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Star Parker – Liberty University Convocation

November 25, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: We’re going to watch this
video, and I think it’s going to really endear you to who God’s brought for us to sit under
and learn from—from Star Parker. Let’s watch this together.>>VIDEO-STAR PARKER: I was out of control.
I just was doing whatever came. And my kid, at that point, was a few years old, and I
was barely taking care of her.>>VIDEO-NARRATOR: Star Parker’s reckless
search for happiness would bring her to a breaking point and would dramatically change
her. Star Parker entered her teen years in an America reeling from the racial turmoil
and sexual upheaval of the late 60s. Her love for excitement and risk easily led to a lifestyle
of reckless decisions.>>VIDEO-PARKER: I loved life, and I liked
freedom. I would go to school all day and then sneak out at night, and we would go break
and enter peoples’ homes. And we would go get in a lot of fights. Finally, it escalated
to one of my really close associates at that time wanted to rob a store. He’s like, “Run!
Run!” and the store owner started yelling and screaming. That’s when I first thought, “Wow, there
is something wrong with what we’re doing, and we could actually end up dead.” And so that’s when I started running, and
it was my first experience with feeling that I am really going down a path of no return. I’d hang out at Venice Beach; I’d hang out
at clubs and take a lot of drugs. And I kept getting pregnant, and then I would just have
an abortion. And then I’d get pregnant again. It was just like, this is, you know, crazy
living. I didn’t like the decisions I was making,
but I didn’t have any control over them I felt. I just was doing whatever came.>>VIDEO-NARRATOR: After four abortions, Star
decided to keep her next child. As a pregnant mom on welfare, she began to look for extra
income.>>VIDEO-PARKER: I went into an advertising
agency looking for money under the table. This particular agency was being run by three
men—good looking men, I might add. And I thought, oh, I could work here; this could
be great. Because I was a party girl, and that’s when they confronted me. They said
they didn’t pay under the table. They were legitimate businessmen. I’ll never forget. I was very confronted to them; they were confronted
back to me, and they finally told me my lifestyle wasn’t acceptable. I couldn’t work there. And I was really upset at this point, and
so I asked them, “Unacceptable to who?” And they said it was unacceptable to God. And I just stopped. I didn’t. I didn’t know
what to say. Up until that point, I had never really thought
about God, and I never really thought about God thinking about me. >>VIDEO-NARRATOR: When Star ended up alone
in the hospital with an emergency C-section, she received an unexpected visitor. >>VIDEO-PARKER: Ken, who I had met at the
advertising agency—who had called me a couple times during my pregnancy to let me know that
they were thinking about me—he came to the hospital. And I don’t even know how he knew
that I was at the hospital, and he’s telling me that, you know, God loved me, and … and
I told him that I don’t know why I couldn’t love myself. And he left, and I left. I went
home, and I didn’t change anything. I just kept partying and kept on welfare, and he
kept calling. And then finally I just went to church with
him. Because I thought maybe what he was saying
was true. Maybe God did love me.  It seemed peaceful. It seemed controlled.
I was out of control, and I never thought I wanted control, but when I saw that, I wanted
it. I knew I had sinned, but I think when it became
crystal clear that I needed Christ, I had to be forgiven of something really deep, was
when abortion was mentioned. Because now we’re talking the taking of a life, and that’s where
I really realized I really did need to be saved. And not just saved from hell; I needed
to be saved from myself. >>VIDEO-NARRATOR: Star surrendered her life
to Jesus Christ, and the difference in her quickly became evident.>>VIDEO-PARKER: Every time we would go to
the Bible study or go to the church, he would bring forth a message from the Scripture.
There was something in there that would convict me somewhere else, that maybe I didn’t think
about at all. Before I was out of control sexually, because
I had no reason to say no. Now I have reason to say no, because the Scripture says say
no. I was still living on welfare, and that was
just how I lived, and one day the preacher said what are you doing living on welfare? I thought, what? How does he know I live on
welfare? He said the government is not your source.
