Spotlight on Parliament: Caption that!
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Spotlight on Parliament: Caption that!

November 17, 2019

Kia koutou. Nau mai, haere mai ki te Pāremata Aotearoa. Ko Jay tōku ingoa. Hi there and welcome to Parliament. My name’s Jay, and we’re here in front of
one of our select committee rooms in the parliamentary precinct. The select committee process is a really important
part of democracy here in New Zealand. We want to shine a spotlight on the fact that
anyone can get involved and have their say in legislation in front of a committee Today
we’re going to meet with three very special young people who’ve just presented to the
Government Administration Committee. The first two are Annabel and Alexandra. Could you tell us – Annabel we’ll start with
you – why you think young people and children should be involved in Parliament? I feel like children should be involved because
I feel like it’s really important that children get to say what they think. How did you find presenting to the committee? I felt nervous at the start, but once I started
talking I felt better. Awesome. It’s kind of like when you first put your
hand in the pool and you go “it’s freezing!” But then you get feedback from people going
“It’s fine, you’ll be fine once you get in” and at that time it means absolutely nothing. But when you actually get in you do warm up
– it’s kind of like that. So we’re now here with Louis. Louis has also just presented to the Government
Administration Committee on their inquiry into captioning. Why do you think young people and children
should get more involved in Parliament? Because they need to hear their thoughts with
the Government. Absolutely, and do you feel like they listen
to you today? Yes, I felt like they listened to me very
strongly. And you felt welcomed? Yep, I felt welcome. Wonderful. A huge thank you to Annabel, Alexandra, and
Louis for taking the time to come and submit to Parliament today, and for sitting down
with us to talk about their experiences. If you want to find out more about what’s
happening at Parliament, check out our website or watch a few more of our videos. Until then, ka kite ano, and we’ll see you
at Parliament soon.

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