Should You Drill Your Bike Frame For Internal Cable Routing? | GCN Tech Clinic
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Should You Drill Your Bike Frame For Internal Cable Routing? | GCN Tech Clinic

August 27, 2019

– Back again with another
episode of the GCN tech clinic where I hope to try and solve your bike related problems
and queries and questions that you submit down there
in the comments section below or on all forms of social media using the hashtag askgcntech. Next up is Dennis Wenzel, now Dennis says hi, I plan to treat myself with
a titanium cyclocross bike, that’s a nice treat, but there’s
just one problem with it. The cables are routed externally. Do you think it’s possible to drill holes in the frame at the right positions and grind the external mounts off to convert the bike to the much neater look of internally routed cables? Thank you for all the good advice. Right Dennis, well, you could drill holes, I wouldn’t recommend it though, really. I’ve got friends who’ve
done it in the past and fingers crossed,
touch wood and all that, they’ve not had any problems but the thing is with doing that is you could well be, well risking or compromising the safety of any tubes. Instead, why don’t you run full length outer cables on that bike and take advantage really of having externally mounted cables? From my experience,
full length outer cables are either internally routed
or externally routed give you the best breaking and best
gear shifting you could get. Ultimately, don’t buy a brand new bike and start grinding or
drilling holes on it, it’s just not the done thing. Gautier Triffault is next. I do hope that I’ve said
that name correctly. Right, Gautier says
hello John and the team. I have a SRAM Red eTap groupset on my Ceepo bike and I really love it. Next summer I plan to
ride in the Alps, lucky, and therefore I’d like to install a larger cassette at the back, 11-30. Do I need to replace the
entire rear derailleur with the WiFLi medium cage one or do you have a less
expensive solution in your bag? Gautier, yes, I have a less
expensive solution in my bag. In fact, in my shopping bag on eBay when I converted a bike to a 1x set up what I decided to use
there on the rear end was a derailleur hanger extender. Bolts onto your existing
rear derailleur hanger then it drops your rear derailleur
by about two centimeters meaning you can use a
bigger range cassette. Exactly how many teeth, it depends on what rear derailleur you’ve got fitted there in the first place but I fitted it with a
Campagnolo rear derailleur that was a short caged one
and I’ve managed to fit in an 11-36 cassette on there with ease, so you’ll be good to fit an 11-30 on your bike, I’m pretty sure. And it costs about two pounds
or three pounds from eBay so it’s a very, very cheap upgrade or certainly, sort of a get
you there solution to use. Next up is DrBreezeAir. Right now the doctor has
got bit of a problem here. They’ve got a 2015 specialized
Crux with quick releases and recently bought DT
Swiss C1800 wheelset and a Shimano 105 groupset. Now DrBreeze says they
can’t, for the love of God, figure out which quick
releases to get for them. They say it should be nine
by one hundred for the front and 10 by 135 but I can’t
find such quick releases even on their own website. Right DrBreeze this one
is a breeze my friend because, basically, pop into
your local shop and tell them I want a pair of quick
releases for my road bike and they will point you to
a selection on the shelf or behind the counter
and that’s what you need. It’s just a bog standard
quick release skewer. James Williamson, got a question. James says I’ve seen people say it’s bad to stand your bike upside
down whilst doing maintenance. No one specifically says why though. Can you give any insight
into this thinking? Thanks. James, I’m one of those people and my reason being is when you turn a bike upside down nothing is logical because you don’t ride a bike upside down so every little thing
which you’re trying to do is a little bit more complicated including just the simple things like putting a wheel into the dropout. With the chain runs going in
totally different directions and looking really, really different it doesn’t make it so straightforward. As well as the fact that
you’re gonna risk scuffing up your white saddle, your white bar tape and your beautiful brake hoods there too. I just don’t like seeing people do it. You don’t ride a bike upside down so don’t fix one upside down. That’s the easiest answer
I can give you on that one. Right we’ve got another doctor now. This one is DrDan @drdanfish, not sure if it’s a veterinary
doctor, I don’t know. Either way, hi tech gurus. I’ve got a Stages Cannondale
SISL2 crank power meter. Can I transfer it to an FSA crankset? DrDan, no I’m afraid,
those Stages power units are installed at the factory
using special methods and also resins and everything to actually bond them onto the crank and they’re non-transferrable I’m afraid, so if you do want to put a new power meter onto your FSA crankset
you are gonna have to go to Stages and buy a
specifically made product. Right, the final one comes
in from Maletic Research who says my main road bike,
even back in the year 2000 when created, was
intentionally old school. Serves them well, it uses
a seven speed freewheel 12-28 on a Phil Wood hub, very nice. At the time when Maletic Research got it, they got a spare one as
well that is now in use and they can’t find new ones. What is a good source for such
antiquey parts in the USA? Right, Maletic, we all get to this stage when we’re into our old bikes and I tend to hoard
things away and stock buy and like, you know, just put them away for that rainy day, when eventually the part you’re using wears
out, you need to replace it. However, you’ve done that, which is good but now we need to find you a solution. The best thing I can
recommend to you actually is just to search on eBay, so search NOS, new old stock in the cycling category and you’ll come up with all
sorts of different things and also search without NOS too. There will be loads of people
out there watching now, I reckon mrgrumpy53 who
always comments on the videos, mrgrumpy will probably
have somewhere in the USA to recommend you having a look around too. If I was in the UK, I
would go to a website called Campyoldy, based
in Dorset in the UK. Nigel, who runs the website, pretty sure he’s gradually selling
off all of his stock but he may have something kicking around so it’s worth having a look on there. But, yeah if anyone can
help out Maletic Research do so in the comments below because we need to keep
these old beauties, I was about to say relics, we need to keep these old beauties going for longer and longer don’t we? Right, well I hope I’ve been able to help answer and solve your bike
related problem, this week. If not remember to leave it down there in the comments section and also all forms of social media
using the hashtag askgcntech. Now, remember as well
like and share this video with your mates, give it a big thumbs up, don’t forget to check out the GCN shop and now for another great video. How about my old bike that I
made modernish kind of thing? Click just down here.

