Sessions on impeachment hearings: It’s a show trial
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Sessions on impeachment hearings: It’s a show trial

November 14, 2019

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  1. Entertaining seeing an AG not asked about why nobody was charged in corruption like Clintons and others while he had the lead. He's so cheerful talking to others that don't want to talk about how the all the bad would be punished.

  2. When we hold summary hearings and trials for DOJ treason, I want to see Sessions under oath answering for his year of dereliction serving as AG! There are hard questions to ask he won't want to answer truthfully, I bet.

  3. Yeah. Now this swamper wants back in the Senate and promises to support the president. Sure. Just like you did as attorney general.

  4. Jeff you should stay in Senate.
    As AG you was outsmarted by Rosenstein and weak.
    You let it HAPPEN-Russiagate.
    I don't want such a friend.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  5. You are right, S. Sessions. This is a "Show Trial and Where's the Beef?" Thank you for taking out M-13 on L. Island. AL, trust Sessions!

  6. Democrat's begun with false, fake, foolish investigation which proven fraud and now ended it with a show with full of false added up narrative's against President Donald J Trump.
    Now this clown show is destroying Democrat's and it's a self immolation.

  7. I wish sessions good luck and I will love he win the seat again Q always said trust sessions i we don’t khow what part he play in the plan but he assigns John Durham so sessions much love and blessings 🙏

  8. Sessions is gutless whizle, if he did his job Presidency would not bew in this position, if people wre smart they will not vote for him

  9. Jeff is a nice guy but he’s wrong. Trump has been Israel first. He back peddled in immigration and birthright citizenship.
    He’s a liar..

    But respect to Jeff anyway.

  10. you a;so abandoned the american people when WE needed the DOJ most…we were put through 3 years of hell and we are still going through it because of Sessions ran instead of standing his ground………but I forgive him..NOT!

  11. Jeffie….Where…exactly …was your concern when the Dims were attacking President Trump over the Russia hoax? I will tell you where it was…IT WAS NON EXISTENT! Mark my word…If Sessions is re-elected to the Senate, He will become Mitt Romney the second.

  12. Make NO MISTAKE: Sessions was a PLANT in the Trump campaign and now he's attempting the "Hillary Defense", like Biden – "I can't be investigated, indicted or prosecuted because I'm running for office."

  13. Sorry…sessions. you lost my vote and respect. You are only 50/50. We need a standing strong candidate, not one that runs away from big issue !

  14. Can anyone tell me why everyone ctiticizes Sessions? I am not too much into politics and I've heard he walked away from helping Trump, I also heard that he betrayed Trump. Can anyone clarify pls?

  15. Thank you Mrs Ingram for giving this stand up great man session a chance to speak out to president Donald Trump he was great for Alabama

  16. Laura shame on you ! Giving this traitor tv time , Laura you are a traitor , how much are you getting paid to betray my President and us We The People. Fox Laura FKU 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  17. Sessions may be wrong on some issues But he's got this one right. It's just a show in hopes to further mislead the public as the dems trudge their way off the cliff

  18. This is a stupid man making stupid comments. This is NOT THE TRIAL. The IMPEACHMENT TRIAL happens in the Senate. Let alone he seems to have no understanding of the impeachment process, he shows that he has no clue about the crimes being deliberated in the HEARINGS. They are, in fact, BRIBERY, as is named in the Constitution, as well as campaign finance laws violations, and abuse of power(high crimes, felonies). These are EXACTLY the types of crimes the Constitution notes are justification for impeachment.
    It appears Republicans have no real defense of the President. The two main tactics are, we do not like the process (it is THEIR 2015 impeachment process they passed in anticipation of a Clinton victory: gotta love the irony), and we do not know the whistleblower's identity. Neither of these strategies addresses the illegality of the President's actions.

  19. Sessions is a spineless pissant who is as irrelevant as he can get. The only commendable thing he ever did was slap Joe Biden‘s hand.

  20. No sessions it’s not a show.
    It’s our constitutional government at work. Sessions was all for impeachment on Clinton’s blowjob but using our government and foreign policy to enrich and benefit yourself personally at the expense of lives and our foreign policy to our national security, that’s ok with you?

  21. Sessions is not a swamp creature. Watch interviews with Steve Bannon, AMONG OTHERS REGARDING Jeff Sessions. Hes a real Christian and his record regarding Trump is unblemished. He actually feared the Deep State because he wouldnt be bribed. It seems hes found courage

    RUNNING FOR 2020????


  23. If you donʻt break up E*R*I*C*C*I*A*R*A*M*E*L*L*Aʻs name FOX will delete it. That is how we know he is the true Leaker/Spy. FOX thinks we are all STUPID!

  24. Adam Schiff has no credibility . He showed clearly the he is a LIAR when he said that he had EVIDENCES of the collusion of Trump with Russia ,

  25. This motormouth would say anything to get back in congress. He was one of the worst AG we ever had. I used to like this career politician but he is "all talk and no do". Hope they let a true Republician in his state.

  26. Sessions had the opportunity to avoid the Russia collusion circus and he came up short. Trump cannot trust him unless he goes out there and admits he could have done better and apologises.


  28. Democrats are employing Pavlovian training tactics in the public hearings. At every chance when a Democrat makes a statement or poses a question, in an emphasized fashion they tag the end of their statement with "for political purposes". I actually lost count of those exact words during the testimony hearings yesterday. So after a while they are hoping the public will "hear the bell" and automatically apply "for political purposes" to any and all actions by Trump.

    ***It is important that we recognize this brainwashing tactic the Democrats are employing on not only the public, but their own party members as well.***

  29. Sessions may not have been a strong AG but he was an ethical one and I appreciate that. I know that Trump thinks Sessions should not have recused himself but Trump is just wrong. Once the investigation of the Trump campaign implicated him, he obviously could not oversee it so he recused himself. Recusal is consistent with advice from the DOJ office of ethics and anybody with sense, including Bill Barr, would have done the same thing. Plus, making himself the target of an ethics attack couldn’t possibly help Trump and, in fact, would have done just the opposite.

  30. Laura, ask him why he removed himself from the Russia investigation when he knew President Trump had no dealings with Russia. Don't have him on your show otherwise. Sessions could've stopped all this crap if he was a loyal AG.

  31. maybe he's trying to recover some of his credibility by coming out again? gonna he a hard uphill battle for him since he botched his last position.
    to each his own i guess

  32. Hey Laura! You couldn't get anyone else for the show this evening?!? Come on… you're better than this. Send Mr. Magoo back home!

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