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Steven Furtick – Liberty University Convocation

November 18, 2019

>>STEVEN FURTICK: Would you do me a favor? Would you find about 17 people? High five them, and tell them, “God is working
in my life. God is working in my life. God is working in my life.” Woo! How’s everybody? Hey, help me thank God for the worship team. Elevation Worship holding it down. Lindsey, how much would you love to see these
Liberty students come to elevation Roanoke? >>LINDSEY: I would love that. I would love that!>>FURTICK: I would love it, too! Do we have any Elevation church students? Roanoke or—? I came a long way to see you all. Is everybody doing well? Is your semester off to a great start? Huh? Oh, I love you too! Who said that? Hey, I brought the whole team for you guys
today. We’re going to have an amazing time tonight. I want to thank Pastor David for inviting
us, not only to Convocation, but we’re coming to Campus Community. If you don’t like this morning, then you won’t
want to come back tonight. But I’m telling you, tonight—we can only
do so much in convocation. But I do want to say one thing, though. This doesn’t even feel like Convocation. This feels like a revival to me. I don’t know if the students in that section
that are so fired up for Jesus Christ. I get nervous coming out here, man. I preach every weekend to lots of people,
but I get real nervous coming out here, because I don’t have a wrestling ring, or shoe deal,
or anything like that. I didn’t write the greatest songs of the 80s,
so I brought the band to compensate. They’re going to stay up here with me the
whole time. And I just want to know, do any of you all
know how to talk back to a preacher? Because it would make me feel so comfortable. And listen, bro, it doesn’t even have to be
a part of your personality type. It can just be something that you do today
out of hospitality. Can you help me preach this message today? I don’t really so much want to preach a full-on
sermon, as I want to give an encouragement. And I want to speak—there’s a story that
came to my mind from the Old Testament, and it’s kind of the end of Joshua’s leadership
of the nation of Israel. He’s brought them into the land that God promised
them. How many believe that there’s some promises
that God has made you that are going to come to pass in your life? Do I have any believers? It’s been a while since Joshua wandered in
the wilderness, and it’s been a while since he marched around the walls of Jericho, and
it’s interesting, because he wants to give one more speech to the people before he leaves
them. He wants to give them one more charge, and
so he assembles them for a convocation service of sorts, and he tells all of the leaders
to get together. And this is in Joshua 24 verse one. It says “Then Joshua assembled all the tribes
of Israel at Shechem.” Everybody say Shechem, just because it sounds
kind of good to say Shechem. Tell your neighbor, “Shechem.” Now listen, it’s not—come on; it’s the name
of the place. You know this. It’s the name of the place. Theology students, it’s the name of the place
where Abraham built an altar to God when God made him the promise that I’m going to bless
your offspring. The place was called Shechem. That was hundreds of years ago. But now, Joshua, who has led the people into
the very place that God promised Abraham, is bringing them back to the place where the
promise was made to begin with. Because sometimes you have to go back to where
you started to realize how far you’ve come. I wish somebody had told me this when I first
started walking with Christ, because I always had this view of Spiritual progress, this
idea that my relationship with God and my faith was going to grow. The way I saw it, I kind of thought it would
be like a straight line. I thought that when I accepted Christ and
received the Holy Spirit that all of the steps of faith I would take in my life, God would
just take me higher, and higher, and higher. And you have these moments with God, these
amazing moments with God in His presence, and you feel like nothing is ever going to
be the same again. I remember being at my Christian college,
North Greeneville University, where I met my wife, and sometimes I would be sitting
in chapel service, and I would hear a word from God, and it would shake me to the point
where I thought I’m never going to be the same again. I’m never going to struggle with—fill in
the blank of whatever sin you struggle with, again. You kind of start off walking with God expecting
that your walk with Him is going to feel kind of like this, just straightforward and up. Just forward and up all of the time. But then you find out that there’s this little
