Should I take AP English Language & Composition? | AP Language 필수인가?!
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Should I take AP English Language & Composition? | AP Language 필수인가?!

October 12, 2019

hey guys it’s Yessica here so today I’ll
be going through its AP Lang worth it? well the short answer is yes if you’re
good at taking tests like standardized exams but let me just explain a little
bit so the things that I will be covering in this video which are just
like any other ‘is it worth it’ video I’ll be going through some general
expectation for the class and how the commitment looks like and after all who
is it for who is it not for. All right let’s get right into it so the classes
are actually a lot different depending on what kind of teacher you get for AP
Lang for example if you get an easy teacher like I did then the cuss is
honestly just like any other English class that you’re gonna have for me it
felt really similar to any kind of regular English classes I’ve had before
it wasn’t anything special to be honest and like I said this whole course is
more focused on the exam itself which is really hard to kind of prepare for the
more mock exams that you’ve had the more you’re gonna be used to it so you might
be able to do better but at the same time it’s not like some of the other AP
courses where your ability to understand a difficult concept or your amount of
knowledge that you have on the subject matter in terms of how you’re gonna do
on the test however if you are getting one of those harder tougher teachers
then they’re most likely you’re gonna have to expect something of an SAT
standardized testing setting in a way because you will be having a lot of time
driving for the essay section of the exam as well as multiple-choice section
which looks really similar to SAT reading section it’s just a little
harder but at the same time your curve is gonna be much more generous on the AP
exam so even if it’s hard like I said it’s not that hard of an exam even if
you do get a harder teacher all you have to add on it’s more of like the mock
exam part that you might be having it more often overall you’re not making
that big of a commitment to this course for the most part I recommend taking it
to talk more about the commitment let’s talk about homework that you might be
having in the course so if you are getting an easy piece
then you’re most likely not gonna have that much homework unless you get into
the research paper period which most of you guys are gonna have over some topic
that you’re interested in or the topic that your teacher assigns you to make a
persuasive research argument for example I did a topic on death penalty and then
you know you take a stance or you make a qualitative argument and then go with
that but that’s honestly something you can also expect from a regular English
class so I don’t think that makes a huge difference in whether you should take
the class or not even if you are getting a harder teacher the only thing that you
have to add on to what I just explained about the research paper here yet it’s
just that you might be having more daily assignments and analyzing some stuff
some writings things like those but those should not take you hours also
it’s really easy to wing it those daily assignments it’s not as hard as what
other classes required for you to do as homework so commitment wise not so much
so the bottom line is that you don’t have to put in that much effort into
this class obviously this is coming from my personal experience as well as what I
have seen from my other friends so it is a limited perspective however compared
to so many other AP classes that I’ve taken ap Lang has been the easiest AP
cos that I’ve ever taken as well as the easiest AP exam that I’ve ever taken so
I really do not think that effort matters as to how well you’re gonna do
on the exam as well as the grade that you might be having in the class and I
English teacher actually cept I swear AP stands for answer the prompt so the
whole course and the exam included it’s really about answering the prompt and as
long as you can do that with some decent language ability you will be fine you’re
gonna do well and I am fully confident that people can make threes fours and
fives no doubt if you are considering whether to take the exam or not I highly
recommend for you to take it especially if you’ve taken the whole year course of
AP Lang I think it’s one of the easiest AP tests out there so that’s my opinion
is ap like more than I think so thank you guys so much for watching if you
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have a great day

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