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  1. dont hate on the homeless because thanks to socialism, capitalism, and satanism youll be joining them too one day when the national debt collapses and money is no good anymore. the banks are already stealing peoples money so the day is homelessness could by any day.

  2. When society see the local government tolerating lawlessness, it results in more overall crime such as seeing more spraypaint everywhere or more prostitution openly.

  3. We shouldn't criminalize homelessness and cost taxpayers more money to criminally charge and Incarcerate homeless people. I hope the U.S. Supreme Court knows that

  4. Why shouldn't they be able to sleep on the sidewalk? We are humans the elements are free. They have a God given right to sleep ANYWHERE outside.

  5. Do i have a right to stand on the street and sell crack???

    Gather them up and put them in a housing building.. oh wait i forgot thats how the PJ’s were born

  6. They are not homeless. They are lazy vagrants that choose that lifestyle. Fence off some land in the desert so trash doesn't blow around and confine the bums there. Or better yet set up a camp in newsomes neighborhood. Let that POS deal with it

  7. The nonprofits like the kind Bales runs have become completely corrupt and wasteful. He wants to build more shelters to Warehouse the homeless to the tune of $14,000 per month per bunk. Start investigating the nonprofits and how much money they're taking in for salaries versus how many people do they actually transition into permanent housing.

    Remember these shelters cost hundreds of millions of dollars to construct and run yet nobody ever ends up in permanent housing.

  8. You don't need the Supreme Court to decide that. That's a city ordinance. You just choose not to enforce it. In my town the cop says "hey get up, you can't sleep here." And they move on

  9. The students sleep in public they should be excepted in public government land and nonprofit charitable organization property

  10. According to a Standford University study it takes seven billionaires to end worldwide hunger and homelessness so tell the first seven billionaires on Forbes list to get started. Yale University and Harvard University had a similar study and the results was the same.

  11. It's called public street and side walk for a reason, take that away from a select few and everybody ends up screwed. An injustice to one is an unjustice to all.

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