thing called process. And to really see God’s promises come to pass
in your life—. We were singing a song a minute ago about
how I believe I’ll see you do it again. I’ve seen you move the mountains, and I believe
I’ll see you do it again. And I felt like there was a little message
that somebody needed to hear today that was frustrated with your progress. And what I want to tell you that I wish somebody
had told me is that spiritual progress does not look like a straight line. Stop expecting it to. Stop thinking that you’re finally going to
pray the prayer, or finally going to attend the service, or finally going to experience
the breakthrough, get the relationship, or the opportunity that is going to end the struggle. Spiritual progress is not a line; it’s more
like a loop. Would you do this with me real quick? Everybody in the whole Vines Center just do
this real quick. All the way to the top, everybody just do
this real quick. I want to encourage you today to stay in the
loop. Stay in the loop. Keep doing it; I’m not done with my illustration. Stay in the loop. Look at your neighbor. Say, stay in the loop. Stay in the loop.  Now see, remember Joshua had to fight a lot
of different battles. You can stop now. Joshua had to fight a lot of different battles
in order to come to this place. He had to wander in the wilderness, because
Moses wouldn’t give him permission to go into the promise land. I love preaching at Liberty, because you don’t
have to share all the background, because all the kids know their Bible so good. You can just get right straight to the practical
application. Joshua has spent decades going around in circles,
but now he is in the land that God’s promised. But he brings the people back together one
more time, and he brings them back to Shechem, Shechem. If you all were 36-years-old like me, I would
hit you with a little biggie. I’m going, going, back, back, to Shechem,
Shechem. Elijah, they don’t know anything about that! That’s the most excited you got this whole
time? And he gives them a speech. He brings them back to Shechem, back to the
place where the promise was originally made. And he has a challenge, because he’s speaking
to a generation of people who did not see all the miracles with their own eyes. They heard about them, but they didn’t see
the Red Sea part. They didn’t see how God provided shoes that
wouldn’t wear out in the wilderness. They didn’t see it. And one thing I’ve learned being a parent,
it’s very difficult to try to explain something to someone who didn’t see it in a way that
they truly appreciate it. It’s hard for me to tell my kids about Nintendo
games. Chris gave me the best Christmas game ever
this year. He gave me, what is it called, a Nintendo
simulator, classic. And it had all the games on it, and I was
finally able to show my boys The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Brothers. We played Contra for a minute. And I had to show them the cheat code for
Contra: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, VA, start. See, if you never did that, that means nothing
to you. But to some of you, that’s a religious symbol
if you saw it with your own eyes. But Joshua knows they didn’t see it, so I’ve
got to speak to them one more time. And he gathers them together at Shechem, the
place where God made a promise to one man. But it’s not just one man anymore. Now it’s a whole nation. Now God has blessed them to possess the land
that they used to pass through, and he wants them to see how far God has brought them. I wonder, have you stopped by Shechem lately
to see how far God has brought you? Or are you so enamored with where God is taking
you that you don’t appreciate where you are? I feel like preaching in Convocation, I really
do. I heard a quote one time that what is consistently
taken for granted will eventually be taken away. And Joshua knows this, and he sees a generation
of people who have grown up now as land-owners. And he knows the proclivity of their heart
is to take it for granted, that generationally speaking, they have not been eyewitnesses
to some of God’s great miracles, and so He charges the people. This is the chapter of Scripture, by the way,
where there’s that famous line in verse 15: “Choose this day whom you will serve, but
as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” That’s like a famous Father’s Day verse. That’s a Promise Keeper’s verse, Pastor David. As for me and my house, we will serve the
Lord. But before he gets to that, he reminds them
of some things. I won’t share all of it with you, but one
thing he reminds them of is in verse 6. He says, look at this on the screen. “When I brought your people out of Egypt,
you came to the sea, and the Egyptians pursued them with chariots and horsemen as far as