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  1. You should have explained that 9×100 and 10×135 are actually the axle sizes for old style wheels that use skewers (pre-through axle) while the skewers are actually 5mm diameter which is the size of the hole in the 9 and 10mm axles respectively, that's probably why he is confused, because if he looks for 9×100 and 10×135 skewers he is not going to find any indeed…

  2. I drilled a fix gear bike frame for internal cables and it turned out fine. Maybe you can do a show on it with that paint project bike you just finished!

  3. Can a 105 crankset spindle fit into shimano mtb bottom bracket,hope you guys can help with ? Btw really good content in every video #ASKGCNTECH

  4. I do love watching this, but I find the whole it's complicated to work on a bike upside down a bit silly. Perfectly logical to not want to scuff your nice cockpit and parts, but anytime you work on any other machine, be it a car, plane, motorcycle, etc, you often work under that vehicle, or at weird angles (upside down in the front seat to get into the back of the dash. Learning how components go together upside down seems like a simple thing to ask of a budding cycling mechanic, and I'd rather flip my bike down on the side of the road while doing simple repairs than try and spend time cutting a stick to make a bike stand or something like that.

  5. I'm running a standard eTap with an 11-30 Ultegra cassette, no problems. No need for Wolftooth hanger.

  6. Seems stages you can now send in your crank for upgrading

  7. About the bike upside down. I had been riding a bike actively about 5 years before I got a maintenance stand. I was so used to upside down bike that I could not figure out how to take the wheel off in the stand.

  8. About those derailler extenders. I've got one and on my small cage 105. It now fits a 34 tooth sprocket. Runs fine;
    BUT the shifting on the smaller cogs is less crisp. Takes longer to switch. Guess it has to do with the larger distance between the guide pulley and the small cog.
    Cheap, effective but it also has limits!

  9. What about changing the cable routing to fully integrated (as it's done with all the expensive aero bikes)? Possible or not? 
    In my case it would be Di2 and disc.

  10. Hey, about that hanger extender… I work in a bike shop and i have done it many times, and even fitting 11-42t is possible, of course only oneby. TRY IT

  11. Great Q&A Jon! Answered my thought about the drilling of tubes for internal routing. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but manufacturers do create the frames to their specs and any alterations could be catastrophic, keep up the great work!

  12. Additionally, if you are having shifting problems, or trying to run a noise down, putting the bike upside down can make it near impossible to fix. Look at a bike in a normal position when turning the cranks…..even though the rear mech is helping take up the slack in the chain, there is still a slight drop in it from gravity. Turn the bike upside down, now you have the gravity drop in the chain at the "top" of the bike, between the cassette and chainring, not the chainring to rear mech. It can make it to where you will not here the noise you are trying to find, or duplicate the shift problem you are trying to figure out either.

