Senate Judiciary Committee Reschedules Kavanaugh Vote For Friday | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Senate Judiciary Committee Reschedules Kavanaugh Vote For Friday | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

December 3, 2019

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  1. Kavanaugh will speak with fox news but not the FBI. Bill Clinton's personal life is fair game but his is out of bounds. Merrick Garland can't get a vote but Kavanaugh can. A Democratic President can be impeached but the Republican is above the law. He's hiding his documents and isn't fully vetted but immigrants seeking a better life are subject to "extreme vetting" and imprisonment for committing misdemeanors. #isthisstillamerica

  2. The Republicans are hiring a 'female' attorney' to ask questions.
    1. Why do they need an attorney, lying to a Federal Committee is a crime by itself ?
    2. Why schedule a vote less than 24 hrs after the hearing ? I know, they are petrified that an fact-checking will bring bad news.
    3. Even with a female attorney, this is still a kangaroo court & the GOP will pay dearly in the mid – terms..
    4. McConnell, Grassley, etc a nothing but two faced slimeballs.
    Finally, wait for M. Avenatti to call a press conference within the next 48 hrs with his star witness

  3. of course, america is 1 of a handful of countries never to have a woman elected to naional governance. in '16 america elected a serial woman-hater with 53% of the female vote! No country dismisses women like america!

  4. Republicans are not investigating, they are putting on a pony show. Their minds are made up, they are not the party of law and order. Vote them out!!

  5. The Republican senators are complicit in this travesty. The Republicans have no ethics or morals. They are either corrupt themselves or completely self-serving. No decency, except a few of them.

  6. The GOP will pay COME NOVEMBER, all along they have pushed Kavanaugh on us with no regard for not just these allegations but lies he's told under oath in the past. If the 3 Republican Senator's who are concerned about these allegations and all Democrats vote against Kavanaugh then he won't be on the Supreme Court at all, we can hope. Kavanaugh, with his wife by his side, said he didn't do this at 14 well he was supposed to be 17 right there tells you Kavanaugh is not even talking facts that have been mentioned by Dr Ford the look on his wife's face when she looked at him was priceless. I think she knows he is lying…..VOTE BLUE COME NOVEMBER REMOVE AS MANY REPUBLICANS AS POSSIBLE SAVE OUR COUNTRY…..2020 REMOVE THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER IF NOT SOONER

  7. WTF is going on in your country? Crime is being committed by elected people right in front of your eyes. This is unreal! People simply cannot let this pass!

  8. Haha… Grassley and McConnell wouldn't schedule the vote IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE VOTES… Means the four female GOP Senator's are on board. Collins, Murkowski, Flake, and Sasse

  9. The GOP is a dead party walking. Just think how great everything will be in 4 months. All that has to be proved is that Kavanaugh lied in the hearing to start impeachment proceedings. The Republicans are not content with a corrupt Executive and Legislative branch, they also want a corrupt Judiciary.

  10. The Republicans will pay dearly. If not this year, the next election. Talk about suicide. Republicans have sold their souls for what? SHAME on them!

  11. Trump will fire Rosensein on Thursday and the hearings of the Kavanaugh-thinghy will be flooded. And then they vote, and we the people will be ffed.

  12. I wonder how many women tried to complain to Yale about sexual abuse and Yale dismissed them. Maybe Yale needs an investigation too

  13. Good…we all know Ford will have an excuse not to show Friday….and with the Lefts Plan A and Plan B, Ford and Ramirez getting their stories skewered by their peers, no more of this Left coup on America and the 2016 Election

  14. This is a prime example of how to "Rig the system" by inserting a conservative loyalist that will help overturn Roe. vs. Wade, uphold Citizens United and be in place to serve as Trumps firewall as it relates to the Russia Probe. They will ram this clown down our throats on Friday, just like they rammed the "Tax Reform" that mostly benefitted the wealthy donors, corporations and their stock-buy-backs!, while the Middle-class and working poor got a whopping $30 a week that was quickly dissolved by inflation! "VOTE" ~Millennials in particular.

  15. Sad, sick news. When you think grassley has scraped the lowest bottom he manages to find another layer of deplorable conduct lower than the last. Email all elected reps; thanks for supporting or NOT.