Turn in your Bible, and he had us turn. Sure enough, it said, “And my God will supply
all your needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus.” So I wrote my case worker and told her to
take my name off. God delivered me. He just really, really has
recovered my life, and I’m confident that if He could do it for me, then he could do
it somebody else. You know it’s not just something that somebody told me and I’m kind of making
up as I go along; I can be confident in something that is eternal. His hand is a loving hand,
and I just owe my life to Him. >>STAR PARKER: Well, hello!
Oh, I feel so at home! I have to just take it all in. And in fact, in a couple months—during Holy
Week of all times—I will be at Berkley, so I’m really going to take it all in before
walking into what we saw on the news last night, as I’ve done now at 210 universities
and campuses across the country. I love the worship here. I love you here!
Even those of you that perhaps are Moses. You’re here, not because you wanted to be
here, but your mom or your dad said that you’re proper. You’re not going the way of the others.
And they snuck you away and put you here, and demand that you’ll never come back home
until you receive everything they have for you. I so appreciate it.  And as you saw, my life before, what I do
today—which is run a policy institute in Washington DC—you saw what it was, so you
know I used to steal, and cheat, and lie for a living. So, I guarantee you I’m not going to announce
that I’m running for any political office, because I’ve already promised the Lord I’m
not going to return to those patterns. And in fact, what I’m trying to do now is recover
our society, recover our culture, because I believe that Christians have an obligation
to speak into the culture as advocates for biblical truth. And I can guarantee you in
Washington there’s very little of that going on.
Actually, I live in Southern California, but I work in Washington, so I spend a lot of
my time there. Wow, a lot of Southern Californians out there,
huh? Yeah, well they used to call us Sodom, and
they called Washington Gomorrah in joking. And I told them, well, if we’re Sodom, and
that’s Gomorrah, at least in Sodom we’re using our own money. And you can’t say that much
about the people in Washington DC, which is why we need to reform the place. But what we’re lacking a lot of in our society
today are Christians that understand that they have an obligation to speak into the
culture as advocates for biblical truth. And the reason why, is because if we don’t, people
will get lost. You know, America began the journey into secularism
about 70 years ago, and we as a society are very lost. We had a war on poverty in the 60s.
We had a war on religion in the 60s. We had a war on marriage in the 60s.
And, in fact, the war on religion—it scrubbed our schools from any reference to God, and
it weakened our institutions and opened a door to this culture of meaninglessness that
we have today. You know, those of you that were tucked away
in Christian schools as a youngster, maybe even homeschools, consider yourselves very
fortunate, but you may have an obligation to get on the frontline at some point, because
God hid you away the same way Moses, at one point, had to get up and go do something about
the culture. The war on marriage through the feminist movement
weakened women, and it opened the door to this culture of materialism that we’re experiencing
today. And the war on poverty, it weakened family,
and it opened the door to a culture of entitlement. And these three wars, combined, sent our society
some messages for three generations, that a rule of law and a constitutional order are
subjective. You no longer have to believe in absolute
truth, so don’t worry about any natural consequences that may come from sin, because now the social
state will provide you with safety nets. That’s the law that I bought into, that was
explained in the video we just saw.  So now, too many Americans have gotten lost
inside of moral relativism, and especially those that are living on the margins, those
that are outside of traditional society that’s rooted in a biblical truth. Those that perhaps haven’t had an upbringing
similar to some of yours, to where, you know, you are just placed in his covering or under
His covering. Those who don’t have those advantages can
get lost. As you notice, I bought all of the lies of
the left. I bought the lie that the poor are poor, because
the rich are rich. I bought the lie that my problems were somebody
else’s fault. I bought the light that America was so inherently
racist, I didn’t need to mainstream, and that’s one of the reasons—or all of the reason,
perhaps—that I started spiraling downhill right into that little dark hole that God
saved me from. In fact, now I thank Him every single day
that He recovered me from myself, that he saved me, and that He redeemed me from that
deep hole, and kept me out of jail. Because, actually, there are some of the things
that I’ve done that I did not mention in my autobiography, because I’m not sure about
statutes of limitations. But, my autobiography, just to give you a glimpse in what the video
couldn’t even tell you, was named, “Pimps, Whores, and Welfare Brats.”  Why should a Christian speak into the culture
as an advocate as biblical truths? I’d like to discuss with you this morning
three reasons. Number one, abortion is not salvation.
