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Simple compositions, landscape photography with new friends Wildcamptography

October 8, 2019

we’re doing well I mean mama beer which
is a bay in the south coast of Pembrokeshire I’m not alone I’ve
actually met up with a load of guys off a you see in the background off a
Facebook group which I follow we’re following it but while never met up with
him before wall can’t pop photography they’re called so I’ll put a link in the
bottom of the video if you if you’re interested in wall camping and landscape
photography you based in the UK or you’re visited in the UK jump over to
their Facebook group they’re really nice bunch of guys and we’ve just come met up
now and I’ll just picture 10 and they come down to the man a beer beach but
actually pitched the tent to the other side are there so we’ve got quite a walk
and it’s startin go dark now we’re frantically just waited it when we got
it was raining and and we know that soon as the rain stops there’s only forecast
the last of our half an hour soon as it stopped the sky was gonna lights of
amazing so we knew we were going to get a really nice sunset and it’s it’s been
absolutely fantastic there’s some surfers bobbing around in the water over
there so while we were waiting sort the tide to settle down a little bit and to
make its mind of whether it was coming or what wait for it to come in as far as
it was likely to we’re always photographing these to the surface
falling off the board so hey you know what to do while you’re waiting for the
tide to do it doing yes been a really really really nice even I mean obviously
get to meet these guys in turn ournament before the landscape photography is
fantastic for bringing people together and it you know everybody’s got this
common interest with Normie talk though they’re all in their tents as well so
it’s going to be a good laugh and it’s not really a wild camp yes we’re in a
whi H a campsite and it’s got a bar and everything so it’s gonna be a really
really fun night and obviously then were you gonna meet up for sunrise in the
morning and find another spot but yeah Pembrokeshire is absolutely fantastic
for sunset locations so I’ve been to mana beer before and it’s a really
really op you visiting South way also you come into Pembroke shade do check
out mana beer it’s just just underneath the water there’s
this beautiful green when we got here actually before it started raining
there’s a beautiful green box bright bright green moss and that would
have made an amazing program but obviously we knew the tide was coming in
it was raining so I just sat in out of coffee
took me waterproofs I embraced it lately but it’s been really really good fun
hanging out with these guys and just waiting for the tide to soften because
you’ve got to be safe obviously we were climbing these rocks here there’s a
lovely going around there we wanted to climb over them rocks to see what four
grounds we’d get but obviously not knowing what the tie was gonna do we
really have to make sure we were going to be safe so we kind of came back
bottled it a little bit and just sort waited for the year for the toys to
settle down don’t think it’s coming any further now I’ve got wet very wet feet
humping caught a few times I’ve got some really nice photographs I think of this
rock in the foreground here I just had the camera set the with the 12 mil
summit samyang lens which is an 18 million and I’ve just had that focus on
about a meter in front of me f/8 or then it went down to about 5.6 because the
light went a bit low I put me ISO up a little bit I think – sighs Oh 320 but
yeah just add the nd the point six grad on the sky there just the balance of
exposure and I was going for about a one second exposure just because I wanted
between a one and of one and a half second exposure because I wanted the
movement and the water I was waiting for the lines wait for the waves to come in
over me feet and legs so commit to death and then when it retreated it left these
amazing details in the in the rocks underneath and there’s a lot of
movements in the water so it’s really really good for getting them nice really
detailed lines so yeah hopefully I’ve punched in make make sure that
everything’s in in focus so it should be really really nice images so I was a nd8
mist the nd8 filter which I didn’t need at the end actually because it went dark
really quickly yeah just just to make sure that I had a
one second exposure oh yeah so cited at one is a wall and you then went up to
three three twenty and as it as it got darker but yeah it’s been a really
really nice watching these guys fall off a surfboard as well absolutely brilliant
more than evening so we got a head back now and we’re going to go back over to
the campsite and they get some dinner on and chill out a bit I don’t think
there’s gonna be an astrophotography the moon is pretty much full and it’s cloudy
as anything but it’s been really good looking forward if there’s sunrise is as
