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Sony A7iii – Best Full Frame lenses to buy

October 25, 2019

a few months ago I made a video talking
about the Sony a7 3 and which lenses I use for it well since then I’ve changed
around might use a little bit perfected it if you will trim the fat göran of
what I’m not using and added a couple of things back into so I want to use this
video to talk to you about which full-frame lenses I use maybe which ones
you want to consider using and why use them their purposes what they’re used
for if there’s any negatives involved with those lenses and which potential
lenses I could have got instead of those ones but opted for these ones instead so
let’s talk about it so each one of these lenses has their
own specific use I use every single one on a regular basis if I didn’t I’d end
up selling it why bother holding on to something that you’re not going to use
it can give you money and you could put towards other stuff a quick recap of who
I am and what I shoot if you’re new to my channel and you have no idea if you
are new to my channel as well welcome it’s good to have you
I shoot weddings a little bit of commercial stuff some small business
things travel films family shorts that I do for myself a lot of martial art
events my Thai boxing anime that kind of stuff some basic vlog in and of course
YouTube videos talking head segments whatever these are called
I don’t know but stuff content for YouTube so that is what I shoot and what
use these lenses for so if you shoot stuff similar to that then this might be
of use to you also it’s getting really dark let’s brighten up a little bit
there we go let me preface this by telling you something that you probably
already know if you start to look at Sony for friend lenses they ain’t cheap
before I bought all these lenses I did a ton of research like any normal person
now before you buy something you don’t just go to the shop and buy it you go
online that you read articles you read reviews you watch videos you absolutely
research the ship a bit because that’s how we buy stuff now in 2018 so I wait
up a lot of the pros and the cons to spending more money to getting different
quality glass or better quality glass or different features compared to saving a
little bit money and maybe not getting quite the same quality quite the same
features so I’m always looking to spend less but get the same quality features
or as close to the same quality as features as I can without having to
spend any more if that makes sense I’m sure you’re all in the same boat as
I am now also I am talking about basics here just using these lenses in a basic
form I’m not doing pixel peeping reviews or anything like that so if you are
looking for that and sorry head back up to the search bar and maybe search
someone else there’s a lot of people that do good stuff like that
just not me alright let’s get started so I’ve got to swap the lenses out quickly
because the first lens I’m going to talk about is the one I use all the time and
I’m filming on it right now so let’s swap to that right now the Sony
1635 F for I use this for a lot of different things but the main thing that
I use is for is when I’m on a gilmore stabilizer I don’t wish
nice and wide when I want to gimble so I can go all the way to 16 for super wide
and you can go into 24 even if you want to go to 35 you can do that with this it
gives you the flexibility to go between I also use this lens for document in the
day and for vlogging so if I’m using the lens and pointing at something and talk
into the microphone vlog in 16 is really really nice wide field of view for
vlogging all of the videos I shoot like this apart from this one because I have
the lens right here I’m using me 55 right now
but I use this for all of my youtube videos I like to have it nice and wide
sometimes it’s 16 sometimes a little bit closer at 24 YouTube videos and for
talking hood stuff that works really good another great use for this lens
it’s a run-and-gun photo lens if you’re out about any one lens for the day this
is the one you want to take with you if you shoot an architecture landscapes
pretty much anything wide which is a lot of what I like to shoot 1635 at 16
everything is super wide and everything looks really nice those landscape shots
and looking up at buildings that kind of stuff at 16 perfect lens for this and of
course for port traits are 35 to 35 is a very natural-looking length popular
length for portrait photography if you’re out about street photography that
kind of thing this lens gets that too I call it the everything lens before
because you can use it for everything there is no limit to what you can use
this lens for put on your camera take out for the day and it will cover
everything you needed to cover em all it’s the everything lens I can guarantee
you if I’m traveling if I’m out for the day this lens is gonna be on my camera
90% of the time I can get everything I want to get with this lens so let’s talk
about the cons of this lens the reason you might not want to get it a lot of
people gonna say f4 is not great for low-light shots and a lot of people will
be right however if you’re using the a7 3 you can crank the ISO all the way up
to 10,000 and you really don’t have any issues there’s not gonna be a lot of
noise and everything is completely usable in my opinion being able to use