It is a crime against humanity, so America should not be doing it, nor should America
be exporting it around the world. We should not be exporting it around the world,
which is one of the reasons one of the executive orders that was passed last week was very
much welcomed to stop this tragedy amongst us. Abortion may be legal in our society, but
it’s not lawful to God, and it will be stopped. In addition to the moral implications of abortion,
and its medical and mental complications, abortion feeds into the narrative of victimhood. As if women have no control over their sexual
impulses, which has lured far too many women into lax attitudes about sexual disciplines.
And as a result, marriage has totally collapsed. Marriage rates have dropped from 75% of the
adult population in the 70s to 50% today. For blacks, adult marriage rates from that
time period have dropped in half, to 30% today. Conjugal and sacramental marriage is the capstone
of all humanity, and as a result of its collapse, not homosexuality is dividing us and bringing
hostility into the public square. All sexual behavior is adult behavior. It
should be private. Abortion has deeply hurt us. 68 million dead
in 44 years should give us all great pause. God set in order that women are the gatekeepers
to sustain a society through reproduction, holders of the biological clock. Manipulate the clock, and it’s men that lose
track of time. Generally speaking, and the data proves, unmarried
men are unproductive men. Unproductive men are promiscuous men, and
promiscuous men are dangerous men. One such example of a man is named Kermit
Gosnell. Day Gardner, the president of the National
Black Pro-life Union submitted a testimony in our nation’s congressional record, because
in 2013, my organization Urban Cure brought a delegation of African Americans to Washington
DC. We wanted to appeal to the congress to put
penalties in the current law. It’s called the Born Alive Infant’s Protection Act of
2002, because after we saw what Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist in Philadelphia was doing,
we thought that it might be about time that that should be illegal with penalties. He was arrested on drug charges, and law enforcement
officers went in there and exposed what we now know as a house of horrors. I’m going to read to you a little bit of the
testimony that she submitted to the congress. “I cringed and gnashed my teeth while sitting
in an almost empty Philadelphia courtroom hearing testimony after testimony of babies
screaming and screeching while being killed by Gosnell and his employees. I heard the gruesome testimony by abortion
clinic workers about how Gosnell would deliver fully developed viable children, then turn
them over and cut their spinal cords. Gosnell even joked that one baby was big enough
to walk to the bus stop. Then he cut that little boy’s neck and tossed him in a shoe
box. It was no big deal to him to kill these children, to slash their necks as they struggled,
as they strained, as they cried. If that wasn’t grotesque enough, he severed
off the feet of several babies to keep them displayed in jars on the shelf as if a souvenir.” You know, when Day was explaining to us what
she saw in the courtroom, in terms of why they would have the garbage disposal there,
why they would have the toilet there, and why they would have the sink there, and many
of the other, you know, things that you would find just in a normal bathroom or kitchen.
We all got the picture that she didn’t see, and many of us didn’t see, because the news
media had a total blackout. Continuing her testimony, she said, “Gosnell
stored the bodies of children in milk jugs, and large soft drink containers, and juice
bottles.” 47 babies were found in a refrigerator freezer.
They had to be thawed out like TV dinners so that the coroner could determine their
first and last moments of life. Incidentally the same freezer that the staff
were keeping their lunch in the refrigerator below. Did any of you hear about this? Did anyone
know about Gosnell? This is a question. I want to see hands.
Does anyone here know that this happened in our country just a few years ago? Did our political leaders declare a national
resolution to end these horrors in our countries? Nope.
In fact, I didn’t see many hands. It barely made the news.
