STAR Issue 1.1 The Communication Bill of Rights for AAC

October 7, 2019

We become a star by learning how to help people communicate, let’s get started There has been a lot of excitement lately about people with disabilities Gaining increased opportunities to direct their lives by making their own Meaningful decisions. How can those of us without typical speech or literacy skills participate in our community? But how would you know what we want if we cannot tell you? how will you help us GENUINELY be a part of our communities if we don’t have the tools to Communicate? If neither of us have the training we need This is where… (Theme song sings ) Supportive Training with Active Respect Comes in The goal of a star approach is to Train professionals and families in proven ways to foster meaningful communication Have you heard of the communication Bill of Rights? It states that all people with a disability of any severity… have a basic right to affect through communication the conditions of their existence. I have the right to ask for what I want. I have the right to reject choices. Have the right to share my feelings. I have the right to be given real choices. I have the right to use my communication system all the time . I have the right to be taught to communicate. I have the right to have genuine interaction with others. I have the right to access information and technology. I have the right to be treated with respect. Had the right to be listened to. I have the right to have a working communication system. and a backup system I have the right to know my schedule in real world Have the right to be spoken to in a dignified manner. Have the right to be spoken to not spoken about. I have the right to be an equal member of the community If you presume I am incompetent you underestimate my abilities you ruin how others perceive me, and you deny my opportunities to learn That is a very dangerous assumption There must be base high expectations for all by using the least dangerous assumption instead if you start by pressuming my competence and treat me as someone who understands it hurts no one, and it changes how others perceive me people who use AAC have told us that they want respect equality and genuine interest from their communication partners They want to have an ease of conversation with those who interact with them STARS will always remember to presume competence when having a conversation with anyone Give it a try you may be surprised at what they can tell you (THEME SONG SINGS) Supportive Training Active Respect (repeats song and fades out)

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