the ISO up to ten thousand or getting an EF 2.8 version and spending a lot more
money give me F for now people going to say the boat was not going to be as good
on the f4 compared to point a and you know what that’s right
when you buy a 1635 you’re not buying it for its crazy amount of Boca so really
do you need that little bit of extra that being said Boca does exist on this
you just have to learn how to use it properly separate your subject a lot
further away so I have your subject close and have your background a lot
further away that’s going to give you better bokeh so you can get on this
honestly if you can live with those two cons it’s gonna save you a lot money go
with the f4 the f4 is 1300 us the 2.8 is 2200 that’s $900 it’s a lot of money 900
bucks that is a trip somewhere you can use the money you saved by this lens to
go on a trip and make some awesome content why not do that instead take my
honest opinion go with the f4 and very happy with it I haven’t once regretted
getting this and wish I got the EF 2.8 instead yeah just go with your 4 save
that money okay on to the next lens which I shot this whole segment with the
Sony 55 F 1.8 so this is my newest and quickly becoming one of my favorite
lenses I’m starting to use a lot more and more on a lot of different projects
this lens can be used for anything where you have ability to move around and what
I mean by that is moving in and out instead of having to zoom because
obviously it’s a prime lens so great for portrait shots both photo and for video
fantastic for b-roll if you want to get some really nice b-roll segments just
blows out that background at F 1.8 detail shots at weddings or events if
you want to show the scale of what’s going on some little details in the
events little things going on people that kind of stuff
really great uses for this lens as well you can use it for interviews again
blows out that background it also works really well for YouTube videos so as you
saw in a lot of segments I did on the 1635 a second ago it gives a completely
different field of view to this background just drops off completely you
can’t see anything because it’s got such a shallow depth of field something you
don’t get on the 1635 F for but at f/2 1.8 it just disappears a really nice
view that some people really like if that’s the look you’re going for it so
really great lens for that so this you can use for pretty much anything as long
as you can walk around instead of having to move in and out now some of you might
be thinking well why not go for the 24 to 70 Sony or the Tamron the Newtown run
25 to 7 no 28 to 75 instead and then you get a little bit flexibility you can
zoom in instead of having to around well i firmly believe the image
on this is just so much superior to those lenses having done a lot of
research that i’d rather use this the image on this is just that much nicer
that in my personal preference i just would rather use this so that’s the end
of that discussion my opinion you don’t have to agree but i like the prime
lenses look it just looks so much nicer now 55 is obviously quite close to 85
which is another lens that you own too but they’re both used for completely
different purposes 55 is a very natural look and what i mean by that it’s very
close to where your eye sees because of that you can walk around and get some
very candid very natural real looking shots of pretty much anything when you
have it on your camera that’s part of the reason i really like it also for an
85 sometimes if you’re in a little small room you don’t have a lot of space to
move around any five might be too tight you might not have enough space to get
everything in you and your frame so if 55 gives you a little more room
works better it’s also small enough that if you wanted to you can put it on a
gimbal and give you some really sweeping cinematic shots with a blown out
background that ever 2.8 so you can still focus a little bit and it just
looks really nice it gives you an image that you wouldn’t be able to get with a
1635 is an f4 and that background just disappears so that’s a nice thing so
yeah it works completely fine on a gimbal if you wanted to as well so the
cost of this is a thousand bucks now the step up from this the other one that i
considered is the 50 mil sony f 1.4 planar which is 1500 us so $500 more is
it worth it some people might say yes some people might say no point for of a
stock more which will give you more bokeh more low-light abilities just not
worth that $500 in my opinion with a 73 again that’s why i learnt for this guy
take my word as of the hundred million other people that have reviewed this
this is a very good lens just save yourself about five hundred dollars and
use that for something else the only corner of this lens the only
negative of this lens really is the minimum focusing distance so that is the
distance from which the lens will actually focus to your subject so your
my hand is the subject you’re not going to have to get too close it takes quite
a way back for you to be able to physically focus so you’re just not
gonna be able to shoot macro shots don’t do a lot there anyway but if you did
maybe don’t go for this get a macro lens instead
so next up is the 85 again superb and no like goes down to an F 1.8 he
beautifully built lens nice and big gives you the buttery separation for
your subject 2f 1.8 isolates for subjects completely and again a great