It’s happening all over this country. Women are being maimed, molested, and murdered in
the so-called safe, legal, rare abortion clinics, and we don’t hear a peep. America’s response? $520 million to Planned
Parenthood year, after year, after year, after year, after year. The church’s response? Silence. The pro-life movement’s response? Planned
policy. A little ban here, a little ban there. Here
a little, there a little, everywhere a little, little. In fact, I was just in a meeting, closed-door
meeting, in Washington DC this past week while they were already starting to make the excuses
for why we will not be able to defund Planned Parenthood today, right now. Just think about this for a moment. The women
that went into that clinic. Just think about their mental state, to see
these displays of body parts in jars on shelves, as they’re going in to kill what God calls
His reward, because they’re lost. Abortion hurts, and as a result, men and women
are being deeply scarred. Mourning memorials are the number one grown areas at our many
crisis pregnancy centers, or pregnancy care centers, across the country. There are about 5,000 now.  I just think more evangelicals should be concerned
about our culture. I just think more evangelicals should be concerned
that abortion destroys human potential. Five years after Dr. King’s death, Roe v.
Wade became national law, particularly targeting poor women with messages of secularism and
government safety nets—abortion being the deadliest of the left’s so-called safety nets. Just in my community alone, the number of
black babies being aborted on average? 1,400 a day.
40,000 a month. 500,000 a year.
18 million since Roe v. Wade. Is it any wonder that our nation’s hardest
hit communities are drowning in moral madness? The feminist movement was nothing but a promotion
of monism. And monism is the elimination of gender binary, and the biological clock stands
in its way. Monism is an attack on the Creator-created
distinction, and its latest sacrament being transgender promotion. G.G. is now the poster child of the transgender
debate today. G.G. is a girl, if you haven’t heard about
this particular case. She thinks she’s a boy, so she/he, is suing
his/her high school to use the boy’s restroom. This has gone all the way up to the United
States Supreme Court, and they will hear this case this March, 2017. The Bible says that God made male and female.
Monism says there is no God.  Why should Christians speak into the culture
as advocates for Biblical truths? Well, number two, because the economic challenges
that our nation is facing today are a direct result of collapsed ethics and collapsed marriage. It’s not an accident that poor children today
are three times more likely to have been born outside of marriage than was the case before
the three wars against our culture began. The post-civil rights movement answer to black
struggle in America, who are the most vulnerable, poor community in our society at the time?
Pour government money into these communities. We now have safety nets against the natural
consequences of sin. In result, government welfare, government
schools, government housing, government labor and wage laws, government retirement programs—all
of which create the conditions to guarantee the despair and the desperation that we see
in our most impoverished communities, now spilling out into our general population,
because the ideas of secular statism are equal opportunity destroyers. Lack of marriage equals lack of family.
Lack of family equals lack of tradition. Lack of tradition equals lack of education.
Lack of education equals lack of a work ethic. Lack of a work ethic equals lack of vision.
And some of you that may read the Bible every now and then might know that the Bible says
without a vision, people perish. The problem’s not that we don’t have talented
people. We have talented people. I could name a few: Simone Biles. Since it’s black history month let’s just
name some black ones: Manuel Miranda, Dr. Ben Carson.
American ingenuity’s doing just fine. And we have iPhones and Uber. No, the problem is that we have created a
large portion of our population an environment of secular statism. Or as one economic professional called it,
the tragedy of the commons—which basically means no one owns it, so no one takes care
of it. And that’s one of the reasons that we see
filth in all of our hard-hit pockets as well. And there used to be a song, and the lyrics
of the song by Stevie Wonder said even though we were poor— “Our clothes were old, but
never were they dirty,” and we can’t say that now. Because wherever the government touches, it
creates this tragedy of the commons. The concept of redistribution of wealth in
and of itself to alleviate poverty has not only violated the Scripture – the Bible
says don’t covet, and socialism is rooted in covetousness. Somebody has something somebody else doesn’t
have, so we go hire politicians to take it from them, so now it’s theft. So, you’ve got us violating two commandments
in the Scripture through this idea of redistribution, the eighth and the tenth commandment. It’s not only violated the Scripture, and
not only has it violated the concept of private property, an absolute principle of freedom. My grandad—I never met the man—but he
was one generation out of slavery and I understand that he had an edict that if we want to stay
free then you need to things: property and a gun. Which our second amendment seems to be always
under attack as well. But this concept of redistribution of wealth
to alleviate poverty under the guise of social justice has violated the very social structures
needed for one to excel and break out of poverty. The rules of welfare that I know too well,
as you saw from that video: don’t work, don’t save, don’t get married, and we’ll keep you
enslaved to a poverty plantation. As money is fungible, it moves.