the Red Sea. But they cried to the Lord for help, and he
put darkness between you and the Egyptians. He brought the sea over them and covered them. You saw with your eyes what I did to the Egyptians. Then you lived in the wilderness for a long
time.” Don’t you love how he just condenses 40 years
of wilderness wandering into half of a sentence? He doesn’t go into all of the details about
the scorpions and the thirst. He doesn’t go into all the details about how
they were wasting year after year. He doesn’t talk about all of the quarreling. He doesn’t talk about the bitter waters at
Meribah. He just says you lived there a long time. Sometimes when you’re in the process, when
you’re in something, it feels like it is never going to end, and it is only in looking back
on it that you have the perspective to realize that everything that God takes you through
is for a reason. Every season God leads you through, even the
ones where you feel alone, even the ones where nothing seems to be happening. The last time I was at Liberty University
back in 2013, I was going through something horrible in my own life and in my leadership. Our church, you remember Don, they were talking
about us on the news, the local news, every night. And I was scheduled to preach at Liberty. It was the first time I preached outside of
Elevation Church after the attacks started, and I remember coming and feeling so embarrassed,
because they had been saying so many things about us on the news, and I didn’t know if
I had a bad reputation at Liberty. I didn’t know if the students there would
think that I was some kind of certain way, or this or that. And as much as you want to stand up and tell
people, don’t worry what people think about you, most preachers that say that are secretly
preaching from a place of insecurity, because everything about us wants us to like us. That’s why we’re up on the stage trying to
get your attention. But then we tell you not to live for the attention
of people while we do everything in our powers to get your attention. And if you don’t clap, we tell you to clap. And if you don’t laugh, we say you should
be laughing, but we don’t want your attention. It’s been over there years now, and one thing
cool to me about coming in this room today, was that it was kind of like going back to
Shechem and remembering how I felt then. But now looking at how not only did I make
it through that season, but my church is stronger than it’s ever been. Isaiah 54:17 became real to me. “No weapon formed against you will prosper,
and every tongue that rises against you in judgement I will condemn. For this is the heritage of the servants of
the Lord, and their righteousness is from me.” I’m standing here three years later. I got the victory. My wife loves me. My kids are with me. God is faithful. He brought me through, and all of that sounds
real good on this side, but the key to faith is to believe that God will bring you out
while you’re still in it. Do I have any faith-filled people in the house? Touch somebody. Say, “God’s got your back.” Touch your other neighbor. Say, “God’s got your back too. I don’t want to leave you out and make you
think you’re all out there on your own.” Look, Joshua says you remember when you came
to the Red Sea? Now listen, I don’t mean to correct Joshua,
because I know he gave a motivational speech that is recorded in Scripture. And I don’t want to make any suggestions,
but Joshua wasn’t a preacher remember? Joshua was a military man. I’m thinking as a preacher. How many preaching students do we have in
Convocation today? I’m thinking if you’re going through all of
the things, because that’s what he’s doing in Joshua 24, is the covenant renewal at Shechem,
and he’s reminding the people of their covenant with God. And he’s reminding them that you can move
forward in faith. When you look back on the faithfulness of
God, it gives you a reason to move forward, knowing that the same God who delivered you
from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver you from this uncircumcised
Philistine too. Whatever’s next, God’s got me. That’s why I’m not nervous. If I was Joshua, and I wanted to charge the
people to keep their commitment to God, when I got to this part about the Red Sea, I would’ve
really elaborated on it, you know? Because he was there. I would’ve talked about how the waters parted
and the people cried out. I want you to notice something in the text. And I don’t know if you can go back and look
at this later today, but he doesn’t even talk about, and this is strange to me. He doesn’t even mention the moment when the
waters parted. Remember, this is his last speech to the people. This is the last recorded time that Joshua
