Shaped Cards Video Series with Yana. Episode #3 – Coralene’s Chemise Layering Frame Large
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Shaped Cards Video Series with Yana. Episode #3 – Coralene’s Chemise Layering Frame Large

October 25, 2019

Hello, everyone! This is Yana Smakula here
at Spellbinders and thank you so much for joining me today. This is the third episode in a new video series
I am hosting on Spellbinders blog and Youtube channel called “Shaped Cards with Spellbinders”.
Once a month I am sharing a card and and video tutorial featuring a shaped card base using
Spellbinders dies! I am using the following dies to create this
project: I’m going to start working on this card
by die-cutting all of my elements first and will assemble the project later. I’m going to cut two panels using the largest
die from from the Coralene’s Chemise Layering Frame Large set out of white cardstock. Since
this is such a detailed die I have found that it’s better to use thinner cardstock. I love
to use 110 lb cardstock for my card bases, but for this element, and this will make the
base of my card I am using 80lb cardstock just to make it easier to cut it. And I am going to run this through my die
cutting machine, this is Platinum machine, twice – first at a slight angle and then will
run it again rotating it about 90 degrees to make sure the top and bottom detailed portions
of this die are cut. And I always run my piece back and forth. I find this to be helpful. I’m going to cut 2 pieces – to form the
front and back of my card base. You can emboss this die cut, but I am not going to do any
embossing for these. Next, die cutting a rectangle out of blue
paper, it is sized perfectly to go on top of the label we just cut. I picked white and
blue or aqua colors for my project along with hits of gold, but you can chose other colors
you like. Don’t feel like you have to use this exact color combo. I’ve also die-cut and embossed Extra Large
Label from the Breanna’s Corset Label set out of white cardstock and now I’m cutting
and also embossing two Hemstitch Ovals from the Hemstitch Ovals set out of gold foil cardstock.
I am using the oval die here and the hemstitch detail to cut the piece out and only keeping
the hemstitch detail to emboss it. Also die cutting a decorative label out of
same gold foil paper, I’m not embossing this one – there’s no need to do so and
finally I die cut another label out of blue paper. The die cutting portion of this video is over
– time to assemble the card. I’m going to score one of my card base pieces
to create a hinge – I’m using a scoring board for this and scoring at about 1 ½ at
the top – you can leave less space, but since there’s all of that detail die cutting at
the top there I felt I needed to score at at least an inch from the top. I’m going to add some tape and will also
use glue to adhere the two panels together to create a card base. And here’s what the
shaped base of this card looks like – it’s very delicate, so a card like this would probably
need to be hand delivered or mailed in a padded envelope. Going to adhere the rectangle next – and this
element will actually make the card a lot sturdier. If you want – you can die -cut additional
rectangles like this one and adhere one onto each side of the card base. The rest is actually very simple – use foam
adhesive or regular adhesive and layer all of the elements on top of each other to create
a stunning and one of a kind card front. Be sure to alternate the colors and go from the
largest size die cut to the smallest to have a beautiful professional look. Finally, this card will need a sentiment,
the project in the photo features one that reads Your Kindness Makes Such a Difference.
I couldn’t find this stamp set when I was filming my video so I decided to use a different
message and this card design can work for many different occasions. I stamped my sentiment in black ink onto a
strip of white paper and adhere it onto the card.
The project on the photo used a die to cut the stamped sentiment panel out – and that
die also added beautiful pierced detail along the edge. Lastly, I used a 1” wide grosgrain ribbon
and created a bow to embellish my card. I’m never good at tying bows, so I just pre cut
my ribbon and use a piece of gold thread to tie everything together – I find this way
I’m able to create cleaner bows for my projects. I used a glue dot to adhere the bow in place
and embellished my card using white self adhesive pears. And our project is finished! I hope you’ve enjoyed the third episode
from my Shaped Card with Spellbinders video series. Be sure to hit thumbs up and share
this video with your crafty friends and do check previous episodes if you haven’t yet
seen them. If you have any questions about this card,
please leave them in the comments section below. Also be sure to subscribe to Spellbinders
Youtube channel for more education and inspiration! If you are subscribed but are not receiving
new video notifications, be sure to click the bell icon on the homepage of our video
channel on youtube. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you next time!

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  1. I don't know how I missed this video on its original release date, but I sure love this card, Yana! the colors and relative simplicity of creating this one are inspiring to me, as I've been suffering from  "creative malaise" recently! LOL. Truly Beautiful, as usual!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    ~Avis, 022418

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