Stephen Colbert’s LIVE Monologue Part 2: Hands In The Air
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Stephen Colbert’s LIVE Monologue Part 2: Hands In The Air

August 26, 2019

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  1. The saddest thing about that shower-line is that Tim Ryan actually tried to steal one of Bernies lines and failed –

    "They [the Democratic Party] need to open the door to people who shower at the end of the day, not just at the beginning of the day." Bernie said it on Bill Maher's show a year ago and I think I heard it in other interviews and speeches.

    Sen. Sanders is the real deal, a real leader – don't trust those corporatist copy-cats who borrow his progressive rhetoric to trick you into voting for them while lining their pockets with lobbyist money!

  2. Is that
    what it bothers you Colbert? Making colleges free tuition?  They should be certainly only for the poor
    and working class who can’t afford it, but not for your privileged children and
    all those young parasites, children of “good” families who like Kavanaugh, can
    get away with rape.

  3. Me, loving Colbert to death, I never thought a day will come where I’d have say
    this about his show: pathetic!  No wit, no
    smart improvisation, no meaningful re-interpretation of anything.  I guess we all have bad days, but he’s definitely no longer anyone that can be trusted in sensitive political matters, especially because of the way he’s caricaturizing  a very important event to come yet.

  4. Funny they didnt show Bernie calling out the network for running big pharma ads…. doubt anyone that only watches mainstream media will ever see that, and oh, they did run ads….

  5. Williamson: we must deal with the collectivize hatred

    MSM: oh, she is looney

    Also MSM: 2 mass shootings in 2 days, what’s going on?

  6. So where was the climate emergency argument? The one where we try to fix things so that the next generations don't suffer more than they have to. They're going to suffer, but it can be less. maybe.

  7. The current administration has been so messed up by Trump that it will take a no b.s. candidate like Bernie to get us back on track. Also, erasing student debt would be kewl. Maybe more people could then afford housing.

  8. I dislike Stephens outright mocking of actual good ideas by candidates regardless of popularity, just based on selected words of their speeches

  9. Idc what party you’re in but if you are speaking about bettering the country you shouldn’t be invalidated completely

  10. The BEST team is unfortunately not running: Jon Stewart (POTUS) Stephen Colbert (VPOTUS)
    As said previously, the administration would include:
    Chief of Staff: Conan O' Brien (he always checks on his own staff, scrutinizing them closely)
    White House Press Secretary: Jimmy Kimmel (the dude knows how to get the sentiments from the ground)
    Secretary of State: Seth Meyers (he always takes a closer look)
    Secretary of Education: Michelle Wolff

    Failing which…

    Liz Warren (POTUS) – Bernie Sanders (VPOTUS)
    Chief of Staff: AOC
    SoS: AOC
    SoE: AOC

  11. Man i have never laughed so hard this week, but Bernie Sanders and his waving arms killed it, the bird at the podium is much better. If Bernie doesn't make it, i hope . Biden would give Bernie Sanders a position in the cabinet as Department of Healthcare.

  12. The h in horcrux is silent, Stephen. And, really — poop jokes in elvish is just blasphemous. Humor is no excuse, and you know it.

  13. So I'm all for Bernie and everything but oh daaaamn, Elizabeth Warren with that elbow from the sky, wow. She murdered Delaney.

  14. Of course the Kids like Bernie. It's a generational thing. Baby Boomers are the Evil Generation, who grap all the money and leave nothing for the younger ones. Gen X only sit in their basement and do nothing about it and Millennials are not old enough to run for President yet (except Mayor Pete). Thus the only hope to fix America lies with the last knight of the Silent Generation (who actually is not that silent): Bernie.

  15. "I don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for President of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for." Thanks, EW, that needed to be said! It's been the problem of mealy-mouthed centrist Democrats since the Reagan Revolution. Glad the counter-revolution is happening!

  16. The US Government has never thought of state owned hospitals? Even India has them and run by the Government with free healthcare to around a Billion people.

  17. I knew the day would come when I would have to ask the comment section to translate Stephen’s Elvish into English. He loves LOTR so much it was only a matter of time…

  18. OMG, I laughed so hard at Tim Ryan saying taking a shower after work. So freaking funny! But now I'm headed to Louisville with him to tell Moscow Mitch to Do you damn job!