good as this we’re gonna have an amazing sunrise oh yeah what an amazing place are you sure now the good morning we are
down apparently this place is called priciple a bit like Mississippi but
Priscilla Bay in Pembrokeshire and mana BIA Army bucks just just literally up
there it’s a no driving fly in this morning sadly but we’ve come down the
6.7 of us this morning all camped in the camps are just there has been really
really nice calm night no winds a bit cold but it was alright really really
nice so we’ve come down to this Bay this morning on the promise that it’s you
know the weather forecast looks absolutely credible we’ve got the
sunsets completely the wrong sorry it sunrise is completely the wrong
direction but we’ve got a nice level of medium and high high level clouds so it
should catch the Scott the the sudden rise this morning so yeah really quite
excited about this yeah it’s gonna be really nice morning it’s really really
simply get down it’s just gonna wait for a few of the other guys to come down
that that rock for up front they’re flipping lethal but you’re going to a
half an hour before sunrise so gonna wander around see what compositions to
get there’s some really really fast moving water and there’s lots of rocks
in the foreground just here so I’m thinking what’s gonna be important in
the photograph is the is the movement in that in the water just to get some nice
lines and stuff like that obviously we’re not shooting into the Sun Rise so
hopefully it’s just going to be a case of really nice intimate simple
composition with the rocks in the foreground but we’ve got a half an hour
for sunrise so I’m gonna get the coffee on chill out everyone around try not to
spoil all this amazing sound that the see is just there for toys on its way
out now as well so they’ve hit at half an hour we might’ve even lost the rope
or hips go around their rocks but yeah we’re gonna check wait these guys so I
see in a second boy so believe it or not it’s actually
sunrise and I wouldn’t say we’ve disappointed but there is no color in
the sky but there was a tiny tiny bit that’s cloudy gone so soon as I walked
past 8:00 it’s now Tamas it it’s 20 past 8:00 so we should have a
lot more current the sky that would get invert there is this amazing rock which
the water luckily the tide hasn’t gone out too much so we’re able to use this
rock this great big single rock on its own as a really nice foreground
I know I’ve noticed with my photography over the last couple of months that the
image is up like more have been a really simple ones even with landscape
photographer or street photography and so basically with all these amazing
rocks around they all make really really nice foreground gone for one single
element just to keep a very very simple image I’ve actually turned the camera
into square mode as well so you can actually see a nice simple
straightforward composition just have the very prominent crop in the bottom
but the horizon isn’t quite in the top third because I wanted the bottom part
of the picture to have this lovely motionless amazing motion in the water
so about a two-second exposure just to make sure they’ll get the noise the
streaks of water as it as the tired of recedes back past that rock so the
important aspect to the photograph for me it wasn’t so much depth of field but
it wasn’t anything other than making sure I could have a two-second shutter
so I was on FA two seconds I so about 160 and only had a point 6 grad on and
the Polaroids are the polar voices because it’s really really wet sound
than that it really cut through the water that was blistering on top of the
red wet Sun it made an amass of difference than polarized as it rotated
that you could see how much the polarizer was cutting through to give
you the nice clear sound so yeah really nice if he’s dead dead straightforward
and I say shooting square just so I can see how simple the image was going to be
but yeah I think it’s come out noise so won’t that mean there’s quite it’s
difficult because the tides going out now so like we’ve gotta wait probably
another 10 minutes to see what the tides do and see what other rocks are under
the water and we’ll move the movie cameras forward but yeah so far so good this is turning out to be an absolute
belter good morning we’ve given it five minutes waited for the for the tide to
go out a little bit more just to see which rocks are going to be available
next and we found another Rock and I’ve gone to portrait orientation now because
I really want to get amazingly D lines going up to the rock in the background
so I actually got this rock here and I’m actually got the camera right down here
and waiting for the tide The Kooks or come past me and as it were the
two-second exposure the lip the leading lines that it pointed up to that rockso
the rock is my top third bang in the middle and all these lines are the
two-second exposure and with the contrast that’s coming off the polarizer
as well and say I’ve still got my point six grad on this for the sky just to
