Springfree Trampoline Review: The Frame
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Springfree Trampoline Review: The Frame

October 13, 2019

So one of the unique things about
the Springfree trampoline is that the frame is positioned way below
the net’s surface. That means that the person
jumping on it, they can’t reach the frame
however hard they try so that steel frame is well clear
of where the children are jumping. The frame is made of tubular
steel, and the sockets, those parts each measured carefully
and shaped and welded together. Once they’re welded together,
they’re all measured, they’re pre-treated, washed, dried,
powder-coated – two coats of powder coating, then they’re
checked to make sure that the powder coating is near anywhere
else that’s not powder coated that should be is touched up.
Finally they put a wax coating on the inside where the powder
coating hasn’t been able to get. And that stops any corrosion
on the inside. That’s way beyond what any other
trampoline manufacturer does with the frame.

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  1. Great trampoline,› › ›https://t.co/O0rHxhut9E   had all its parts, very fast shipping. Yes, if you aren't good at putting things together, then the instructions may not be detailed enough, but I did it by myself in a few hours. Go slow and make sure things are fitting logically. You'll love the result as much as your kids!

  2. *I was very pleased with this trampoline.>>>t.co/pVoiPD0od5   It is very sturdy and has held up to 4 boys and mom and dad. The order process was very easy and I was abl

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