Should Scalia Trade His Black Robe for a White Hood?
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Should Scalia Trade His Black Robe for a White Hood?

October 11, 2019

mike happened tony on the line with us
the attorney and host of ring of fire radio now bring up our radio dot com
website and also bring a player t_v_ sundays at noon eastern time on free
speech t_v_ and ap walking back to the program tomarrow i have a friend miami great but
i’ll get back options for you indeed okay so uh… my question is a time for antonin scalia to put down
the black robe and just our where it is white hood to after court well you know that the unfortunate thing
is what we’ve done is we’ve made some of the seed we we’ve taken the supreme court and
we’ve created this mess around the supreme court uh… when i was in that when i was in
law school as a matter of fact videos in the straps mesh i have a constitutional
law professor talking to me about the idea that supreme court decisions are not based on politics or ideology
there based on stared to sizes there based on president the best based on prior occasions that
the review in in file rule of law nothing is is clearer or should be clear
to the american public that that’s a lie that has simply is not true in this five
court that this five-member majority of the
the uh… the very conservative majority of
the supreme court has proven that to be very true listen this is a dj judge dot can you
imagine i’ve never look i read everything comes out it as i
have to tell make a living they can you imagine as supreme court
judge saying that we have to getaway do away with it that the voters written that voter that
because it all it does is perpetuates entitlements the races unni you know if you really
consider how outrageous that is you then start understanding this man is
not in jurors he’s a political use a hack he’s a political hack always has been his entire career but he’s a political
hack with the role more so we look at and we say all we have to
holing up in some crack some kind of greater honor nothing’s its it’s a shame that we haven’t seen that police f_d_r_ was willing to call the supreme court out on their bahala
texan and you know eventually when he threaten to use article three section to
to change the the composition accord to say any any justice over seventy years
old all of them in aggregate end up with one
boat in their called justice america sin and then we get to add new members to
make up for those that are missing uh… which was called back in the court
and frankly i i just read a book on this uh… does kam buddy you’re go ahead and firm from a historian you know who’s
written in the sixties fifties and sixties with who had lived through the time and been
part of the process of and he was of the opinion that had
f_d_r_ actually push that he probably could’ve won that case but what happened
was that the court when uh… in thirty seven to start a
change in our decision to go along with the even though the composition of core
hadn’t changed tom sa political well of course and they were going to
change the numbers increase the number you know if they sell was good the f_b_i_ had the courage to do that uh… and you know the unfortunate thing
here we go bomb a he’s a constitutional law professor and as a constitutional law professor
eased he’s kidding himself i don’t know if you caught his with his outrage at
uh… i still am scratching my head saying really that uh… coupling couple weeks ago
he’s in front of a crowd of bombing is a says you know what is okay if they do away with the it with with
the voting rights act because we’re going to be able to solve the problem you’re still going
to be able to vote well i didn’t hear the into that
sentence because they’re is no solution tell mhm if you take art if you take section
five out of that act in the department of justice has no teeth understand alan think of the irony this
alabama’s uppal arguing this right now two hundred and forty times they’ve had to have the voter rights act
com obvious section five they’ve had in force that against
alabama for alabama’s intent to purge voters uh… come up with i_d_ scams they were
completely bogus to redistribute name it alabama’s tried
everything joyner forty times section five has saved that state save the people in that stain given
right to vote in here we have a uh… here we have a president says you know we’re going to be okay even if we don’t
have that it’s it’s it’s people this is all this is this is the logic the that
is being already before the supreme court us that on section to gives you know people who
live in alabama standing to sue if they feel like they’ve been discriminated
against but if he is section five says that he had moved to the state has to
pre-clearance changes in law so if always action to survives then all
of our does have to do and i want to suppress the black vote or the latino
voter or any other road inverting our young people people you name it they’ve
figured out a way it’s a present selectively all they have to do is put that in a law
about a month before the election beer and they will not be time to litigate
that case the elections held they get the result they want men
whether they win or lose if they lose my blue analog it’s wiped out that’s fine without made his way to tell
a month before the next election there is for all over again johnnie knowledge so ugly about this is
we are out there and you have to get this isn’t the best example i can give
you of the fact that this is an nya di these these judges know this this
majority this conservative majority kiddies sculley elite over our birds art
thomas they know exactly what they’re doing and that the and for them to even have the the to even suggest us in dress up
like like they’re trying to find some some
real logical rational reason for doing away with it is absurd very no that in two thousand
six million twenty days of hearing by thousands of documents were reviewed
by congress in the senate and the senate you know if we go to say
we have to have this as a matter of fact you had sessions and you had shelby you know not exactly two great bastions
of liberal thinking in alabama who voted to say we need to extend this this voter rights
act two thousand six two thousand six yeah and so uh… in so that the point being
this is all a facade in until we can be honest to enough with
ourselves to where we can say look we know who do
they all are the media the the the the traditional
media trying to trying to understand by way of some ppl involve political
analysis is laughable man and so it comes down the sheer politics you have a jess khalidi a that making
macon statement after statement in you do wonder wears his white sheet yet and uh… in in course you’ve got is
handmaiden clarence thomas sitting there he’s never ask intelligent questions
since he’s taken for the court yeah and and his wife is who you at least for
many years was without the heritage foundation i don’t
know if you if you know i have ever discussed this pap on actually way of
working on a book on on the judicial review the nowhere in the constitution doesn’t
say that the supreme court has the right to strike down laws passed by congress
at thomas jefferson when in scene when my reversed radisson decided in eighteen
oh three he said all by this decision the constitutions become a thing of wax to
be bold manson of the judiciary the only two times and
the could the court is the court final court of appeals it’s pretty explicit
article three uh… and literally from the phone nos republic up until roughly the civil war for the
first eighty years the existence of the court only twice did they decide on the
constitutionality of anything the first time was eighteen oh three mob re an
acrid such uh… off firestorm uh… you know i almost used when
senator such a firestorm that they didn’t do it
again until eighteen fifty six in dred scott and that worked out really
well if i test and and it’s like i’ve got you know a
brave but they did i mean they’re literally the court was like deciding who is dog killed whose check and they
were literally the court last appeals they were an appeals court of appeals
court and and now all they do is decide
constitutionality and i am of the opinion that what this has done is
enacted has turned america from a constitutional limit and represented
democratic republic into a constitutional monarchy and the monarchs are these nine people
and white house for a liar in court for life well like a good let’s take that
wasn’t excellent point existing right on point with anybody this analyzing this
prop but if you really think about it the
only issue that this court should be talking about is constitutional it sort of been held constitutional it’s
only been written in so many different ways uh… on on so many different
levels it’s all you know it’s that the congress has as stated they bring new that date
time after time the only question is is it constitutional now the the arguments have been composed
of course and throughout the years in one form or fashion is that it’s it it
lacks it lacks equal protection like to be processed that’s been tested has been decided yeah benefiting from it says second
sentence congress all of the power to pass legislation macbeth haha good and that part of a constant mike haven’t audio uh… ring of fire
radio dot com check it out have great having you with us as our