Its nature is to create more of itself so it travels wherever it can, which is why we’re
having a problem now with money all abroad. But humans are also fungible and we move. Our nature is to create more of ourselves,
and without social structure through a moral code of ethics and a rule of law, we will
travel wherever we can. What is the nature of sin?
It takes you further than you want to go, keeps you longer than you want to stay, then
it costs you more than you want to pay.  The nuclear family: in 1970, 40% of all American
households were headed by a married couple with children. Today that number is 18%. The single family: in 1970 only 7% of American
children lived with a mother who had never married. Now, I know you guys are young, so you weren’t
around in the 70s, so you think that maybe things are the way they are and have always
been that way. No, in 1970, only 7% of American children
lived with a mother who had never married. In 2014, that number was 48%. Births outside of marriage: blacks, births
outside of marriage went to 22% in the 60s to 72% today. Whites, from 3% in the 60s out of wedlock
births to 30% today, 8 points higher than where blacks were in the 60s, which is why
we’re starting to see the social pathologies that we thought where confined to our urban
centers out in our suburbs. Hispanics, there was no data in the 60s.
They weren’t a special interest group to be politically exploited, but they are today! So, we have data today, and their out of wedlock
birthrates are 53%.  You might ask, well, why does this even matter?
It might be none of our business. Well, it matters for two societal reasons.
Number one, child poverty. According to Ron Haskins at the Brookings
Institutions, in 2009, the year after our most recent economic collapse, the poverty
rate for children in homes with married parents was 11%.
The poverty rate for children in homes headed by a single mom in that same year was 44.3%. We have 500,000 children in our foster system,
orphans. Are there not 500,000 Christians in our society
that can help alleviate our pain by adopting up these 500,000 kids? We have 1.2 million households live in household
projects, public housing units. Are there enough people in our society that
can help us fight for vouchers so money can follow poor people to wherever they want to
live, even if it’s just to fulfil what Titus told us? Apostle Paul told Titus to tell us
that “The older women should teach the younger women how to live, and how to love her husband,
how to love her children.” But they don’t have husbands, but they have
children. And if it came natural for them to know how to love them, then why were we
instructed that the older women should teach the younger women how to do it? So perhaps
we should allow our poor women to move wherever they want to, even if it’s in the basement
of an older woman who will pour truths into her.  The second reason we should be concerned and
why it matters is crime, crime. 70% of the youth in our criminal justice system
are from single parent households. 95% of the men in our federal prison system
have no relationship with their dad. You want to solve the challenges of our criminal
justice system? Then we should promote marriage in our society
again. The great society of moral relativism and
secular statism has had great cost, both human and economic. The federal government now takes 25% of the
American economy. You guys should be really concerned about
that. You’re young, and our money is leaving, and people bought the feminist lie that children
are environmental hazards; don’t have too many. So, my grandmamma had 9; momma had five; I
had two, lost one of those. It happened all over our society, and so it’s
going to fall on your shoulders if we don’t begin to speak biblical truths into our culture. The federal government now takes 25% of the
American economy, forcing the public square to become a battleground of constant conflict. Means-tested federal welfare programs alone
are $900 billion annually, a quarter of our national budget.
But I’ve said too many times, because this is the arena we work in at CURE, well, for
reform on all related issues, we believe that charity belongs to the church, so we want
to get the government out of the business and get the body of Christ back in. And I said so many times, it’s like a car
being stuck in the mud, and you’ve got that one little wheel turning and turning.
The gentleman from the band I met from Pittsburg could understand when you get caught in that
snow and that one little wheel just keeps turning and turning and turning. You’ve got
to shore that one up to get the whole car out.
