they dont have the best intrest of the country at heart

  25. Probanly not. But look at all the clips when she's about to give a point of view on whatever, but Cenk butts in. She always looks away to her left and bites her lower lip. Man, Cenk needs to give this girl a little more credit for her point of view rather than just cutting her off as if to say "I'm the star of the show". The show's great, just let Ana breathe, you know?

  26. Read up on how she ruled in the Firefighters case. It was all over the news. Unbelievable decision she made as an appelate court judge and how she was overruled by the Supreme Court. She is a total racist.

  27. I actually agree with the firefighters in this case but she was clearly following previous supreme court rulings when she made hers. The supreme court in overturning her case also overturned the past 50 years of similar cases. Does this mean the past supreme court justices are racists/idiots/bigots. Your flagrant ignorance of anything is astounding to the point that one has to wonder whether or not you were born with a functioning nervous system.

  28. I guess you need to get a hold of the current Supreme Court Justices and ask them. Let me know what they say. Thanks.

  29. "Does this mean the past supreme court justices are racists/idiots/bigots." Like I said below, you better get a hold of the current Supreme Court Justices and ask them. I'm not the one that made the decsion. I'm just the messenger.

  30. We have heard that nonsensical argument many times. Why not brand the other judges that agree with her in the ruling as racist. It must be because she is being nominated for the Supreme court. However, since the other judges are not, they are not racist.

    Just like some GOP senators that were fixated by her wise Latino comment and race, you are more concern with her ethnicity/culture than her judicial record.

    The real question is whether or not you are a racist.

  31. If these GOP senators had some real valid argument, we could agree or disagree. However, they have none. They seem more concerned with retaining voters who will never vote for the Democrats, than trying to appeal to other groups. A low information vote might believe their nonsense. This act has nothing to do with Sotomayor, but with Obama.

  32. Didn't make me happy, but was pretty sure she could have done just about anything and get approved.
    Oh well, yet another chance lost.

  33. I'm just a white guy that get's tired of everyone playing the race card. The USA should be a colorless society. Hopefully, I am entitled to my own opinion.

  34. Notice it's only white people that say "this should be a colorless society." Now why do you suppose that is?

  35. I am a person who is tired of people using the fictional construct of race, which is distinct difference for culture/ethnicity. Latino is a culture/ethnicity. They include people whose recent ancestors came from the countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

    Yes, everyone is allow their opinion. However, someone else has right to either agree with them, or challenge them on the facts.

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