Senator Leonhardt: I’m Not Offended by the Constitution
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Senator Leonhardt: I’m Not Offended by the Constitution

November 6, 2019

Thank you, Mr. President. I’m a little
confused. We have people praising the Founding Fathers and the document that they’ve written and yet they’re telling us not to use a portion of the document that they’ve written. For the last twenty years our national debt has doubled twice. Twice, under administrations of both parties. So what is the hope that
they’re gonna rein that spending in? The gentleman from Greenbrier mentions 54% wanted to go socialist. Well, the document says 75% have to ratify it. I’m
not worried about that 54%. The Senator from Greenbrier stood up and said it’s
an insult to those that have fought wars. Sir, I fought wars. I’m not offended by
this resolution, and I’m not offended by this document. Mr. President, I urge
adoption of this resolution.

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  1. Kent Leonardt Tells It Like It Is…… It Truly Is The Last Chance For The Republic To Be Saved! Get Involved At Convention Of States, Google It!

  2. Can someone help give me a little context on this? He's talking about an article V convention, but for what purpose and to what end?

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