is going to speak to these people. And he tells them about all kinds of things—how
the defeated the Hittites, Amorites, the parasites, the Jebusites. Since it’s New Years, and some of you all
have New Year’s resolutions, the cellulites. That’s some good church humor. But how he did it I was kind of confused,
because he didn’t mention the sea parting before them. Instead, what he did—this is going to help
somebody today. He said when they cried to the Lord for help—put
verse 7 up again if you can please. “He put darkness between you and the Egyptians.” You missed it. He didn’t mention what happened in front of
them, the big spectacular thing, the miraculous thing that everybody learns about in vacation
Bible school. What he talked about instead, was what happened
behind them as God was bringing them through. He says that God was at work in the darkness. God had your back the whole time. It was Him behind you, covering you. And he drowned your enemies. Maybe the reason that God takes us through
deep waters isn’t so that we can die, but because he knows our enemies can’t swim. See, when He takes you through deep waters,
you have to walk by faith. That’s where you learn to trust him. And so, he thanks him for the darkness. When’s the last time you stopped and thanked
God for all the ways He’s working in your life that you can’t see? Because I know we’re really good at praising
God when we get financial aid. And I know we’re really good at praising God
when we do get our ring, because that’s what we came to Liberty for to begin with, just
to be honest about it. But when’s the last time you thanked God for
the stuff that you can’t see? When you look back on it, it will be some
of the things that you asked God to do for you that He wouldn’t do that you will thank
Him the most for. I promise you. I promise you. It will be some of the attacks that He didn’t
deliver you out of, but He delivered you in them. It will be some of the very same burdens that
you, like Paul, ask God to remove. He called it a thorn in the flesh. I don’t know what test you have today, but
that will be the very thing that leads you to the greatest experience of grace, if you
stay in the loop.  See, it’s not going to look how you thought
it was going to look. It’s not going to look like a straight line. Some of you here have burdens, and addictions,
and problems, and even health issues, certain things that you’ve been expecting that eventually
you would get to this point where you wouldn’t struggle with it anymore. You’ve been thinking eventually you’d get
to the point where it wouldn’t hurt you anymore. You’ve been thinking eventually you would
get to the point, but progress doesn’t look like a straight line. It looks like a loop. And sometimes you wonder am I ever going to
make progress? You’re so frustrated with yourself, you know. Am I ever going to get over this? Am I ever going to be a better Christian? Am I ever going to, am I ever, am I ever—? When Pastor David asked me, he said we’d like
you to preach in the round. Is that okay? I said it’s perfect, because I want to tell
the students to stay in the loop. I want to tell them that if you’re in the
loop right now—. I know you get stuck in stuff, thought patterns,
doubts. Some of you even have trouble doubting the
existence of God. And you keep thinking that the doubt is going
to go away. It’s not going to go away. God is going to give you a faith strong enough
to overcome the doubt. The blessing of your life will not be what
God removes, but what He gives you the strength to resist. And so sometimes you’ve got to thank God that
you’re not where you want to be.  Come here Elijah. How many of you in the room are not where
you want to be? This is my oldest son. Last time he was here he did the Gettysburg
Address by heart. I straight up use my children as sermon illustrations. They’ve got to earn their keep somehow. It’s expensive, all those sneakers and stuff. Steph Curry didn’t give me no sneakers. Stephen Curry, sorry. Say his full name. I told Elijah, I said I might bring you up
on stage today. Will it be okay? I said, because I want you to represent where
I want to be. Everybody has a ‘where I want to be,’ ‘who
I want to be.’ And that doesn’t go away. You are not going to arrive. If you started this race looking for a finish
line, drop out. There isn’t one. I know, the Bible says all this stuff, and
we preachers, we continue to reinforce it. He’s taking you from strength to strength,
and glory to glory. And we want you to think it looks like this,
but Paul said I’m still pressing toward the mark. If anyone has reason to put confidence in
the flesh it’s me, but I still press. I’m not where I want to be. Raise your right hand if you’re not where