  13. You can always find NOS parts on eBay. You can probably even find NOS freewheels. You just have to keep looking every week for hard to find parts.

  14. Appreciate the show, but where is the next episode of converting a cheap bike to a superbike? 🙂 Really looking forward to it

  15. Gautier. You’re in luck, unless your bike has a really short derailleur hangar, your short cage derailleur will handle an 11/30.

  16. For the Crux.

    Wasn’t 2015 the first of the scs wheels? If so the spacing is different. Officially you’re supposed to use an scs hub – I think it’s only hope that make aftermarket hubs and unfortunately you can now only get them in black or from Specialized themselves. I’m wondering if that’s why the bike shops aren’t able to give you a qr. That being said, it might’ve been 2016.

  17. #AskGCNTech Hi Jon, love the show: it's very useful. I have a bottom bracket problem: they seem to die on me after an unusually small amount of km. The last one lasted around 200 Km. This one was never ridden in the rain or even in dusty conditions (and kept clean), and it gave up the ghost after a couple of innocent sprints. It's still an old style square taper one, and I'm thinking to upgrade to a Hollowtech-II groupset but: am I doing something wrong here? Should I expect a little more life from an Hollowtech-II BB or should I carry a spare one alongside a couple of inner tubes in my saddle bag? Thanks a lot! Also, I'm hoping in a little more stiffness from a more modern BB, but I'd be happy for them to just last more than a few rides…

  18. Hi, my wife has a Specialized Ruby Elite Disc from 2016. The BB is 386Evo, (FSA). I was thinking of swapping it to SRAM Rival, but cannot see 386Evo specific. What can I use? This BB thing i just confusing… Also, any idea of how wide tyres it can fit? Cannot find info on it… In general, I'm looking for upgrades on this bike, and/or make it more gravel friendly 🙂 #AskGCNTech

  19. isnt 135mm MTB QR not Road QR (130)? Recall goin goofy on the crux 1 yr and resisting 142TA and making the crux 135TA (thought it was 2015, maybe 2016) saying they felt this was the way to go (Bike Radar dinged them on the bike review largely on that issue) and wouldnt you know it the next yr the bike was 142TA. -U10

  20. Installing wheels is way easier with the bike upside down. You aren't fighting gravity trying to get them to bottom out in the dropouts.

  21. #AskGCNTech hi there tech masters, I’m planing on buying a crankset power meter, and therefore swapping my ultegra R8000 52/36 from my carbon bike to my 105 bike. The 105 currently runs a 50/34 compact crankset, so what kind of adjustments or adaptation am I facing for the front derailleur and/or chain? Thanks, and keep up the good work

  22. I drilled my frame to route the cables internally and ground off the mounts etc. Looked really good, but it was made of Reynolds 501 so big solid steel tubes so no risk of weakening them. If you want I'll swap that frame with the externally routed titanium one and I'll "put up with" the external cables. 😉

  23. Drilling holes in your frame: warranty is over, you don't know the impact of the holes because you did not design the frame and you aren't a mechanical engineer. Just don't do it.

  24. I think the biggest problem with the upside done comes from mountain biking and with the suspensions, it changes the flow of the oils and can cause problems.

  25. #AskGCNtech when building a custom disc wheelset, can you use a rim brake rim on a disc hub or will the forces produced by the braking power of discs destroy the rim ?

  26. #AskGCNTech hey there. Love this channel and watch in all the languages available. I am not a very fast rider, more of a contemplative cyclist, so I find that I rarely use my 50t chainring on my FSA Omega compact. Would it make a big difference to change the big chainring to a 46t? What adjustments would I need to make? Any other solution to get a wider range of usable gears? My groupset is Tiagra 4700. It’s pretty flat and very few long descents here in Toronto.

  27. #AskGCNTech. Jon first off thanks for doing an awesome job not only entertaining but sharing your knowledge. I recently got an Canyon Endurace bike with the new 105 groupset. I love the groupset but recently I tried the electronic shifting and fell in love with it. Sadly according to the manufacture I can't upgrade to Di2 groupset since the cable holes are too small to fit the cabling/connectors through. I'm not drilling a bigger hole in the frame and don't want to go the etap route either. My question is, do you know if cutting the cables, fitting them through and then resolder it would work? Do you know any other solution?

  28. So I have a Dremel tool and I'm wondering which cutting wheel will make my frame lighter. And yeah, I'm with you on that, Jon, no drilling, no slicing, no nothing on the frame, except maybe for candy or metalflake paint. But keep the external cables and the original art of the frame.

