Sony FX9 6K Full Frame Camera
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Sony FX9 6K Full Frame Camera

October 28, 2019

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  1. The Sony PXW-FX9 brings a Full Frame 6K Exmor R sensor to a camera that is under $12,000. Sony also announced a new 16-35mm T3.1 AF/MF cinema lens, the new S-Cinetone Color Science, and the XDCA-FX9 module which will enable 16-bit linear RAW output over SDI. Let us know your thoughts about the PXW-FX9 below.

  2. Great camera, but its 18months out of date! 4k has been done to death, we were expecting 6k or even 8k.
    Also I wanted to see an internal ssd slot.
    I'm sure this will produce a fantastic 4k image with great DR.
    But blackmagic have gone 6k for half the price.
    This is the camera that the f7 should of been.

  3. Once RAW recording is turned on, this will match Apple’s Pro Display XDR very well. 6K on Apple’s new display is too high resolution for 4K grading. Could 6K be the long-term winner for camera resolution? 8K might be not worth the extra data rate and storage needs (for non 360° video!).

    Will Sony offer internal 6K recording with the update, or offer 6K sensor data over HDMI (for Atomos and others to capture as ProRes RAW)?

  4. Sony FX9 is a bitter disappointment . This camera should have rather a name „ FX7 +” but never 9. Only 4K recording and only UHD in the first production version of that camera is ridiculous in 2019 – when we’ll have 6K from Canon 500 Mark II, and Balckmagic Pocket 6K, and Panasonic S1H 6K. Price 11.000$ for such an out of date equipment is funny. We have to pay 4000 $ for Panasonic and only 2.500 $ for 6K Pocket BM. Previous Sony’s cameras such as : FS700 , FX7, A7 SII were atomic bombs in the domain of fantastic features and good, reasonable price. They have changed the market and the style of our work. But FX9 is a blank cartridge. We can see that Sony is not listening to their fans and clients and the only purpose is to protect their expesive 6K Venice. That is also a very bad sign for those fans who have been waiting for a new A 7 SIII more than last 3 years. Due to Sony’s policy – it should not be better than FX 9 – becouse they are afraid that the sales of FX9 will not be as they planned . So we can expect probably that Sony’s proud announcements about A7 SIII – „You can expect of unepected” will be bitterly true . A7 SIII would be even less than FX9 – so it would be only overcharged 4K. May be it’s time to say bye to Sony and say hello to Panasonic.

  5. I'm quite excited but as I understand there is currently NO WAY TO IMPORT USER LUTS and that is a significant loss for me and will be for many other people. LET SONY KNOW YOU WANT THIS! They should already have the software designed from the FS7 – although proper implementation would allow you to see the name of the LUT in the EVF not just LUT 1 ,2, 3 or 4

  6. I’m seeing so many negative comments about this new camera and why ? Folks are acting as though all this tech is old news. It’s Full Frame and has a new great autofocus system. What cameras like this have these features and in this price range ? And there will be firmware updates.
    The Pocket 6k is a small plastic box that takes tons of add ons to make it a useable system.
    The Panasonic S1h is a much more viable option. Designed to work with the VariCam system and having known reliability. I think people are not looking at what they get fully. Sure we all would like it cheaper but look at the price of the new Canon ff Camera.

  7. "I’m seeing so many negative comments about this new camera and why ?" It is because there is no Sony cult. There is a Canon cult. There is a Blackmagic cult. There is a Lumix cult. There is a RED cult. And there is an ARRI cult. But no Sony cult. The result is that members of those various cults are quick to bash any Sony product and, because there is not Sony cult, few step up to defend Sony.

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