you want to be today. If you don’t have as much faith as you want
to have, if there are some promises you’re believing God for, just waive your hand at
me. I need to know who you are. I’m not where I want to be. There’s a gap. Just look straight ahead, boy! There’s a gap between where I am—come on. Let’s go all the way out here. Where I am and where I want to be, where I
am, and where I dream to be, where I am, and what I believe God has shown me about what
I can be. And I watch so many people, especially at
this age, who give up on God in the gap, because I get tired of resisting temptation. I’m so tired of feeling guilty about what
I can’t be. I get so tired of feeling condemned and convicted. I’d rather just drop out then go round, and
round, and round, and round. My life feels like a NASCAR race, just round
and round, but there’s no checkered flag. My life feels like the walls of Jericho. I took one lap, two laps, three laps, four
laps, five laps, six laps, and I’m still not where I want to be. Walking around these walls, I thought they’d
fall by now. I thought I’d be righteous, holy, and pure
by now. I thought I would be included by now. I thought I would understand by now. There’s a gap between where I am and where
I want to be. But there’s another gap. Come here Graham. Go give him some love so he doesn’t feel inferior
as the middle child. There’s another gap. Stand right there. This is not the gap between where I am and
where I want to be. This is the gap between where I am, and where
I used to be. If you all can’t help me preach right now,
you don’t even have the Holy Ghost. So, every once in a while—lean in. I’m talking to somebody. You’ve been on the verge of giving up in the
gap, because you haven’t seen with your eyes yet what God has spoken to you in your heart. But if you would look back over your life
for a moment today and realize I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to
be either. God is with me in this gap. Are there any grateful people that God didn’t
leave me like He found me? Look at all that God has done for you. Look how faithful He’s been. Look at all the things you were going through
last year that you thought would never end, and now you’re on the other side of the Red
Sea. I’m telling you, God does some of His best
work in the darkness when we don’t understand.  I’m done with you all now. Somebody praise God for the gap. And you need both. You need both. You need a gap so that you continue to press,
so that you continue to realize that it’s the grace of God sustaining you, that you
can’t do it on your own. Don’t ever lose that gap. Don’t ever become so complacent that you think
you’re just there. That’s the scariest Christians in the world
to me—not the ones who struggle with something, but the ones who have secretly convinced themselves
that they don’t. To me, when you stop struggling, that’s a
sign that you have surrendered to the weakness. If you’re still struggling, that means you’re
still pursuing. If you’re still pursuing, that means you will
eventually prevail, because you are more than a conqueror. I said you are more than a conqueror! I don’t know who I came to encourage, but
you are more than a conqueror!  Heard a story one time about this lady who,
she stood up one Sunday night at her church. They had like testimony service. She was giving a testimony. She said, I just want to tell everybody what
God has done for me. This probably isn’t a true story, but it’s
pretty cool; it illustrates my point. She said I was down to my last 20 dollars,
and I was in church, and I felt like God told me to put the 20 dollars in the offering,
and so I did it. She said, but the problem was I didn’t have
any food at the house. And she said, but I wanted to give and obey
God, so I put my money in the offering. And I went back home, and when I went home,
my refrigerator had been empty before I left. But when I got back home, I opened the refrigerator
door, and it was still empty. And so, she said I started singing just inside
of myself the old song, “I got a feeling, everything’s gonna be all right. Oh, I got a feeling, everything’s going to
be all right. Oh, I’ve got a feeling, everything’s going
to be all right, be all right, be all right, be all right.” And she said—y’all shut up. I don’t have much more time. She said I start walking around my house just
singing, “God gave me a promise, everything’s gonna be all right. And she said, I started clapping my hands. I started walking out in my yard. I kept singing. God’s gave me a promise, everything’s going
to be all right.” And she said my neighbor was listening to
me, and my neighbor is annoyed at me, because he’s an atheist, and he always makes fun of
me. And I noticed he got in his car, and he drove