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  1. What he should do is hang up his black robe and be placed in the dementia wing of the nursing home. That way a supreme court justice who really values justice can replace him

  2. They should make a movie about Scalia and call it the Pelican Brief 2. I hope they find him in a movie theater whacking off next to Pee Wee Herman someday.

  3. ok and my father was a draft dodger as well, and i would be too if i had to go to a stupid war like vietnam or the current wars in the middle east as well. so go fuck yourself

  4. Its gonna take another Civil War to finally put these fascists to rest.

    Maybe not forever, evil is mighty hard to beat.

    But we will win eventually.

  5. That is why Americans should no longer serve in the military. Without us serving wars will not be fought. Our government will always go into wars we don't have to fight. With out Americans to fight wars then maybe this country will no longer get into them.

  6. lol really? Americans suddenly stop serving in the military and the government is just gonna be like "well alright, I guess we just can't fight wars anymore." keep dreaming

  7. Really? Liberals are complaining about the supreme court? But they've been acquiescing with you're unconstitutional agenda for half a century.

  8. It is a myth that illegal immigrants vote. Gearge W spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to find an illegal voting problem. He only found 38 illegal voters, and most of them were American citizen felons who didn't realize they weren't allowed to vote because of their incarceration.

  9. …what the hell when did I ever unsubscribe to this channel? for like a month while I was busy I was wondering what was missing from my subscriptions feed. Now I know! Stupid youtube buttons

  10. Because running for congress has become too much of a financial burden. At this stage, most congresspeople spend about 60% of their time calling people for donations. And who has the most money? Rich people.
    and since when were rich people willing to yield special privileges they get just out of the goodness of their hearts?

    Congress is now a rich-people club and elections act as a regular membership fee excluding the congresspeople who cannot appeal to rich donors enough.

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