Shiroyama – The Satsuma Rebellion – Sabaton History 007 [Official]
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Shiroyama – The Satsuma Rebellion – Sabaton History 007 [Official]

August 26, 2019

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  1. In the 19th century, Japan transitioned from a feudal society to a modern constitutional monarchy shaped after its western counterparts. A constitution was introduced which made every Japanese man equal to the law. This effectively ended the privileged status of the samurai in Japan. However, many samurai didn't take this kindly. A group of them rebelled against the Imperial Government, which is what the Sabaton song Shiroyama is all about.

    The fact that we can research, film and produce this with Indy and his team is only thanks to the people who support us on Patreon. If you don't already, please do consider supporting us – which also gives you some cool rewards as well as early access to all our episodes!

  2. I work at a military antique store / museum the whole bottom level of the museum is dedicated to Japanese history we have 13 sets of armour all original and More Swords and I can blood upstairs in the museum is World War 1 and 2 and other wartime items

  3. Would love to see Sabaton do something with WH40k, if only because I think they're the only band that could do it justice.

  4. Saigo Takamori is one of my top 10 favorite Samurai .also the book called the last samurai life and battles of saigo takamori by Mark Ravina i highly recommend it a good read.

  5. Somehow this song really fits to akame ga kill…..

    Also what an epic story behind this song…..
    And one of my favorite Sabaton Songs.

  6. "Writing this my tears fall like rain, and I cannot express myself at all. Please sympathize with the sincerity of my pain." beautiful…

  7. Bushido is an almost 100% western invention back when samurai were "magical honourable swordsman who were inhumanly good and never did any wrong" this is a falsehood as humans r humans and always do good.bad.evil.great things. Other than that great video 🙂

  8. Bushi meant a warrior, Bushi do meant the way of the warrior and samurai was a medieval knight of Japan that usually protected people and the land of his or her lord for money.

  9. From what I know of Japanese language, Bushi-do would have actually meant the art of the Bushi, so it wouldn’t have necessarily just been a set of their rules, it was the entirety of what they were

  10. For anyone curious as to why he hid his master's head it was to prevent a ritual known as Namakubi which is the act of one taking the enemy leaders head as a war trophy to his own master. Had this happened, Saigo would be disgraced in death and basically all he did would've been in vain.

  11. Look, i like samurai, they seem cool.

    But thugs they definitely could be and were lol.
    For example it was incredibly common for a samurai who got a new blade, to walk alone down a road and murder the first person he met with it, to give the blade its first taste of blood. For one exsmple

    The book of 5 rings was written by Miyomoto Musashi, and while it did give guidelines for how a samurai should be. It is in no way evidence of widespread samurai morality. It wasnt law. And nobody was at all bound by anything to follow it. Thats like if the Rock wrote a "Broble" with guidelines of how all men in America should act. And then using it 400 years later as evidence of our behavior.

    During the Sengoku Jidai period, the ninja were actually far more honorable than the samurai. Samurai often betrayed their oaths and masters during that war. And the ninja honored their contracts and fought to the end even when their clients were in a position of weakness where betraying them would have been the better option.

  12. At around 10:10 you said 1877 but the English subtitles say 1887 so which is correct? Just wanted to let you know

  13. The Samurai code Said to kill a Peasant to see if their Sword was Sharp enough. If it went through the Blade was good. If it didn't then they would get a New Blade. They were Assholes

  14. While I love the song, I hate… actually, full on loathe… that Hollywood could screw up so badly making a movie which your song captured so brilliantly… it doesn't even seem possible, but there it is.

    Going in to that movie I knew enough to know that something was wrong with it, but… when I truly dug into the history of it, I began to realize the outrage behind it.

    To explain by flipping the script; it was equivalent to Japanese showrunners creating a film honoring the American civil war by representing the North as U.S. Cavalry and cowboys while depicting the South as Native Americans armed with bows and arrows all the while telling the story using a forced audience insert character in the form of a Japanese adviser to the North who'd been captured by the South and decided to fight for them…

    Meanwhile, the Sabaton song accurately portrays complex people, places, situations, and culture whilst simultaneously name dropping places and important dates and events… yet still manages to honor their memory in a meaningful, and positive manner.

    Keep up the good work guys, I hope to hear, and watch, more from you in the future.