  16. i've called this despicable act by the Repuds, for a week now….

    no matter what happens, no matter how many accusers…. Drumpf & the Repuds will never allow FBI to do full investigation into ANY witnesses. the Senate will just listen to testimony ONLY from Dr Ford & Kavanaugh. then, the Senator's Lawyer will ATTACK, TAUNT & TORMENT the accuser Dr Ford, when she's on the witness stand.

    while NO other accusers or witnesses will ever be allowed to testify here, to Senate or to FBI. then all 51 of the Senate Repuds will still just vote YES on Friday, to confirm Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

    this "Investigation" into these alleged Kavanaugh sexual assaults, by the corrupt Repuds now controlling the Senate Judicial Committee, is likely the BIGGEST FRAUD & WORST SCAM, that the Senate has ever unleashed on the American Citizens.

    Repuds are just pure evil & vile…. constantly making things worse, anywhere they hold office.

  17. If Michael Avenatti knows of another accuser who wants to go public, he needs to bring her forward. The clock is ticking. If she has evidence of a crime that Kavanaugh/Mark Judge committed in Maryland, she needs to file charges in Maryland now, before it's too late. The republicans are leaving nothing to chance. They know that every day, more damaging information surfaces about their right wing nut job nominee.

  18. When Democrats take back the house they will have a laundry list, of Investigations to do. Even when they push him through this will not be over. The Democrats and their supporters will get the FBI involved and will have their own Congressional investigation. To Mitch McConnell Republican Senate leader this will not end well for your party.

  19. oops #Biden in 1991 saying #FBI reports shouldn't be used in SCOTUS confirmation nominations =

  20. Dumb Democrats are so busy protesting everything they'll end up condemning themselves because they don't know right from wrong !!

  21. If Dems cared anthing about these women they would have brought the first allegation forward 6 weeks earlier so there would have been time to investigate. Instead they held it until the eve of the vote in an attempt to stall the process into November. Hoping they can take control & block this nomination completely.

  22. The day right after trials huh? So basically "We don't give a —- if he's guilty, but we'll play your game and think you had a fair shot. Stay Classy GOP.

  23. If Kavanaugh is on the SC bench, any vote he makes will be tainted and not respected by the majority of Americans for the decades he will have been on that court. Democracy declining in America!

  24. Fact check? There's literally nothing to fact check about Ford's accusations. Even she doesn't know what the facts are, when the party happened, Howe many people were there, where it was, none of it. No facts.

  25. There is no more reasonableness or bipartisanship guaranteed now. This is the tipping point. If democrats gained the house an senate and pulled this we would see civil war II. Now I expect the democrats to obliterate them with the same nonsense and that is ridiculous for me to feel on its face. You can't reason on policy for the population with unreasonable figureheads everywhere backed by very wealthy self interest all propped up by persuaded sheep that give these wolves the platform.

  26. Can we just pause for a second to recognize how the Republicans are too scared to question Prof Ford themselves? They all know that the image of 11 old, white men publicly shaming a shy soccer mom isn't going to look too good. And they even had the nerve to hire "an assistant" to ask the questions but won't release her name. Jeez, you going to make her get you our coffee too?

    Sexist, ancient, out-of-touch, wind bags….that's your Republican committee right there.

  27. Just so all of you know , even though Dems might win House they will be down in Senate next year by approximately 55 to 45 due to Republicans winning in FOUR Red States.

    The importance of this is that Trump will get one or two more Judges on the Court. That's what matters, not this Kavanaugh circus .

  28. Now watch, hump is going to reschedule his Thursday meeting with Rod Rosenstein to Friday. He tried to disrupt the news of the hearing, with his fellow prevert, by scheduling talks with Rosenstein for the same day. He's such an asswipe!!!

  29. They are trying their hardest to get him in so he can help to not impeach Trump… all this crap going on is crazy!!! I am scared to death of what will happen to us all

  30. Most former Republican voters will vote for another party if this madness continues. GOP may think that voters are brainless people, but I guess there is more decency among voters to observe then what these politicians are showing lately.

