Serge Poliakoff’s ”Composition abstraite” | Uppsala Auktionskammare

October 4, 2019

In the late 1940’s Serge Poliakoff developed
his very own special way of abstract painting, arranging different fields of colour alongside
one another. He let the colour itself form the context
of the painting and became concerned with the relationships between the line and the
surface, the form and the content and the colour and the light. This is why Serge Poliakoff undoubtfully counts
as one of the most important abstract painters of the 20th Century. Born in Moscow in January of the very first
year of 1900, Poliakoff spent his growth in Russia. After fleeing his revolutionary home country
in 1917, he finally came to Paris in 1923. Earning his life as a musician, his interest
in the art of painting grew and he started his studies in the late 20’s at Académie
Frochot and Académie de la Grande Chaumière. Originally focusing on a classic academic
style. Poliakoff’s style changed when he in 1935
moved to London and continued his studies at the Slade School of Fine Art. From now on, the abstract side of art and
the layering of paint became the most important thing for Poliakoff. When he a few years later returned to Paris,
he found a great source of inspiration in his new acquaintance and fellow countryman
Wassily Kandinsky, and also in the Delaunay couple. From now on, he also found himself as an artist. Serge Poliakoff soon became the front figure
of the École de Paris and one of the most influential painters in Europe. This painting, created in 1967, only two years
before the death of Poliakoff, is a colourful composition, composed by fields in different
shades of blue, red, yellow, black and white. These characteristic interlocking jigzaw arrangements
was a style Poliakoff would return to several times during the late 50’s- and 60’s. And Poliakoff himself declared that ”The
painting should be monumental, that is to say larger than its own dimensions ” The painting comes from a private Swedish
collection and was acquired from Bertil Nordenhake, the founder of Galerie Nordenhake in Sweden. The space, proportions and rhythm were the
key elements in the art of Serge Poliakoff. And as in this painting, the gaze of the viewer
is immediately drawn towards the centre of the canvas due to the increasing density of
forms and colours. This is a perfect example of Serge Poliakoff
at his peek – proving a vivd example of his later compositions painted in strong and
light colours. For me personally I’m attracted to the dynamic
composition in this painting and its strong colours.

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