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  1. أنا من دولة المملكة العربية السعودية وكنت اتابع هذا البرنامج منذ ان كنت طفل و أحبه جدا جدا جدا برنامج مفيد وجميل

  2. Grover: "Oh look at this: What a sweet painting of your Great-Great-Grandmother."
    Mr. Blue: "That's my wife!"
    Grover: "…Ouch!"
    One of the most priceless moments in Sesame Street history.

  3. Sighs Grover was so much SMARTER in the old days, but there can be no question, he has gotten steadily worse in 50 years… but he still is our cute, furry lovable pal

  4. Mr. Johnson: You should get a pair of glasses

    A little later….

    Grover: Here you are, Sir. Where are you, Sir?
    Mr. Johnson: Why are you wearing those sunglasses?
    Grover: Well, Sir. You said I should get a pair of glasses and the customer is always right.

  5. Grover: What a sweet painting of your great-great-grandmother.
    Johnson: That's my wife!
    Grover: Ouch.

    Adult humor on a children's show.

  6. Mr. Johnson : “Oh no, its you again?!”.

    Yet he keeps on falling for Grover’s Shenanigans 🤣


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