  31. Nice try Democrats. I gotta give it to you communists, you know how to play dirty. What shocks me is how willing you are to destroy families lives to reach your goal.

  32. The fix is in. On friday Kavanaugh will be declared a Supreme Court Justice, giving us two conservative sexual predators with the final say on how we live our lives. The Evangelicals got their wish. Goodbye safe, legal abortions. Women will once again know their place, as incubators. Osama Bin Laden has won.

  33. Kavenaugh is a Corporate judge. He does not believe that workers should have protection from injury on the job. He has ruled against the EPA and OHSA. They are stacking the court for their Corporate donors

  34. What a sham this has become. time should be taken to make sure something this important us done right when did that become so wrong

  35. If they actually put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court without investigating the allegations to complete his background check, that is either going to taint the process for a long time, or there are going to be riots in the streets all the way to Capitol Hill.

  36. Liberals and Democrats should be very careful what they wish for, The next in line almost certainly for a Supreme Court Nominee from Trump will be Amy Barret and she is much further right-leaning than Kavanaugh. "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves".

  37. NOW w the rescheduled date, does that mean the FBI is already investigating and will be done by Fri AM?!?!
    Michael Avenatti, you better release what you got STAT!

  38. B's!!! The issue is STALL, STALL, STALL by the lefties. You all hate that Judge K. is a strict constitutionalist while the left seeks to destroy it. Are you all ready for the coming military tribunals?

  39. Rethuglikkkans hired an attorney to question Ford instead of hiring someone to question the people who could actually bring the truth to light. He's INNOCENT…

  40. The FACT is that the Republicans ARE ALL CORRUPTED!
    The FACT is that the Republicans are ALL CORRUPTED!!
    The FACT is that the Republicans are ALL CORRUPTED!!
    Remember this ALWAYS and FOREVER!!

  41. Republicans WILL PAY for all of the crimes they committed!!
    Republicans WILL PAY for all of the CRIMES they have committed!

  42. No justice for victims. Really not surprising. This is a sad commentary for our country. Time for women to get out and vote to get these sick uncaring "A"holes out of office.

  43. He confessed in his yearbook. It's an admission in writing. Even if he was lying then, he's not being honest now. How can they let this go? Just pick someone else. It's not like the Dems blocked the last guy who was appointed to the SC. This isn't blocking him just to obstruct the GOP, not everything is about them, ffs.

  44. Democrats had said long ago they were going to do everything they can to squash the nominee. Democrats stated this before President Trump even nominated Kavanaugh. I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live this is disgusting what they doing to this man. #Walkaway

  45. Keep moving it because it’s only gonna get worst for your golden goose. If the women were making this up, they would’ve only blamed Kavanaugh not Mark Judge also. That’s how you know they’re not making this up. Why did the Democrats have waited so long with this accusation? Because they wanted to give Republicans a taste of their own meds. I’m glad they did because this is just outrageous. I’ll be very surprised if the GOP didn’t know anything about Kavanaugh’s past. Anyway they are so screwed and it’s well deserved

  46. Republicans can read the writing on the wall. They know they're screwed. Now it's about stealing the government because they're lost the country. Voter suppression gerrymandering, court stacking, it's all part of the plan. For the first two to work they need to control the courts. With the likelihood republicans will lose the midterms, they have to finish packing the court before it all collapses. Lose Kavanaugh and there's not enough time to get someone else through. Hence the willingness to ignore his probable perjury and sexual abuse. The seat is more important than the integrity they don't have anyway.

  47. Oh, let's not be so concerned about the "viewers" aka voters and taxpayer but let's be openly very very focused on trying to calculate the affect this hearing will have on the BIG DONORS.

    Donors folks. Let's keep talking about donors.

  48. Of course the Republicans want no investigation. Again, there is no reasonable treatment of these women and their claims. It should be investigated. If found to be true – there would be one outcome. If found to be false – another outcome would occur. Testimony one day and voting the next is laughable. That is not due diligence to find the truth.


  50. This is a farce,a mockery of justice,i know drug addicts,drug dealers,theives,liars,prostitutes and the lowest of the low,but in all my life ive never seen anything worst and lower than a crooked politician!!!

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