away when he heard me singing in my yard. Because I was singing, because I didn’t have
any groceries, I started singing, “I ain’t got no groceries, but everything’s going to
be all right.” And about the time I said that, he got in
his car, and he left. And I went back into the house singing. And I didn’t have any food, but I was happy. I was hungry, but I was happy. I went back to my house, and about 30 minutes
later I heard a knock on the door. And I went to open the door, and nobody was
there, but there were like bags of groceries all over the front doorstep, just bags and
bags of groceries. And when I saw the groceries I got so happy
I just started praising God. And the only thing I think of to say was,
“God did it! God did it! God did it! God did it, God did it! God did it, God did it. God did it!” She said I just stood there, and over and
over again all I could say was God did it. God did it. God did it. And she said about the time that I was about
to go back inside, my neighbor came. He popped out of the bushes, and he said,
“Gotcha! God didn’t buy those groceries that you’re
shouting about! I bought them. I just got back from the grocery store. I wanted to buy them to prove to you that
the God that you’re worshipping doesn’t exist.” And she looked back at him and said, “God
did it. God did it. God did it! God did it!” He said, “what part of ‘I bought the groceries’
don’t you understand? God didn’t buy the groceries; I did. Here’s the receipt.” And she looked back at him and said, “God
did it, and He made the devil pay for it!” I just want to let you know today that whatever
you’re growing through, they might’ve meant it for evil, but God has a purpose, and all
things work together for the good of them that love the Lord. Does anybody trust? Come on; high five three people. Tell them God did it. God did it. It wasn’t just the stuff that felt good that
God did. God even allowed the pain, because it was
the pain that led me to my purpose. Some of you need to stop wondering why that
guy didn’t text you back, and start worshipping God that he didn’t. He wasn’t the one!  Stay in the loop. Stay in the loop. Don’t stop talking to God because you feel
like he didn’t answer you. I appreciate everything that God did for me
that I can see. But I appreciate all of the invisible miracles
too. I appreciate all the times where I asked Him
to change it, but He didn’t want to change it;
He wanted to change me. My grace is sufficient for you. My strength is made perfect in weakness. My strength is made perfect on the third lap,
and the fourth lap, and the fifth lap, and the sixth lap. My strength is made perfect when I walk through
the sea and the walls of water are standing on either side of me. They could’ve collapsed, and God is doing
things behind your back. I don’t mean to make it sound like God is
a stalker, but God is doing things that you can’t see right now. One of the ways that you can know that God
is preparing you for a blessing is that you don’t feel very blessed. God doesn’t want the infrastructure of your
faith to be based in feelings. Whoever you are that God sent me to preach
to, that you have been frustrated with your progress, because it doesn’t look like this. Man, how many times have I thought I would
be farther along by now? How many times have I thought that I would
be over this by now? How many times have I been in the gap? That’s where the greatest growth is. It’s in the gap, because if you did it like
this, you would think it was your might and your power. But it is on the sixth lap that Joshua learned
it’s not even about my faith; it’s about His faithfulness—looking unto Jesus, the author
and finisher of our faith who for the joy set before Him endured the cross. You’re in the loop right now. You’re in the loop. Just because you’re circling, doesn’t mean
you’re stuck. Just because you don’t see it working doesn’t
mean it’s not.  And I want you to stand all over this auditorium
right now. Maybe you’re watching online. Maybe you’re watching on an archive. Maybe you’re watching on television. I want you to take this moment right now to
consider how God might be working in ways that you can’t see. Could it be that what God is doing in you
is more important than what you’re asking Him to do for you? I believe it could. Sometimes you have to go back to Shechem,
you know, to see how far He’s brought you. You don’t feel it when you’re in it. You don’t feel growth while it’s happening. In fact, when I lift weights, I feel weaker
while I’m doing it. That’s how faith is. Quit expecting something to change on the
spot. And I’m there! It’s called process. God has you in the process right now. Stay in the loop. Stay in the loop. Whoever this is for, don’t let your process
