Should abortion be legalized? Constitutional court to decide on decades-long law criminalizing
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Should abortion be legalized? Constitutional court to decide on decades-long law criminalizing

October 23, 2019

the debate over whether abortion should
be legal is a controversial issue all over the world and here in Korea the
practice has been illegal since the mid 20th century however there’s a chance
that the Constitutional Court might overturn the country’s anti-abortion law
this week our Oh Sooyoung has more South Korea’s Constitutional Court’s
will make a landmark ruling this week on whether women should have the right to
end their pregnancies the nine-member panel will deliver its verdict on
Thursday regarding the 1953 law criminalizing women and medical workers
who carry out abortions abortion is currently illegal in Korea under the
criminal Act which imposes a maximum fine of 2 million won or a year in
prison for intentional miscarriages physicians are permitted to carry out
abortions only in the case of rape or incest or if the pregnancy could
jeopardize the mother or the baby’s health
however abortionist believed to be widely practiced behind closed doors in
Korea one in five women who experience pregnancy were found to have terminated
their pregnancies according to a survey loss at tempura in October by the
state-run Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs most of determinations
are carried out in medical clinics but a growing number of women are also
acquiring abortion pills illegally from abroad this has generated concern about
the health and safety of such procedures on top of the ongoing ethical debate
over a woman’s right to choose and the sanctity of life the issue is previously
raised at the Constitutional Court in 2012 with the judge’s ruling that the
anti-abortion law was constitutional recognizing a fetus as a separate entity
with the right to life however many in legal circles expect the panel of judges
to deliver the opposite verdict this time around six out of nine judges must
rule against the law to declare unconstitutional was young Arirang news

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  1. Depends on the circumstance
    For instance in Ireland it's legal up to 12 weeks for any reason this is not morally right as it doesn't protect the right to life of the unborn

  2. Guy: I'm going to abort my baby
    Me: That's Murder
    Guy: It's Constitutional
    Me: Oh yeah, Constitutionally Evil

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