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Star Trek: Constitution Class Starship (USS Enterprise) – Spacedock

August 27, 2019

In the centuries since the founding of the United
Federation of Planets, dozens of starship designs have played crucial roles in the storied
history of the Federation, but one vessel in particular stands far above all others,
a starship that has burned its legend into the cultural memory of every Federation citizen,
and become a lasting symbol of innovation and discovery on every Federation world. The
illustrious Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser. At a length of 288.6 Meters, the distinctive
frame of the Constitution Class represents the standard against which all future Federation
Starships would be measured, presenting a cylindrical secondary hull, fixed to a durable
saucer section, and a pair of streamlined warp nacelles. The crew complement of the
Constitution Class included 430 individuals as standard, generally resulting in crowded
compartments and hallways compared to later Starfleet Vessels. The crews of Constitution
Class vessels included numerous departments trained in a wide variety of disciplines,
as demanded by the ship’s wide mission profile. Though designed primarily for deep space exploration,
the Constitution Class was far from defenceless in ship-to-ship combat, boasting seven dual-emitter
phaser banks, supported a pair torpedo tubes generally loaded with Photon Warheads. The
Constitution was vital to the Federation’s defensive efforts against the Klingon and
Romulan Empires throughout the 23rd Century, with ships of the class often being deployed
as patrol craft or command ships around border starbases and relay stations.
The Constitution Class was most famous for its use in a number of five-year exploratory
missions undertaken throughout the 23rd Century, easily the most successful of which was the
famous voyage of the USS Enterprise, under the command of the legendary Captain James
T Kirk. This mission expanded the reach of the Federation drastically, and included dozens
of successful First Contacts with newly discovered alien races. Upon the Enterprise’s return
from her five-year mission, the vessel was appointed as the flagship of the United Federation
of Planets, a tradition that persisted throughout every future incarnation of the Starship Enterprise.
In the year 2269, the Enterprise underwent a large-scale systems refit, intended to serve
as the prototype for the next generation of federation starships. This overhaul took eighteen
months to complete and drastically altered both the internal and external appearance
of the vessel. The ship’s interstellar cruising speed was increased from Warp 6 to Warp 8,
and the vessel’s weapons loadout was expanded to include additional modernized phaser banks
and photon torpedo launchers. The Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser stands
unopposed as the most famous and influential vessel in the history of the Federation, her
era is remembered as a Golden Age of Exploration, and her accomplishments have served to inspire
multiple generations of Starfleet Officers. Even centuries later, the design of the Constitution
continues to define Federation starship development, and its influence shows no signs of diminishing.

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  2. Space. The final frontier.
    These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
    On its five-year mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.
    To boldly go where no man has gone before.

  3. Where everyone had assumed you had gone before…

    Its an awesome ship… Covered by an awesome series.

  4. I’m in a strange situation where Picard is my favorite captain but the constitution class is my favorite Enterprise. Is anyone else have the same opinion?

  5. The Consititution(especially the refit) is still, in my eyes, the most beautiful starship ever designed. At its best, Trek is a show about what would happen if we could somehow coalesce all the best of what we are – courage, ingenuity, curiosity and compassion, and shoot it like an arrow into the cosmos; and somehow what should be a silly looking design for a ship manages to bear that burden that with a grace and dignity that even my other favorite ships can't touch.

  6. 2 down 5 to go
    Just need the Enterprise NX-01, USS Defiant, and USS Voyager, Enterprise A and E.

    Leave out the Discovery for now as the show is still on going.

    Love the videos keep up the good work

  7. "So you hit the klingons, not when they insulted me, but when they insulted the Enterprise."
    "Aye, it was a matter of pride."

  8. Has anyone else ever thought it strange that a galaxy wide federation has most of its ships named after American things?

  9. I really like the constitution Class by alvision because to me it what the jj Abram enterprise should have been

  10. it deserves its nick very well. "cony"
    not much ships are as iconic as this….
    IMP2 star destroyer, xwing and tardis ar on a similar level.

  11. I want to be in it. How do I be in it!

    But then my voice might be bad. Judge by checking me out on my channel ☺

  12. The Iconic design that generated a plethora of new ships and ruled their design DNA for the centuries to come. I love the Connie.
    Now, get me that Odyssey Class Dreadnaught Enterprise F!

  13. "NCC-1701, Captain JamesT. Kirk"
    "Seventeen separate temporal violations."
    "The biggest file on record."
    "The man was a menace!"

  14. The USS enterprise has been with me my whole life, I was born on the day that Squire of Gothos was broadcast, and no ship in all of sci-fi even comes close. Tears literally streamed down my face in Search for Spock when she was destroyed.

  15. I love how a Constitution class looks great from literally every angle, not bad for a saucer attached to a few cylinders.

  16. This ship is nearly the length of a Nimitz class carrier and has less than a tenth the crew size of said ship but has cramped crew quarters? What is filling her up?

  17. Please can you make more videos on ships and battles from The Expanse? Awareness needs to be raised! #SaveTheExpanse

  18. I know I'm in the minority but I really don't like the Constitution class, at least in it's original set up. The refit was much nicer but still not a favourite.