  29. Mr. Cannings….Tried to get a 30 cassette on my Scott Foil with Red Etap by taking your advice and trying an extender from Wolf Tooth. Shifting was doo doo afterward and I had to give up the fight. Thought maybe extender was machined a bit off (bent/crooked?) although for a great company like WT that seemed unlikely. 11-28 is now my fate…

  30. 'Antiquey old relic'.
    I'm still using Shimano Uniglide cassettes and free wheels and my Hi Fi amplifier uses Vacuum Tubes.
    Even the damned Golf driver clubs on sale today want to communicate with a Zombie Smart Phone.
    Now the Control Freaks want to limit how fast your car can go.
    I like Threaded 1.37×24 TPI bottom brackets, I like round 27.2mm diameter seat posts, I like 22.2mm Quill Stems. I like 126mm rear wheels frame spacing, I like 26mm diameter Handle bars which can be adjusted for height and rotation with a single 6mm Allen key. I like the precision and speed of down tube shifter, I like 1' threaded Headsets. I like single bolt seat pin bolts, which can be adjusted with the same 6mm Allen Key.
    I like rim brakes.

  31. Is it possible to drill a bike frame to route cables internally?
    Oh wow, then folks will descend at 50-60 mph on the side of a mountain. 'Antiquey old School' External cable routing is far superior for maintenance and functioning of mechanical shifting and braking any way.
    I'm so dubious of the plastic fantastic Swiss cheese frames, forks, handlebars etc from an engineering stress riser crack propagation perspective from all these holes.

  32. #AskGCNTech Hi guys, I've recently been involved in a crash where my alloy rear wheel has been made quite out of true (around 1cm +/-), how do I know whether I need a new rim or if I can just re-true it? I have a power tap hub fitted so an entire new wheel won't be happening. Thanks, Flynn

  33. Does anyone else think that John sounds like Hol from Red Dwarf? I wouldn't be surprised to hear him say, "they're all dead, Dave. Dave, they're all dead."

  34. If I heard correctly your viewer wanted to drill into a titanium frame, good luck with that. I have tried that with 6mm titanium plate. After melting about 6 HSS drills I was half way through, gave up and used stainless steel for the job I was doing. I am sure its possible but I think specialised tools are required.

  35. #ASKGCNTECH I'm missing a screw of my Campagnolo Delta Breaks! It obviously is 3mm grub screw!
    I've looked everywhere to find one but sadly couldn't!
    So I decided to make my self one, by cutting a "normal" 3mm screw to the right length and also a gap on top of it so to imitate the 3,5 Imbus hole, which would have been there at the original.
    But still does not work!
    I'm was already tightening it 2 NM more than the original and the cable still sliped!
    What can I do?
    (Apologies for the bad writing skill)

  36. was thinking about drilling hole in my cross bike to route a stealth dropper. Rest of cables are internally routed. I have come to my senses and will route it externally. Frame is stealth black anyway don't think it will look that bad.

  37. #askGCNTech I have a cannondale caad5 2006 model , with shimano 9 speed groupset on it , even today .
    My indexing has gone wrong , after shifting on the lever, the lever makes a tap (can hear it) but isn't shifting from 12T to 13T rest all after 13T shift normally , similar it doesn't drop down from 13T to 12T , this happens both on 39T , 53T chainring !! Thank You !!

  38. @gnctech Thanks for all of the useful information. I have a question #AskGCNTech. I'm planning a new 1x build. Exact groupset TBC. However the one thing I know is that I really hate the look of most of the current road cranksets (2x and 1x). I would really love to use a set of more classic looking 144BCD track cranks like a DA 7600, omnium or MIche Pistard. I would just exchange the track ring for a Narrow wide. My issue is that I'm worried about BB compatibility and chainline. Do the adapters for press fit to threaded work ok? Even if I get it adapted will the chainline be too narrow for the rear cassette. Most likely build would be with a cube agree frame and sram 10-42 cassette. Although that is flexible.

  39. #AskGCNTech Hello Jon, I would like to know your recommendation for servicing parts that contain carbon components, e.g. Campag rear mech. Usually I would just strip down the components and degrease them in Jizer. However, I suspect this may harm carbon parts. What do you suggest?

  40. Hi guys, i have an absolute nightmare doubt. I have a 2000€ budget and can not decide between a carbon bike with 105 or an alloy with ultegra, both with disc brakes. What do you recommend? Thanks a lot, and apologies for my English.