darken the sky down a little bit but the the leading lines as the water caught
you see it coming here as the water with the toys actually got out now but as
that as that as the water was going past here we were I mean the tide was
literally coming probably about 3 meters further where we where we are now so
yeah every now and again we get a free wave just comes right up to about here
and as it goes backward I just I’ve got my cable release and I’m just
come right past me and then locking it off like it is now and then the movement
of the war to go and back past that rock is absolutely fantastic but earlier it
was coming right up to here so we’re these really strongly aligned so I was
really really pleased with the photographs yeah so sir okay like a
really really good shoe this morning I can’t actually believe it or the way i
meanwe also should be saying this it’s actually started raining unbelievable
it’s really really cool we’ve lost all the rocks to foreground so I’ve dude I
mean the cameras getting soaked so I’ve got to clap over the camera to stop
again but there’s a still really really nice movement in the water so I’m
convinced a bit a bit arty again I suppose but the sky’s epic because
obviously there’s a storm coming but with a really long exposure again just
having the motion in the water some really Louis leading lines of the water
so I’ve gone from I’ve tried a couple of exposures two seconds and three seconds
just to see me go to the the best result I really like it but it’s just a shame
that though it’s literally started tipping it down wasn’t forecast at all
can’t believe it yeah so got to take shelter everybody’s making a run for it the sky is little fantastic few of the
guys are actually gone back to get the bacon rolls and stuff like that but
we’ve we we embrace the rain we hung it out and now we’ve rewarded for this
gorgeous color in the sky we found a fantastic composition the
only frustrating thing and it’s really frustrating us is the tide is so
unpredictable it sort of goes right out and you think oh I see it the tides go
stayin out sort of thing and then every couple of minutes it comes shooting back
in again so we can’t even sort of follow the tide out safely because I’ve gear
would just get trashed so waiting really patiently while they’re waiting
patiently I’m not patient at all by this composition waiting for the wait for the
tide and I’ve got we’ve got the cameras port rate and one and a half seconds
exposure and the compositions fantastic they’ve got this tiny little rock which
leads up this great big rock which with in the portrait orientation you get
you’ll eventually when the what water does come in you’ll get these amazing
lines going up to the rocks and the detail and the colors and the clouds and
there is its light reflection as well in the foreground as well so if it does
pull off it will be an amazing image well then we’re gonna head back and get
the bacon sandwiches go in with fur we’ve had a fantastic morning it’s been
really really good a bit challenging with the water constantly shifted to the
sea and the tide was going back so so fast it was it was quite a challenge to
sort of anticipate composition get your settings right get your filters right
and wait for the road and you pretty much had one or two opportunities to get
the photograph right so yeah really really nice mixture between portrait and
landscape focus I was mainly using I fact I think I was always using my ears
samyang 12 mil so I was about 18 mil the whole time yeah but really really got
some nice I was looking for making sure that every conversation I had was very
simple and then with the two-second exposure just using the leading lines
going up to the up to the object up to the subjects but there was some amazing
clouds the sky did have a little bit of colour towards the end so hopefully be
able to pull that out in the in lightroom but yeah it’s been really
really fun morning and it’s a shame a couple of the guys school didn’t
actually make it down they did start walking was they know whether they got
lost to walk but yeah they didn’t actually make it down as far as here but
he over missed out on a really really good morning so I hope you enjoyed the
video and bit hectic and obviously because we come out with a group of lads
it’s just nice to sit around chatting other laughs tour thing so yeah
difficult to talk to the camera so much but really really enjoy it’s gone
extremely bright now it’s about half-past nine so the sun’s broke
through the clouds we’ve got blue skies over there ripped everything yeah Suns
kind of in the wrong place but yeah it’s been a really good morning I hope you’ve
enjoyed the photography and if you haven’t already subscribed please hit
the subscribe button I would appreciate that and hit the like button as well
drop a comment let me know what you think of the photographs and I look
forward to seeing you again thanks so much for watching take care see you
again you

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