State Opening of Parliament 2016
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State Opening of Parliament 2016

November 25, 2019

>>HM the Queen: My Lords, pray, be seated. [After having the door slammed in his face, Black Rod is admitted to the House of Commons]>>Black Rod: Mr Speaker, the Queen commands
this honourable House to attend Her Majesty immediately in the House of Peers.>>Dennis Skinner: Hands off the BBC! [Members of the Commons process to the bar
of the House of Lords]>>HM the Queen: My Lords and Members of the
House of Commons. My government will use the opportunity of
a strengthening economy to deliver security for working people, to increase life chances
for the most disadvantaged and to strengthen national defences. My ministers will continue to bring the public
finances under control so that Britain lives within its means, and to move to a higher
wage and lower welfare economy where work is rewarded. To support the economic recovery, and to create
jobs and more apprenticeships, legislation will be introduced to ensure Britain has the
infrastructure that businesses need to grow. Measures will be brought forward to create
the right for every household to access high speed broadband. Legislation will be introduced to improve
Britain’s competitiveness and make the United Kingdom a world leader in the digital economy. My ministers will ensure the United Kingdom
is at the forefront of technology for new forms of transport, including autonomous and
electric vehicles. To spread economic prosperity, my government
will continue to support the development of a Northern Powerhouse. In England, further powers will be devolved
to directly elected mayors, including powers governing local bus services. Legislation will also allow local authorities
to retain business rates, giving them more freedom to invest in local communities. My government will support aspiration and
promote home ownership through its commitment to build a million new homes. Following last week’s Anti-Corruption Summit
in London, legislation will be introduced to tackle corruption, money laundering and
tax evasion. My government will continue work to deliver
NHS services over 7 days of the week in England. Legislation will be introduced to ensure that
overseas visitors pay for the health treatment they receive at public expense. New legislation will be introduced to tackle
some of the deepest social problems in society, and improve life chances. A Bill will be introduced to ensure that children
can be adopted by new families without delay, improve the standard of social work and opportunities
for young people in care in England. To tackle poverty and the causes of deprivation,
including family instability, addiction and debt, my government will introduce new indicators
for measuring life chances. Legislation will be introduced to establish a soft drinks industry
levy to help tackle childhood obesity. Measures will be introduced to help the lowest-income
families save, through a new Help to Save scheme, and to create a Lifetime ISA to help
young people save for the long-term. My government will continue to reform public
services so they help the hardest-to-reach. A Bill will be brought forward to lay foundations
for educational excellence in all schools, giving every child the best start in life.
There will also be a fairer balance between schools, through the National Funding Formula. To ensure that more people have the opportunity
to further their education, legislation will be introduced to support the establishment
of new universities and to promote choice and competition across the higher education
sector. My government will legislate to reform prisons
and courts to give individuals a second chance. Prison Governors will be given unprecedented
freedom and they will be able to ensure prisoners receive better education. Old and inefficient
prisons will be closed and new institutions built where prisoners can be put more effectively
to work. Action will also be taken to ensure better
mental health provision for individuals in the criminal justice system. My government will continue to work to bring
communities together and strengthen society. Legislation will be introduced to prevent
radicalisation, tackle extremism in all its forms, and promote community integration. National Citizen Service will be placed on
a permanent statutory footing. My government will continue to safeguard national
security. My ministers will invest in Britain’s armed
forces, honouring the military covenant and meeting the NATO commitment to spend 2% of
national income on defence. They will also act to secure the long-term
future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. My government will continue to play a leading
role in world affairs, using its global presence to tackle climate change and address major
international security, economic and humanitarian challenges. My government will continue to work to resolve
the conflict in Ukraine. It will play a leading role in the campaign against Daesh and to
support international efforts to bring peace to Syria through a lasting political settlement. Britain’s commitment on international development
spending will also be honoured, helping to deliver global stability, support the Sustainable
Development Goals and prevent new threats to national security. Prince Philip and I look forward to welcoming
His Excellency the President of Colombia on a State Visit in November. My government will continue with legislation
to modernise the law governing the use and oversight of investigatory powers by law enforcement,
security and intelligence agencies. Legislation will strengthen the capability
and accountability of the police service in England and Wales. My government will hold a referendum on membership
of the European Union. Proposals will be brought forward for a British Bill of Rights. My ministers will uphold the sovereignty of
Parliament and the primacy of the House of Commons. My government will continue to work in cooperation
with the devolved administrations to implement the extensive new powers in the Scotland Act
and establish a strong and lasting devolution settlement in Wales. My government will work
in Northern Ireland to secure further progress in implementing the Stormont House and Fresh
Start Agreements. Members of the House of Commons: Estimates for the public services will be
laid before you. My Lords and Members of the House of Commons: Other measures will be laid before you. I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may
rest upon your counsels.

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