Start taking BETTER photos TODAY! Composition in Photography
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Start taking BETTER photos TODAY! Composition in Photography

August 24, 2019

What’s up everybody, Peter McKinnon here and today we are talking about composition and how you can tweak a few things to start getting better photos right away. Like we’re talking today! (Intro music) (Music) Alright, composition is one of my favourite things to talk about because its so important in photography. Be it that you’re just starting out Maybe you’re a seasoned amateur. Maybe you pick up a camera every now and then Maybe you are, like, the highest of professionals. Regardless Across the board, composition is so important. The leading lines that’ll lead you to the subject, or the payoff of the photo. Or using light in a certain way that it frames a subject. Framing your subject just in general using architecture and the world around you to make that photo pop and stand out more. Photos that have good composition are just easier to look at They’re more balanced There’s just something about them that when you look at that photo you’re like: Ah! That’s a great photo! And it’s probably because the composition is either: super unique; super creative; clever; or just really well balanced and thought out And all of those things come together in the end to give you an incredible photograph So point number 1 is framing Now framing is so important and it can make your photos look [euhehuhuh] from *here* to *here*! It’s such a big difference So if you’re in the city, wherever you are, it doesn’t even matter Just look for structures. Maybe it’s plants, maybe it’s bushes, but look for something to frame your photo ‘in’. Instead of just, like, an open portrait of someone standing there taking a photo, Maybe try to shoot it through some leaves, and I’ve talked about this before when we’ve gone over shooting through things But finding natural frames natural leading lines to place your subject in makes all the difference So here’s an example from yesterday We were at the skate park, it was underneath the highway and there was lots of pillars, that kind of support the highway obviously, vanishing into the distance So we moved Matty right into the middle of those which is creating a natural frame We placed him in the centre Now going beyond that what I mean by using the environment around you Here we are shooting in a stairwell. I used the rungs of the stairs to frame the shot So instead of just shooting it dead on, those rungs now provide that frame, which gives me that unique composition, which makes the photo so much more interesting So take a look at this photo This is a really interesting shot because we’re using those leading lines of the wall that go all the way to where that little entrance is that door frame if you will It doesn’t really go anywhere but that’s what I have Matty stand under because it frames him out perfectly

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  1. Mate you're a legend.

    can't believe i've only just found this channel. Keep the vibes flowing, you're an inspirational artist

  2. Hey! I just rewatched this video and it's still amazing. Can make a video like, we can hear you giving instructions to your model on how they should pose, where to stand, where to look, basically behind the scene… That would be nice. thank you so much!!!

  3. How can someone dislike this video? How is that possible? If you are not interested just do not watch it. It is that easy come on.

  4. Great images and wonderful look. After seeing this, Still lots more to be learned by me. Learning is endless. This video proved this once again. Superb.Hats off guys.

  5. Hey bud! I've been following your channel for a while now. I love the channel! And Matti's! Y'all are soo freaking talented! I just also started following your Instagram, and your photos inspired me to go out out this weekend and start looking at the world in a totally different way to get some hopefully awesome shots! Hope it works out and thanks for creating such great content for us!!

  6. Peter, I just started following you a few months back. Dude, you're awesome!!! Thanks for all the videos and helpful tips!!!

  7. I love your videos. Your insight is so helpful and I'm just a rapper with some equipment trying to learn. Thank you so much. Your explanations are wonderful to digest.

  8. This was so helpful!! I realized I tend to shoot 10 pics from the same angle/direction at most of my shoots so I want to get better at remembering to switch it up and try new things instead of always shooting the model at eye level and right in the center of the photo! Haha

  9. Peter McKinnon, AWESOME tips Thank you. I will be putting these to use next week. We are headed to Playa Mujeres

  10. thumbs up for alllllll your video, I like your energy when you're talking about all these stuff 🙂


  12. This video is everything! Thanks for posting Peter! You are helping me soo soo much to starting being professionally creative!

  13. Just got into photography invested in a canon t6i and a 24mm lense thank you for making this video to keep my mind flowing with ideas

  14. I wish there were videos like this but for storm chasers…I can't really get above my subject, my subject controls the light, doesn't behave, and moves in weird directions. Oh and also likes to be out in the middle of bumblefuck, USA and there aren't any things to frame it with, except maybe power lines

  15. I would have thought that Matti Haapoja would want to be known for being a great photographer and videographer rather than to be known for being good-looking.

  16. Hey Pete I'd really love to see your settings for each photo so that I can study them for better shots. Please & thanks *

  17. Great video -inspirational, even ! But it's pouring down with rain so I won't be heading out the door to put your tips in action, just yet!

  18. I just discovered you this year and I cant stop watching all your videos. So informative and I all your videos are amazing!!!

  19. Классный и позитивный ролик! Прям зарядил энергией! Рамки прям шикарные, смысл уловил. В общем все прям по существу и круто.

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