Southern State Shows America How To Restore Women’s Constitutional Right
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Southern State Shows America How To Restore Women’s Constitutional Right

September 11, 2019

Thank God for the South. A southern state
recently passed legislation that puts the rest of the country to shame. Their respect
for the rights of all Americans should become an example for the rest of us. In this day and age, we are almost used to
seeing our rights infringed. Liberals want to take away our guns. Big government violates
our privacy. Companies sell our information. Even college campuses attack free speech. But in our deep South, a state house of representatives
just passed a law that preserves Americans’ most important right. This new law pushes
back at Democrats who have spent decades trying to strip this right from us. From Daily Wire: A major pro-life win took place on the Mississippi
House floor on International Women’s Day: an approved 15-week ban on abortion, the most
pro-life regulation in the nation. On Thursday, the Gestational Age Act passed
75 to 34 on the House floor after passing through the Senate two days prior. “Except in a medical emergency or in the
case of a severe fetal abnormality, a person shall not intentionally or knowingly perform,
induce, or attempt to perform or induce an abortion of a fetus if the probable gestational
age of the fetus has been determined to be greater than 15 weeks,” reports Rewire of
the Gestational Age Act. Pro-life Republican Governor Phil Bryant says
he will sign the bill into law. This is a huge win for all Americans that
value human life. The barbaric and outdated practice of abortion has no place in the United
States. Unborn children deserve to be protected, the same as any American. The fact that we
still allow abortions in the United States is unacceptable. Mississippi’s overwhelmingly pro-life government
is striking back for all Americans. This law will protect an unborn child. Mothers who
are unfit or unwilling to care for a baby will be able to find alternatives to aborting
the pregnancy, such as adoption. This will protect the life of someone who cannot defend
him or herself. Make no mistake: the abortion lobbyists will
fight back. Even with the governor signing it into law, Planned Parenthood or others
will try to challenge it in court. They will probably not get far, given the strong pro-life
stance of this state. So how about the rest of the country? Mississippi
has passed some of the strongest pro-life legislation we’ve seen in a long time. What
about all other state lawmakers and leaders that claim to be pro-life? Mississippi has
just set the bar. It’s time they all followed their lead.

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