  15. I do belive that according to the Samurai Code. You could kill a Peasant with your blade. If it was a Clean kill you had a Good blade. If it wasn't. Then you had to get A new one

  16. I think the bushido code did not have the kind of significance to the samurai described in this video.
    To my knowledge it's mostly a document of a later era that glorifies and romanticises the past, much like the code of chivalry…

  17. Офигеть, я могу слушать песни любимой группы и делать домашку по истории. Спасибо, вам ОГРОМНОЕ

  18. Guns were also used by several Clans in the Sengoko Jidai, the gun was implemented into Samurai warfare long before imperialism.

  19. It's like a Space Marines v Imperial Guard fight. No matter how glorious the Marines resist the Guard will drown them in numbers.

  20. Remember that bushido and the honor of the samurai is means essentialy glory to there lord, by our understanding of honorful if we saw the samurai we wouldn't consider then honorabl, just check out metatron's video and his livestream with Shadiversity for a understanding of the honor of samurai

  21. Satan vilken bra kanal!!! Har alltid gillat Sabaton……men det är jäkligt grymt när man får en fördjupning i historien bakom låtarna

  22. The act of Seppuku does not involve the severing of the head by another warrior, that is seen as very disrespectful.
    It does involve another warrior severing the spine at the back of the neck so the samurai does not suffer from the initial cut on his abdomen and if not done carefully can result in the severing of the head

  23. Man…that letter has all the feels on it. That's why civil wars ste terrible, you can end up fighting your neighbour or closest friend

  24. 60:1 the sword faces the gun
    9 year olds vs T-series subscribers
    Saigo committed Seppuku
    Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme

  25. I wish sabaton would actually use cultural music instruments. this would be really a great depiction not only of lore, but also of the culture those countries had/have.

  26. The only people disliking anything about history from Sabaton is because they probably just don't like hearing the truth.



    Greetings Sabaton, Thanks so much….

  28. Japan: Saigo, why are you preparing to rebel? You traitor!
    Saigo: Rebel? THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!

  29. Amusingly the Bushido code wasn't even really a thing until after the Samurai had stopped fighting for the most part. The Edo period.

  30. Just like the Jannisaries the Samurai have also expired and were nothing more than entitled dinosaurs.

    The sooner the Samurai were gone the sooner Japan would have modernised same with the Jannisaries who themselves fucked up the Ottoman Empire due to their corruption, entitlements, power and along with controlling the empire they even assasinated the sultan and other higher ups of the empire just so they can keep their entitlements.

    Both of the Jannisaries and the Samurais were deadly warriors who doubt brought so much to their respective era but they were obsolete and bringing down society with them because they themselves refused to move on.

  31. You won't fool us Indy, we all know that the Samurai were led by an American dude that looked a bit like Tom Cruise.

  32. This story is the perfect example of how you should treat the dead. You may not (and probably don't) agree with what they fought for, but you still honor them.

  33. F to the guy that had to edit the song to 10 minutes.

    Btw what's the robot looking skull on the desk? If that's a prop for a sabaton song I want to see that music video!

  34. 11:27 – 80s movie theme: HIT IT RIGHT ON HE HEAD! I know everyone’s talking about Tom Cruise for a different reason, but am I the only one who notices how the rhythm patterns and instrumentation makes this sound a lot like Highway to The Dangerzone?

  35. They had a very strange code of honour. Attacking someone who had supposedly slighted their reputation with outrageously unfair numbers was common as was stabbing or shooting an opponent in the back, poisoning and other forms of murder are also common practice. Shifting allegiances during a war happened quite often too.
    Also you kinda skipped over Perry forcing the opening up of Japan to the US through a typical act of American International Gun diplomacy, as usual to force trade which the Tokugawa Shogunate had no interest in with Japan being a unified and peaceful nation after centuries of internal conflict, Perhaps it was that act of US aggression that caused Japan to become part of the Axis.

  36. A interesting thing is, the Japs till today pay high honor to the code of Bushido and the traditionalists that follow it.
    another interesting thing is, that the Samurai faced fate simmilat to Polish Nobles, that got a lot of privilages so they could focus on multiplying the welth and mastering the art of War and Chivalry. Then, another powers saw that Nobles in Poland made theyr homeland so week that it was easy to take over with no blood shead at the beginning. Then a rebelion took place, and again, and again, and again till the Great War. (sounds similar to 19th century Japan?)
    summaring one and another Japans Bushido and Polands Chivalry Code are very simmilar. (I begin to wonder, will anyone read my comments?)

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