  19. Colbert needs to show some god damned respect for Bernie. So tired of the low hits. God forbid we actually enact change. Colbert let it slip lately that he thinks the masses are too dumb to govern. Ironically it is him that is out of touch on his golden pedestal. Don't fly too close to the sun.

  20. the bachelorette reference was on point 👌 he also referenced it before during the monologue about mueller’s testimony “i will not be discussing matters that are of interest to the public such as Luke P.’s behavior on the bachelorette” 😂😂

    edit: also the Harry Potter reference !!!!!!! PERFECT

  21. ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul. Translated into English: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    Black Speech – Wikipedia

  22. when it comes to understanding cause and effect within complex systems comprised of endless interdependent variables, such as cultural trends, MaryAnne's wonkiness comes closer to the truth than any corporate politician on the stage.

  23. I love Bernie. He says and does what is right. It’s second nature. He’s been singing the same song since the microphone🎤was invented.

  24. bernie sanders would be a normal politician here in the netherlands , why are u americans so dumb? can u really not see u are being used bij the bigger interests,, every thing is about money money money an a better way to screw people,, mmh great country u have,, thank god im not part of ur mess over there

  25. Colbert has become very partisan. He ONLY shits on Maryanne Williamson. Why? She may not win but she has good ideas. I don't understand the need to punch down.

  26. Taking a shower isn't a working class issue; wondering how much hot water I've left after crying for 20 mins is.

  27. It's so amazing to be able to laugh out loud whilst watching late night shows again – the hosts can go back to performing truly amazing comedy instead of having to police the white house by drawing everyone's attention to the idiocy of the president.

  28. I am at the point where. I dont want to hear anything from the Democrats that we voted for, about trump because thay are not doin anything about him.. Nancy has he call her. Zip tie her crue hands. Trump zip ties his crue hands. And the red hats running around killing people that are trying to survive. And then they kill them self. Because the cops not killing them. Thay are too white.

  29. So Mitch is keeping the economy going great and helping to create more jobs and lower unemployment rates (lowest in history for black and Hispanic workers). Why would people vote against someone that is successful at doing their job and successful in keeping their job? Samantha is building up gullible people’s hopes just like she did in 2016 with her Hillary love fest.

  30. And with this video I hit Unsubscribe.

    Get over your failed coronation rig for Hillary. More and more have had enough of your thinly veiled hate for Bernie as you sprint toward irrelevance, ColeBert.

  31. This twaddle is not changing america it’s making jokes for profit absolutely NOTHING else.
    It’s vapid repetitive and boring.

    Un sub.

  32. Colbert, your comedy should bring us together not divide us even more. You are part of the devil's master plan, Divide and conquer. Don't be tricked

  33. The classic american comedy of not caring about real people and happily being ignorant about their issues. Keep it up, Colbert.

  34. So far I like and respect Warren and Sanders as future presidential elects, either one is fine with me, or a joint ticket of president and vice president. I think they would balance each other out, where one might be too extreme on this side the other will balance it out. They would agree and disagree just enough on the real issues to keep each other on their toes and thereby actually get things done. They would be a class act! 👍👍

  35. All deductibles for auto and health insurance should be revoked permanently. It is ridiculous that you have to pay anywhere between 500 to 1000 BEFORE the insurance companies will pay. My goodness! What exactly are your premiums for?! Anyone wanting to address this issue would definitely be a strong contender for me. ☺️

  36. Let me tell you if someone who works in the medical care. with all the crazy should have Post in trolling and everything elseI am being very straightforward when I say the medical system is a business of sick we are paid to keep you sick and alive not to get you better

  37. Stephen, you'd better support Bernie. If Bernie is nominated as the Presidential candidate, YOU will be the Vice Presidential candidate. You shook hands 8 months ago, a deal made between two men.

  38. Colbert is so frigging funny and on point, the laughter is everything to me. Masive dosses of pure concentrated funny has kept me from killing myself during this ordeal. I hope trump sees these monologs and plants a .223 in his own vapid head. That would solve everybody on the planet's biggest problem. Except for Malarias inability to give a fuxk about anything.
    Thank you Colbert. A million times, thank you.

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