  19. What happened to The expanse may be very tragic, however I think the sojourn will be a Phoenix that rises from it's ashes. I'm so hyped!

  20. I was never that fond of the classic Enterprise design, but I do admit it is a classic of sci-fi ships. I was personally more enamoured with the Next generation period Romulan ships, with their birdlike forms, the Valdore especially and I have a very soft spot in my heart of the Defiant class.

  21. I would love to see a video about the best designed and worst designed ship, not necessarily most powerful, in both Star Trek and Star Wars.

  22. Love the star trek eppisodes,,,any chance of doing the DEFIANT? That ship was a beast,proper bruiser and the first real purpose built battleship…

  23. A very tight summation of the Constitution class.
    Thought you would do seperate videos on the 1701 and 1701(refit).
    If there ever was a tall ship for the stars, for me, it would be the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (refit).

  24. I wouldn't exactly call the Enterprize's 2nd 5 year mission successful if you were one of the crew on that ship, especially if you had to spend days as a hunk of styrofoam, getting shanked by klingons and getting revived, or just plain vaporized by somebody making a point.

    the 1st 5 year mission though was pretty chill, they even had a wet bar on the ship at that time!

  25. Let history never forget the name, enterprise. {Jean Luc Picard}. 
    Not only is the constitution class famous, it was and is an incredibly durable design, there have been stories , some listed in the appendices of the federation and as detailed in several episodes of a constitution class having entire hull sections blown out and destroyed along with badly damaged or destroyed nacelles and still remained mobile and able to fight.
    The constitution class was and is one of the toughest ships of it's era and can still hold it's own and give back just as hard against many modern ships in the federation and Klingon empires, there were even two of them in the battle of wolf 359, [sadly destroyed], and in several battles during the dominion war. The ships held their own and gave back just as hard as they took, once again proving the legacy long and well earned earned by the constitution class ship.

  26. I personally like the look of the NX Enterprise the best and the crew uniforms too. Though you have to have respect to the classic that started it all.

  27. To boldly go where no man has gone before!
    Another great video, as usual, Spacedock. My sincere wishes for success for your incoming project. Make it so!

  28. If we assume that there were 3 shifts running on board, that comes to over 140 people per said shifts. Further, if we assume you'd need a dozen or so engineers, security personnel, medical personnel, galley workers, general maintenance people, and another dozen scientists, plus a handful of people as the bridge crew, that still comes up to less than 100 needed per shift. Where do you think all these crew members were stationed, and what roles did they function? They didn't maintain large numbers of ground personnel, they didn't guard large amounts of prisoners, and any dignitaries and their staff wouldn't be counted as part of that crew compliment…

  29. "Well let me tell you something. Don't. Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there… you can make a difference."

  30. There something about that Constitution class. It's not my favorite Star Trek ship, but there's still something about it. It's simple, and uncomplicated. And ahead of its time. Most sci-fi shows were using rocket ships or flying saucers. And they all used the same shapes, with sweeping convex and concave curves. This ships has a surprising amount of straight lines for something designed in the 60's.

  31. I just fell in love with the original ncc-1701 USS Enterprise when you talk about Federation ships the first one is this one that comes to your mind every time thanks old girl for the Memories

  32. This ship is Star Trek Gene Roddenberry had his hands all over this one this is one badass old girl history will always remember the name Enterprise God bless Gene

  33. Even after over 50 years, the Constitution Class Enterprise still ranks as the most popular sci-fi starships beating out the Star Destroyer, Death star and Millennium Falcon. Its a shame that Paramount and CBS can't acknowledge that history anymore.

  34. If not the most iconic, certainly the most influencial sci fi ship in the world. It's great that they put the original model in the Smithsonian and display it prominently. After all, a lot of the engineers who worked on some of their other exhibits were probably inspired by her.

  35. The refit of the Enterprise is my favorite starship design. Sleek, powerful, and durable; like a 60s muscle car in space.

  36. The Warp Engine pylons and the "neck" were not nearly as weak and vulnerable as one would think. This was proven when the Enterprise was set for self destruct. As She burned up in the atmosphere above Genesis, the neck and pylons continued to hold the nacelles and what was left of the main section quite securely.

  37. In Star Trek the Next Generation there were several constitution ships refits when to borg invaded, when Picard was assimilated. It was still a good ship then too

  38. The constitution class was built largely in response to the Klingon D-7, it was able to take on and defeat the D-7, but later in keeping with the multi role dogma of the federation it's role changed and it became a true workhorse for the federation. Durable and fairly maneuverable for a heavy cruiser of the time, it fulfilled it's role perfectly, during this time the constitution class repeatedly demonstrated it's legendary durability, even taking on and defeating a planet killer weapon although at the cost of another constitution class ship. A true workhorse and the title of legendary given to this ship class is well earned.

  39. ****Spacedock

    Why is it necessary for ships to have lighting on them? Is it some kind of vanity or is it to make the ship more menacing?

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