lens for use of weddings events anything where you just want that separation
completely from the background give you that super cinematic look for weddings I
use this off to the side or the left or the right focusing are you the bride or
the groom bother than the center there just gives you a little bit of isolation
between them and what’s going on behind them I just like that look that you get
from this lens 85 is obviously tighter than 55 to 55 sometimes isn’t enough
reach 85 gives you a little bit of a bump that’s why it’s good to have both
it’s also another good lens for interviews and talking head segments if
you have to be a little bit further back because it’s an 85 it gives you a little
bit more zoom it does mean you’re also gonna get more compression which means
more bokeh which is a good thing so the bokeh @f 1.8 on the 85 is going
to be better because of the compression then the bokeh @f 1.8 on the 55 so
better and mind this will always have better polka also a great lens for
b-roll because of that extra compression and better for bokeh peter MacKinnon’s
b-roll beast is an 85 this is obviously a sony not canon but yeah that’s this
lens the 85 when you need it only the 85 will do nothing else will do
the 55 want suffice so this is one of those lenses where when you want to use
it you know you’re only using this and nothing else will work also this lens is
only 600 us the one up from this is the zeiss batis 8500 double the price and
when you look at all the reviewers online there’s a lot the difference that
you can tell between this and the ballast is negligible so just don’t
spend the extra $600 you don’t need to I did the research for you I’m telling you
you do not need to spend the extra $600 get this you’ll be very happy
cons of this lens I don’t have any some people don’t like Prime’s because you
have to move in and out I really like it it’s such a good lens no cons at all and
then finally the Sony 72 200 F for the lens I probably use the least in
comparison to my other lenses but I still use it and at the same time it’s
one of those lenses that I just couldn’t live without this is the sniper lens the
lens is where you stand at the back and get exactly what you
to get without people seeing you without people hearing you you’re not in the way
it’s the sniper let’s our weddings you could set this up right at the back off
to the side and film the entire thing and no one’s gonna see you
same thing for speeches at an event or if you’re filming an event and there’s
someone talking you can stand right at the back everyone that’s watching that
person talk you’re not stood right in their way you’re not annoying them
you’re out the way and you’re getting what you need to get you cannot get the
same results from this using any of the other lenses that I’ve talked about
today you just don’t have that reach and sometimes you need it you can still have
bokeh to people with a 70-200 f/4 when you’re zoomed in at 200 the compression
is so large that the bokeh is just fantastic your background just
disappears into nothing it’s so nice no I’m not into it myself but this is also
a popular lens for using for sports photography again where you’re off on
the sideline for wildlife photography if you’re shooting animals or birds and you
don’t want to disturb them that’s this lens when you need to be undetected and
you don’t want anyone knowing you’re there 70-200 it’s also a great lens for
portraits very unique in terms of the look that it gives off add 200 you can
zoom right into a person get them nice and crisp and completely blow out the
background that the background still looks huge because of the compression so
it’s a really nice unique look that you can get from this that you can’t get
from anything else so don’t underestimate this for portraits so
there are two sony 7200 so you can get the F 2.8 and then this the F for the
cons of this lens kind of similar to why talked about with the 1635 you only have
f/4 but with a sony a7 3 you can bump up to 10,000 iso just as i said before and
completely compensate for the fact of not having their 2.8 version if that’s
what you want in terms of low-light you’ll be amazed at the bokeh this
produces f/4 at 200 mil do you really want to spend the extra money and buy
the 2.8 for probably not a lot of difference in boca my opinion no and
that’s why I went with this one so this is 1,500 us the f/4 version and the F
2.8 version is 2600 us I just saved you $1,100 you’re welcome
so that is why I’m using on my Sony a7 3 right now as of October 2018 this is
what I believe is the perfect lens selection for the Sony a7 3 when it
comes to using full-frame lenses I talked about the reasons why I think
these are the best ones and why you don’t need to spend money to buy the the
GM versions or the higher-end versions save that money invest into something
else or just don’t have to save up as much money to buy those lenses because
they’re super expensive as we all know hope that helps you hope it took
something away from it today I appreciate you watching if you have any
other questions hit me up down below I’ll do my best to respond to everything
as long as it’s positive if you’re posting negative I will just ignore you
giving you the full one and now all right I’ll see you guys in the next
video see ya can you hear that plane I can I got if
you can it’s really annoying

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