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  1. The Majority Muslim UNited Nations ClimateChange is at best an Exaggeration and at worst a Trojan Horse. But social Engineering won't mitigate the planets million year Ice/Water Climatecycle. We need Geoengineering not the UNaccountable UN_united nations Social engineering

  2. For Canadians, not migrants! Trudeau, put on your big boy pants and lead Canada, Not foreign interests that milk taxpayers to feed a fake 'carbon' tax! Learn your science. CO2 is plant food.

  3. I seriously hate listening to this in two languages. It's beyond stupid. Say it in one language first then the other.

  4. Use logic people! Liberals quickly upgraded their intention to ban specified AR-15 rifle, to now all assault style weapons. No such classification on firearms in Canada but ok. If you had to decipher this using functionality of the firearm, you would conclude it means all semi-auto long guns. Including your wood stock sks. My guess, if they were able to escalate from AR-15 to all military style assault weapons before passing a bill, it won't take much longer before they take everything else. This is not a public safety matter, it's a disarm private firearm ownership matter. For what the real purpose of this madness, one can only speculate. All while illegal firearms still a cause for concern and unaffected by the ban. Valid reason for confusion.

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