Sickest backyard festival & giveaway announcement! | Vlog 32³
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Sickest backyard festival & giveaway announcement! | Vlog 32³

August 25, 2019

Hello, what’s going on? we are about to walk in to Lerkendal stadium they are playing against Maribor and we are going to shoot some penalities me VS Pellergrino it will be exciting we’ll see how it goes this shirt was a bit too small I think I have gotten fatter during this summer but except from that, everything is good this is going to be exciting we’re almost ready what an exciting start off the week I hope that Rosenborg will beat Maribor and I hope that I will beat Pellegrino losing on home ground really sucks I have a lot to lose Pellegrino has nothing to worry about maybe I’ll have to offer some money for the victory let’s og penalities! I am nervous you would probably like to know my heartbeat that was important it was really important 2-1 to Rosenborg Johannes won and Rosenborg will probably win as well they will move on to Europa League then they have some more matches to win before they’ll get to Champions League this is good did they win? yes, they did me and Rosenborg 3-1 to Rosenborg we left the stadium two minutes before the match was over I am going to pick up a table for my house therefore we had to leave this day had been really good Rosenborg are doing great you should go and see them play on this Wednesday they will keep fighting towards Champions League that’s good I have shown all of you that I am very good at penalities I think I should help Rosenborg with their penalities I think so too I am just kidding anyways, it was a lot of fun I am going home to relax because tomorrow I am going for a three hours run let’s get the week started and you are probably excited to see the winners of the giveaway let’s go! as you may hear the bar is getting empty and the festival is happening behind here let’s go and take a look I think Ola is playing now as well let’s go behind and take a look *Stabek is where the cool people are* this is where it’s happening clearly, this is where the cool people are the festival keeps going if you can hear me we are enjoying it OK|EY festival is the highlight of the summer hopefully, this will be a tradition and it will the best garden festival every hosted at least the best garden festival I’ve been to the superstar is standing on the stage Hello Pernille hello Johannes now I am going to dance let’s call it a day the festival is over for this year we didn’t say much about the festival the reason why I wanted to have a festival was because I just turned 18 and I don’t usually get to celebrate my birthday because it’s during the vacation therefore I had a festival for family and friends we were so lucky to have such good sponsors Isklar, Bama and United Bakeries have been some of our sponsors expoline and some others it looks normal again let’s see a throwback from yesterday we had a really nice evening there are a lot of things to clean up but it was worth it let’s move on to Johannes we promised to announce the winners of the giveaway today let’s move on to Johannes this looks good the flagpole is painted that was my goal for this week everything is perfect now it looks perfect not everyone is so lucky to have blueberries in their garden not everyone have a where did it go? a frog hello frog we are going to pick some blueberries you don’t have so many either they are so tiny we are picking some blueberries I can see two blueberries hey guys it’s Sunday most of you are probably wondering who the winners are we have already picked out the winners I have answered six people comments on Youtube six of you have got an answer from me and those are the winners I hope that the six winners will be happy for their gifts we’ll announce the winners right here I just want to say that yesterday I was on the coolest festival ever OK|EY festival was crazy I am so glad that it turned out just like he wanted it to be I hope that it will become a tradition and hopefully there will be Space for more people it would be so cool maybe we must have it here next year I hope that all of you have had an amazing week I haven’t been feeling so good actually I haven’t trained so much because I have been tired I will be back training tomorrow a new week is coming up you will see this on Monday the Monday will soon be over the worst day of the week I am not the biggest fan of Monday but it’s really good to be done with it I hope you have had an amazing week see you next week I am not sure what we are going to do just kidding, Toppidrettsveka is coming up soon I will be ready for it congrats to the winners of the giveaway six people have been so lucky to recieve each gift from me it’s important that the winners will Message me their email-adress so I will be able to send you the gifts if you do that, you will get your gift and the winners will get a big surprise see you next week

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  1. DEAR JOHANNES!!! DEAR NORWEGIANS!!! SOS!!! Please tell the whole world about the construction of a giant landfill in the Arkhangelsk region. An environmental disaster in northern Russia could affect the countries of Scandinavia.

  2. Very impressive penalty skills! Having previously lived in the same neighborhood as the family and parents of Kenneth Storvik (previous Championships winner with foortball/soccer teams like Viking, Malmø, Helsingborg and Rosenborg – plus some matches for the Norwegian national team) I have had the pleasure of witnessing quite a few practice free kicks and penalty kicks on a local field, when he came back to Bergen to visit his mother and father (his father has now passed). To see him on everything from Christmas Eve to First day of Easter set up his cones to run around with the ball, his hurdles to jump over and him taking free kicks from all over the field and penalty kicks, gave me an insight into what discipline and commitment it takes to be a top athlete. Rain or heat, snow or hail, he was there doing his programme. But where he was done in about an hour, Johannes Høstflot Klæbo goes on for 3-4 times longer, and twice a day, instead of "just" the once. Which is why I have even more respect for his effort and discipline – but which perhaps also explain why he is multiple Olympic champion, World Champion and World Cup Winner, and not "just" part of championships winning teams in Scandinavia. Don`t get me wrong! 4+ championships in 3 different Scandinavian countries is no small achievement. But it would have taken multiple Champions League, or World Cup, wins to place him in the same category as Johannes Høstflot Klæbo.

    Great also to see Ola on screen again! I seriously think he has got a presence which can match anyone from Alexander Rybak to Leonardo DiCaprio, both of which have an amazing stage and screen presence. Not that Johannes` is bad either – in fact he has extremely good pesence (just check out his latest commercial for Spar, the water skiing one). But Ola has that certain X-factor which is impossible to explain or define, but which is very easy to see when it is there. Where most people are like 25 watt to 40 watt light-bulbs, people like Johannes is a clear 60 watt in comparison. But the rare ones, the Alexander Rybaks, Leonardo DiCaprios, Ben Adams` (of A1) and more, like Ola, are 100 watt light-bulbs.

  3. Lika bra vlogg som vanligt!!❤️❤️ tack för att jag fick vara en av dem som vann, jag är superlycklig😭😭❤️

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    6venstrepolitikk og 6masseinnvandringen (som 6promoteres i 6media), 6transformerer 6Europa og 6erstatter det 6opprinnelige 6europeiske 6folket med 6arabere og 6afrikanere. MER6INFO:

  5. Du trenger ikke å loggføre og beskrive hver eneste ting du gjør. Du kan gjøre vanlig menneskelige ting og filme tredjeperson

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