Sony Vegas: Freeze Frame
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Sony Vegas: Freeze Frame

October 14, 2019

so once you pleasure video equipment
timeline fine despite you would like to freeze uh… your video rat sounds pretty good once he found that take us to split the
video actually has lost by put there there are three it’s a creeks fresh in
my face to that has to split the clip then right click on the new co big new
clipping go to insert and remove envelop oops to colossally turn your velocity willow know that this will only work in vegas
uh… platinum or pro does not work in movie steal each d unfortunately because so he did not feel like uh… users of the economy version of software
you’ve lost their lives i suppose however once you’ve got your velocity envelope
you can see there was a key frame right-click on it and that you sent to you and your
percentage you can pick from brassiere ok enter and you’re done allison’s hair
clipper here uh… is now frozen as you see with
player video it will automatically freeze at the
point that you set and i will stay frozen right there without one of those fresh in my face
for the duration of this entire clip and if you’d like to shorten the length
of your freeze-frame ghettoize drag the right side to the left like this or next
longer drive to the right notice that if you drag the clip left side of the clip you’ll just
creating new entry point uh… for the freeze-frame it won’t be prolly what you want to see where that and just keep that website where you had at the first time that solar stew but this is a really
easy effect it’s also very handy uh… and that’s how you doing sony vegas pro suggest for a world-renowned repressing
easy tip for sony vegas we’ll see you then

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  1. I don't see how anyone can dislike this. Maybe the ones who made a too lengthy video are jealous or amateurs who are unfamiliar with their own software. Thank you for you clear cut presentation. Its annoying to listen to 8 minutes to get to a 1 minute point. 

  2. Scott, you are a lifesaver, man!  This is precisely the effect I was trying to figure out how to do in a video I'm putting together and didn't want to have to capture frames as images, then insert the images for some duration.  With your advice all I have to do is use S to split just on either side of the one frame I want to use.  This makes it so much easier!

  3. Love how straightforward this guy is! Usually there is like a 7 minute of explanation of useless things but this dude knows what we want!

  4. Brilliant. I love Vegas too, maybe because I used the Acid Pro audio editor ever since it was owned by Sonic Foundry. The timeline of Vegas is identical to Acid so it was easy getting to grips with basic functionality of Vegas. Glad Sony bought the whole line, they have done a great job, especially with Sound Forge.

  5. Nice tutorial! I like this type of tutorial video because It's right to the point, no useless crap like click this and that to bla3x
    2 thumbs up for you 🙂

  6. Haha, I didn't know you could freeze frame in SV. What I was doing all the time is take a snapshot of it and put it on the timeline, which is really not straightforward and takes time. Thankfully I found this! Thanks! 😀

  7. OMG this is sooooo anoying!!! when i right click the insert/remove doesnt freakin come up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Uhh…audio is desynced now. And I can't add velocity to audio….Should I just delete the audio from the clip that is frozen?? Also, if you want to continue the clip after the frozen clip, there are a few missing frames so everything stops, and then seemingly teleports afterwards.

  9. – Short Intro
    – No endless "I will now explain to you how this and that"
    – No "Take your mouse and open Sony Vegas"
    – Direct, striaght and to the point.
    This may be the greatest tutorial video ever made.

  10. Holy crap thank you! I've been doing a frame capture and then inserting that into the timeline for quite a while, but this is quicker and easier to work with for sure!

  11. but how to freeze sound?? so as the video stops , audio stops too, and then when it resumes, it resumes with sound?

  12. You didn't explain at all how to deal with the audio, what if we want a freeze frame for a quick second for some edit, then continue the clip.

  13. hello mate, thank you big time for this so efficient video, short but exact what I needed. I did view many guides as I became youtuber and needed to learn how to edit videos. Still I am small youtuber with over 70's videos but low popularity, maybe you can give me some thumbs up :). However truly I did like what you did in this video, and it is first time ever I came across your channel and you got me, so great job , thank you once more even this is an very old video , it still getting subs for you , at least it got me xD.

  14. Very helpful straight to the point, Most of the time when someone comes in looking for one thing they already know the software pretty well and most likely forgot how to use the one function, Thank you sir for making a great video 🙂

  15. Honestly the best tutorial I found today. I was starting from scratch with vegas and this is a blessing <3 #straighttothepoint

  16. So can you make a video into a photo with sony ? Or can you over lay and cut out things in photos using sony like in photo shop? If so how do you save it to computer as a photo and not a video

  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH, keeping it absolutely no bullshit, like a half second intro, straight into the tutorial, nice and speedy. Ill use the time it would have took to watch someone elses 20 second intro to leave this comment and subscribe

  18. Apparently I stopped by years ago to figure out how to do this. Now it's 2019, I've forgotten how to do it, and am back again. I wish YouTube would let me "like" this video twice!

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