SmartParts SP104WM 10.4″ Digital Picture Frame
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SmartParts SP104WM 10.4″ Digital Picture Frame

October 15, 2019

Hey, look at this, we’ve got a really really nice high resolution large screen digital photo frame for you here from the folks at SmartParts, and this is a really really nice frame. It’s got a nice sort of wood finish around the outside, it’s 10.4 inches, it’s got 800 by 600, resolution which is a very very high resolution for a digital picture frame actually, and it goes beyond just doing pictures. It’ll do MP3 files, it’ll play your videos, it will allow you to do like stuff like this, what I have going on right here. This is the Multi Picture Display Mode, you can show more than one photo, at a time if you’d like to, of course it’s very easy to set-up how you want to show your pictures that’s because it comes with this remote as well. Which will allow you to browse through your photos, set-up your slideshows, all from, you know, sitting comfortably in your chair, rather than futzing around at the side of the digital photo frame. But let me go ahead and show you how this works really quick. It’s very easy to get around, there’s a main menu system right here, that will show you… Give you thumbnails of all the photos that are built in. Now as you can see right here it does have internal memory and it does have 128 MB if internal memory built in, you can also use a USB memory stick to load photos onto the device as well, compact flash cards are accepted, and all of your smaller format cards, are accepted in this as well. So it will do music. Let me show you how this music thing works here. When we go to the menu, you browse down to this menu on the side here, and this… This should be your music files, we actually don’t have music files loaded on here but I do have some video loaded on. So you go ahead and hit “Enter” and when you hit “Play”, you’ll see that the video starts playing right there on the screen you can load up any videos that you want to, right on to this frame right here. And you can see, there’s our buddy Albert right there. Loaded up on the SD card. So it’s really easy to load up all your videos, it’s really easy to load up all your music, and it looks good sounds good. The speakers are actually pretty loud on this device as well. So you’re going to be able to hear whatever you’re watching around the whole room. So, any of your home movies that you have, maybe you record home movies to one of those SD camcorders. You’ll be able to pop that thing out, put it right into the frame, and be able to watch those movies on the frame, automatically. The set up options… It does allow you to adjust contrast and brightness, let me go ahead and show you, if we go to the, picture menu here. Right up here. Now there are… There we go. Now you can set up all of your various settings in this thing, you just push the “Setup” button on your remote and as you can see you can tweak the settings there we go, right here… It’s difficult because I’m so close to it. But you can adjust all your brightness, all you contrast, all your color settings, right here on the screen, and, there are a multitude of set up options inside the menu system here. But if you go down to the Settings Menu, which is located right here, enter into “Settings” and this is where you can set up your Multi Display Mode, you can set up your different slide show transitions, the display image size, if you want it to be letterbox. So this does have a lot of setup options in it, is a rather high end digital photo frame that you’re going to find, right here, from the people at SmartParts. So this is a really solid frame. Nice big screen, 10.4 inches, it’s got a nice natural looking wood frame around it, does MP3’s, does your videos, does your photos, has a remote control, and of course it does have that nice 800 by 600 resolution. Let me go ahead and show you where all the buttons and slots are. You can control all of the functions on this frame, from the side as well, you don’t have to use a remote control, you can get in right here. You have your “Power” switch and your navigational buttons right here. On this side, you’re going to find all of your slots. There’s lots of different slots on this thing. Lots of different ways to hook up this to your pictures. You have a USB, you can put your USB memory card right there. You can hook it up through a direct connection to your PC, and load up the internal memory that way. You also have your small format card, the SD, the MMC, the memory stick right here, and a compact flash reader, on here as well. So you’ll be able to read all of your photos, of your compact flash. On the back you’re going to find that the frame is wall mountable. It does have mounting points, for putting it on the wall, and this stand here does rotate, into a landscape or a portrait position as well. So you can use it… You can orient it however you’d like, when you’re using it. So, it’s easy to configure, nice big screen, and a very very nice resolution on this, 10.4 inches, and a solid digital picture frame. Go check it out. To get more information on this SmartParts 10.4 inch digital picture frame, with 800 by 600 resolution, go to any of the retailers you see listed here, and type in W222-1034. For Computer TV I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  1. stop asking them to stop making this videos, you guys forget this is a channel from TigerDirect & CompUSA to sell their products…

  2. They are not pointless. they are ideal for people who do a lot of digital photography. The point of them is… to "see" pictures that will never be seen again revolving on a screen. As for the music and home movies,sound,etc,etc.?? I agree… pointless,not needed. Again ..Stills that will be lost forever… a great/simple way to show them…. i think they should also be
    very large if you're going to spend the coin.

  3. People love to have millions of pictures in their phones, watch them for 2 seconds , and that's it, I went to Europe with my mom for 40 days took lots of pictures and save them on the digital frame, amazing, you see the pictures and relive the memories each time, even pictures that are not that great help relive the moments…

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