intimidate you from receiving your promise. Stay in the loop. If I quit every time somebody said something
bad about me I wouldn’t have preached past my first sermon at age 16. Stay in the loop. You never know what God might do through your
life. Bow your head and close your eyes. I want to pray with you.  I appreciate your reverence and respect for
the presence of God. As we’ve been meeting together today, I’ve
been sensing that God is speaking to some people on a very individual level—not everyone
but someone. And there have been some things in your life
that have caused you to question whether God has really called you, whether God is really
with you, and whether He’s really for you. Or maybe you thought that there’s something
so wrong with you that God can’t use somebody like you. And I believe He sent me for you to let you
know that everything that you’ve been through, and even everything that you’ve messed up,
God is a redeemer. He’s a restorer, and He is a rewarder of those
who diligently seek Him. Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
and the evidence of things not seen. You don’t have to see it to believe it. Believe it, and you will see it—the goodness
of the Lord in the land of the living.  With your head bowed and your eyes closed,
would you let me know if this message was for you and God is speaking to you right now? Just lift your hand up in the air. I want to pray with you. Keep it up. Father, I thank You for your children. I thank You for the promises You’ve made them. I thank You that you are their strength and
their redeemer. I thank You that they will see every promise
come to pass, and I thank You today that You sent a word of encouragement. And what Joshua spoke over the Israelites,
I believe that You’re speaking over us, to choose this day whom we will serve. We do not serve our feelings. We do not serve our circumstances. We serve Your purpose in the earth, and we’ve
come too far to stop now. You’ve been too good. You’ve been too faithful. We believe that we will see you move mountains
in our future. We’ve seen the sea dry up in our past. We’ve been across the Jordan. We have witnessed your faithfulness, and we
declare, right now, in the might name of Jesus, that your grace goes before us. We have seen it. We will see it. We believe you are a God who exceeds Yourself
at every turn. We thank You for Your faithfulness in this
place. We worship You right now, God.>>NASSER: Amen. Let’s pray together. Come on; let’s go before Lord. I don’t know about you, but when God’s word
is opened like that, it’s just compelling. It’s encouraging. It’s convicting. It’s sharper than any two-edged sword. It cuts through bone and marrow. It judges the attitudes of life. God’s word brings comfort, affirmation, conviction. If in this moment, God has been speaking to
you and you want to just have a conversation, get out of that row and be able to have a
conversation with one of our shepherds, we’ve asked them just to be available here in just
a second when we dismiss out of here. Listen, don’t just don’t go back to class. Don’t just leave this place. If God is really speaking to you today and
you want to just pray with somebody. You want to get some counsel. Maybe, in this moment, you’ve just been hearing
the enemy over, and over, and over again for so long, that all of the sudden it’s just
become clear. God is speaking to you, and there’s an awakening
going on. And in this moment, while you’re sober-hearted,
you just need to go and get accountability. That’s what counsel does. And so, we’ve asked our shepherds to be available. All of our Resident Shepherds are going to
be available as well, but just know that this can be an altar, a safe place for you to come
and find some ministry. And we will be back in here tonight, and we’re
expecting God to just continue to move in a great way. So, thankful, can we thank this incredible,
anointed worship team for leading us? And Pastor Steven, thank you brother. Pastor Stephen Furtick. Hey, they’re going to be in section 112, all
right? So, make sure you go and support them. You can actually grab the new CD and get them
to sign it. Pastor Steven’s books, all kinds of stuff
is going to be up there as well. We grabbed just a few things to show you. His latest book Unqualified is there. And then this book, Crash the Chatterbox,
is there as well, and other things. So, make sure you go say hi and you thank
them. They’ll be available as well tonight. Hey, may the Lord bless you. May He keep you. May He shine His face upon you. Come on. You’re dismissed, but if you want to come
up and connect with a shepherd, you do that, okay? Come on down.

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