  41. Regarding Fixing a bike upside down. I don't have a service stand, what is your recommended way of removing a rear wheel with the bike upright, without a service stand?

  42. #AskGCNTech Jon, I have a pair of giant PR-2 disc for my training wheels. The local shop says that the freewheel is wearing out and will need to be replaced soon, however giant doesn’t sell replacements. What can I do without buying new wheels? Great show.

  43. #askgcntech A bit taboo, I know, but my grandfather wants me to work on his bike and he has a triple chainring. How do I go about indexing/aligning it?

  44. wtf are you talking about… stages left side crank meters can be used with any right side as long as the spindle matches and clocks in the right position.

  45. For the last four road bikes! When I get it home I always take it to the grinder and mill off the tabs below the front fork quick release for those quick wheel changes. It always throws me off to change somebody else's wheel and find them still there…… Buy a bike grind them off!

  46. #AskGCNTech I have internally routed cabled bikes but they are external at the front before they go in to the down tube or top tube. The externally routed cables rattle against the the head tube and has started to chip the paint how can I stop this?

  47. #AskGCNTech Hi guys! I have a one year old bike. I'm planning to use it for commuting and want to fit some PERMANENT mudguards. The thing is that it doesn't have any eyelets. Can I craft a metal piece that fits onto the quick release so that I can attach them ?

  48. I think the fear of drilling holes in frames is a bit exaggerated. Obviously it should be avoided, and arguable in the case of a road bike it would rarely (if ever) be necessary, but as Jon said himself, people have drilled their frames and you don't hear of tubes exploding as a result. Furthermore, frames can break (without drilling), but rarely is it the sort of break where there is a real danger immediately presented to the rider. More often it's a case of, "I should probably stop riding that," or "is the downtube supposed to be rubbing the front wheel like that?" I drilled a single hole in my aluminum mountain bike to fit an internally routed dropper post and after a full season of riding trailers the frame is fine. All is good in moderation.

  49. I have had to modify the frame on my last 4 drop bar bikes to change the cable routing, add different braze on mounts, or drill and tap a hole on the fork crown for a light mount. I don't know why people are so scared to make small changes like these to a frame especially when it is steel or titanium. It's not like bikes don't already have holes in them so what's the problem with adding a few more with some sense and discretion applied.

  50. Hi Jon, I’m having issues with my front shifting. When shifting from the large chainring to the small chainring it snaps back under very high tension. Is there something wrong with my shifter? I've installed a new cable and have set the limiting screws but nothing seems to be fixing it… Any advice? #AskGCNTech

  51. Very disappointed in the answer about drilling frames. It is absolutely possible and no problem – how you you think bike manufacturers do it? i can assure you the rarely put reinforcement in for things like top tube holes for brake cables. I recently did it on a cinelli mash track frame. I want a rear brake ( sorry fixie aficionados) as i am going to run a freewheel. I bought some venge brake cable stops from bike24 for about 6 euro each.I drew a template of the underside of these and then tried it out on a bit of plastic pipe before drilling the frame. Whilst a little nerve wracking, it was pretty easy by drilling small holes and then completing the required shape with some needle files. I put some lacquer to seal the paint, drilled a 3mm hole for the small fixer screws and it looks amazing. I also drilled out the rear bridge so i can fit the rear brakes. This was pretty easy! 6mm on one side and 8mm on the other. I then used steel reinforced epoxy (6 quid from halfords) to beef up the bridge by filling up the inner cavity. I made a couple of carbon brackets for extra strength by buying a sheet of 2mm thick carbon fibre sheet and bolted this on with the brakes. Again, looks really good and is absolutely bomb proof. GCN don’t want you to take them to court but i’m really happy with my project and it’s made the bike way more special to me. Go for it… at your own risk :j

  52. Does applying degreaser in the cogs without removing it from the hub body affects the bearings of the hub? #AskGCNTech

  53. #askgcntech assuming the limit screws and tension are set properly so the chain doesn't fall off is there any reason that 3x shifters and fd (sora model) could not be used with a 2x crankset? Thank you!

  54. #AskGCNTech can I spray paint my carbon bike frame? If yes, is it necessary to remove the initial paint on it?

