‘She doesn’t do anything does she?’ Shock reaction to the Queen on US tour REVEALED  – Today News US
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‘She doesn’t do anything does she?’ Shock reaction to the Queen on US tour REVEALED – Today News US

September 24, 2019

 In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the US to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia An official statement released by the White House read: “The United States and the United Kingdom enjoy an extraordinary friendship that is sustained by deep historical and cultural ties and a commitment to defend freedom around the world ” The Queen concluded her tour of Virginia with a visit to the William and Mary College, an ancient university with royal routes Prince Philip’s ‘argument’ with Queen’s hosts REVEALED Queen Elizabeth II news: How ‘something went WRONG during US tour’  The visit came 50 years after Her Majesty’s first visit to the College in 1957  The buzz among the crowd of more than 7,000 students, alumni and friends of the College subsided and gave way to roars of delight and surprise  However, in the BBC’s 2016 documentary “Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work”, it appears that some of the students of the ancient college have a different view of Her Majesty  Though, the narrator, Tim Piggot-Smith said: “The students have done their homework ” One student said: “I know she’s not in total control but she still has some power in Parliament ” While another student voiced: “It’s a constitutional monarchy so the Queen doesn’t do anything does she?” A third student felt that the Monarchy was “over” and said: “I guess you can kind of put an argument that, George Bush was president, and now his son is president, so I guess it’s similar  “Having heirs to the throne and things like that, I feel like those times are over ” Another simply noted: “She’s just so awesome!” “I love the way she smiles,” added an upperclassman  “She embodies dignity,” added a third. Freshman Lauren Engle, who had been on the phone all week with her mother talking about the event, explained her presence: “It’s just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity  “How many people can say they’ve seen the Queen in person.”

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  1. She does plenty. Look it up . Sigh.😔 You should be ashamed concidering you are all in school supposedly getting an education. That woman has worked her hiney off to protect the commonwealth she has even gone to war for you. And you sit on your hands having done nothing. She was younger than you during the second world war. Stop listening to the crap about the monarchy and try to find out just how much they do for you. God save me from fools maybe they deserve a toxic dump left to them and their children.😥😥😥

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