Solo Piano  – The Happy Song – Greg Ryan (Original Composition)
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Solo Piano – The Happy Song – Greg Ryan (Original Composition)

August 27, 2019

Hello, I’m back with another original piano
song today. This one is a more recent composition, it’s called the Happy Song, which is a working
title, if you hadn’t guessed. It’s just based on a riff I came up with while I was improvising
and I kind of thought, wow that’s really happy. I’m so used to composing sad riffs and sad
songs I thought it would be really good if I could take advantage of this and write a
song which is actually happy, make a whole song out of it. Thats exactly what I did and
that became the Happy Song. So that’s what I’m going to be playing today. The other thing
people have been asking me is where you can buy the music that I’m playing in these videos
and the answer to that is, if you click the link here, this side of the video thats either
scrolling neatly across the screen or hidden in a little tab, you can click through to
my website and buy Scribblings which is my solo piano album and contains ten original
compositions by me. You can also buy the sheet music to the Happy song which I’m going to
play now. So that’s two things you can buy on the website. That’s the plug over. I’m
going to play some piano music now. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Lovely composition, good use of range on the piano and I like how the intro feels slightly sad before hitting the main riff that definitely sounds happy. Great work on this, and I think you should check Ludovico Einaudi's I Giorni album as its similar to your style in this piece. Amazing work Greg! You inspire me! 😀

  2. Hi my friend, I'm from Brazil and I love your videos, I always watch them, you have a beautiful talent, congratulations.

  3. i just can't describe how amazing it is!!! when i am listening this i think about only positive things…))) it is very hard to explane my feelings)

  4. Hey my friend do you have one great talent. I am from Brazil and appreciate yours songs, very beautiful and amazing. Continue to make your great job.

  5. Hey! I'm from Argentina, i found your Chanel recently and i'm amazed with your talent, please keep making new songs!!

  6. wow! it is so refreshing…loved it Ryan…i was quite upset for some reason and the music u played has really made me calm down and feeling good now..Thank you…

  7. this is so incredible. How are you not playing in the world's biggest concert halls yet??? absolutely mesmerizing ♥️

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