  55. #AskGCNTech hi guys – I'm after a bit of advice please – am considering investing in a new ride but can't stretch to DI2 which i would dearly love. The new ride would come with mechanical ultegra disc groupset – could i easily upgrade to DI2 at a later date assuming i can actually save for the new components – love the show and keep up the good work 👍👍👍

  56. Hi GCN! I just purchased a used Zipp 404 and 808 from a friend. After installing on my bike I did a few turns of the crank to make sure everything was smooth and felt a substantial vibration almost like the wheel is out of balance. With deep section wheels do I need to balance the wheel to remove the vibration or once I get on the road is it something I won't even notice? #AskGCNTech

  57. I have drilled a hole in my mountainbike frame to run a stealth routed dropper seat post. Having done that I would NOT drill a road/cyclocross frame just because the material is so much thinner and they aren't so over-built compared to mtb products.

  58. #AskGCNTech Can I use my carbon bike on a direct drive trainer without risking the safety of the frame? My trainer is Elite Turbo Muin B+ (Fluid, not app controlled)

  59. #AskGCNTech What's the difference between road calipers and mtb calipers? I have Force cx1 hydraulic brake in a gravel bike that I use off-road and I'm not very happy with the brake performance, Could I replace the calipers for a sram MTB pair like a code R?

  60. #askgcntech Hi gcn, I’m swapping my Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels over to my 10spd campagnolo veloce bike, got the new freehub installed, how can I tell if it needs a spacer on before I install the cassette?

  61. #askgcntech changing down front ring from big to small under load is causing chain to come off, time for a new chain or derailleur adjustment? A quick back pedal seems to sort it thankfully, so not a full off (or indeed a fall off!)

  62. #AskGCNTech Early 9 speed Campag cassettes (pre 2000) have 26mm lockrings. Is it possible to change the cassette body to later 10 speed (or any alternative really) that has a more standard 27mm lockring? Also where did you get a 11-36 tooth Campag cassette? The biggest I have found is a Miche 12-29. Cheers Dave

  63. #AskGCNTech Is there any new silver wheelsets still selling nowadays. Can't find one for the build. Cheers Eric

  64. I ordered from china some terminals for internal cable routing. I'm going to drill my aluminium frame when they arrive

  65. Maybe I'm confused, Maletic, but I found a huge variety of brand new 7 speed freewheels on Amazon for under $20 bucks. Google 7 speed freewheel 12-28.

  66. When I redid my Walmart extra bike at the time (gravel/tour bike) I drilled and grinded my frame for internal cable routing and haven't had any problems. Everyone online says that it is bad and not to do it but I would suggest that you do what I did and drill about an 1" to 2" a way from any welds. It all depends on the price of your frame and the little risk you want to involve in drilling your frame.

  67. Thanks John for answering my question. Adding a hanger extender, do I need to get a longer chain? thanks again.

  68. Hey John I have been having a problem with my front derailleur where when I shift the cable kind of flops around for a few seconds and sounds like its grinding and then will shift into the bigger sprocket. What can I do to fix this or is this just me shifting improperly? Thanks

  69. #askgcntech when choosing gear ratios and chainrings, what % difference in the GI is a noticeable and beneficial change on the low and high end?

  70. The derailleur extender works but you will need a longer chain. Problem there is you have issues when using 11 sprocket on the small ring the chain is too long and the bigger sprocket (30/32) on the big ring does not work with the shorter chain. Tried the same thing and it just does not work as it was made to. Better buy the wifli and sell the old shirt cage on eBay

  71. Yes, then ride reeaallyyy hard and fast, down the steeeepest hill, annnnd call me in da morn. If the body cast allows such movement.

  72. #AskGCNTech
    Hello! GCN Binge watcher here. Brake Question. I Love my CAAD12 frame but for the life of me I can not get my rear caliper to feel snappy. tried cleaning/lubing the calipers and have all the right stops on the internally routed line, and yet, my brakes feel mushy. They stop with a bit tighter of a pull, but mushy non the less. Can you help make my rear calipers clap like a walrus?

  73. #AskGCNTech got an old orange crush frame, but can't work out how to attach the cables as there are only pop rivets along the frame where I thought the cable should run any ideas ??

  74. Hi Jon , I have a triban 500 gravel touring bike with Shimano Sora groupset and aluminium 6061 alloy .However it has external cable routing . Can I drill the frame for an internal cable routing . Will it be
    Good for my frame?
    Thank you #AskGCNTech

  75. I've done it.
    I'm just not a sissy !
    Back in the 70's we drilled EVERYTHING. Cranks, brakehandles, stearing column, saddlepost, chainrings, rear derallieur and everything else.

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