And that’s where we are today. In 1960, 20% of Americans got more from government
than they put in. today, 60% of Americans get more from government than they put in. Government dependency has seeped into our
entire culture, and now we are $20 trillion in debt, with unfunded liabilities of Ponzi
schemes at $100 trillion. Some are estimating a little bit higher than
that as baby boomers age and go onto these welfare programs that we call “entitlements.”  The third and final reason why Christians
should speak into the culture as advocates of biblical truth, because our country will
not survive if we don’t. Our job as Christians is to work while it’s
day. And that work in a free country includes having
a long-term determination to ensure that our public policy, our laws reflect God’s values.
And they are not doing that today, and so we are no longer free.
We are not a free people. We can be silent if we want to as the body
of Christ, but I believe you as a Christian university, or students of such a university
have an obligation to take what you’re learning here today out into our society and claim
the Gospel. Proclaim the Gospel, that God is not mad at
us, that He came to reconcile us to Himself—that He doesn’t count our sin against us, but we
have to call it sin. That He loves us, that He died for us; He’s
redeemed us.  The Scripture’s very clear:
“If we say we haven’t sinned, we’ve deceived ourselves, and we call God a liar, but if
that we confess our sins, He’s faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us of all
unrighteousness.” People need to know this, because people are
very lost, and we are no longer free. We’re no longer a free country when the Supreme
Court gets to define truth. And those of you who follow the news know
that the Supreme Court’s been very busy in redefining truth, including marriage as a
truth, sacrament of the Lord. We’re no longer a free country when politicians
can force Americans to subsidize and endorse vile and destructive behaviors. We’re not a free nation. We’re not a nation under personal responsibility
and freedom, what our founders saw, when a political system can engage in what the late
and great Jack Kemp called “the art of pitting class against class.” Where now we have family against family, friend
against friend, neighbor against neighbor, employee against employer, young against old,
simply to further a social experiment that throughout history has been proven to reduce
mankind to savagery. We are a very lost society right now. We need
kingdom builders to get our nation back on track for eternal truths, limited government,
open and free markets, and e pluribus unum where many become one. America is the exceptional nation, not because
we think we’re better than, but we’re humbled by the fact that many, any—from backgrounds
different, from ethnicities different, from religions different can come into this one
country and excel and fulfil our dreams. It’s an exception to the rule. Up until that
time, before the founding of our great country if you were born poor, you died poor.
If you were born in a certain class, you died in a certain class. But not here. Anyone from any background,
and ethnicity—I’m a living witness that America is very exceptional, and I want to
do all I can to preserve that in our history and in our culture. What we should have learned, what we should
have learned from both slavery and Jim Crowe, is that force is not an American value. I see nowhere in the Declaration of Independence
that politicians have a right to force free people to celebrate lifestyle choices that
the Bible declares abominable. No more than should my auto insurance cover
my neighbor’s tune up, than should my health insurance cover my neighbor’s sex life—not
their Viagra, not their condoms, not their sex change operations, not their birth control
devices, and certainly not their abortions.  I’ll close with this.
I’ll close with this. Psalm 11:2 and 2: “Look, the wicked bend their bow. They make ready
their arrow on a string that they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart. If the foundations
are destroyed, what will the righteous do?” What can you do? Well, I pray that each and every one of us
will leave here today with a new resolve to end abortion and revive marriage. That’s one thing we Christians can do.
Proverbs 17:6b tells us that “the glory of children is their father.” And I looked up glory in the dictionary, and
the definition in the dictionary—at least for today, before they rewrite that as well—“majestic
beauty; the height of achievement” The height of achievement of children is their
father. “Enjoyment.”
The enjoyment of children is their father. “Prosperity.”
The prosperity of children is their father. Then it went on to say, the dictionary, “the
splendor and bliss of heaven, perfect happiness.” I pray that each and every one of us today
leave with a fire in our hearts, with a fresh commitment to help our culture restore majestic
beauty for our nation’s children, to help renew them so that they will experience the
splendor and bliss of heaven—perfect happiness, amen?
God bless you.

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