Stop Buying Crappy Truly Wireless Earbuds! Part 3 | Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Review [2018]
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Stop Buying Crappy Truly Wireless Earbuds! Part 3 | Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Review [2018]

December 5, 2019

(mellow music) – What’s up everyone? This is your boy El Jefe, and I’m back with another review for you guys. So, right here I’ve got
the Soundcore Liberty Lite True-Wireless Earbuds. Now you can find these
guys on Amazon right now for about $65, but you
can actually pick these up as low as $50 when they go on sale. So this is something
you definitely wanna add to your wishlist in case you know, Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday, we got a lotta stuff coming,
a lotta discounts coming. So, definitely keep
those in your wish list, in your cart, or in mind. Now before we go any further
and for full disclosure, Soundcore sent these
out to me free of charge for the purposes of this review. And as you guys already know, whether they send me the
product or I buy it myself, I’m always gonna keep it
100% real with you guys and let you know whether or not it’s worth your hard earned dollar. So all that being said,
let’s dive right in. Okay so, let’s do this rack up fire style. Sound quality, these are packing
some serious sound quality, now I know, I just recently did
a review of the Trebleab X5, I’ll leave a link to that right up here if you wanna check those out, the sound quality on those
was fricking excellent. And these are right on par
with those, for about $10 less. Or, if you can get these
for $50, about $25 less. So sound quality, man, on pointe. Nice, deep base, nice and punchy. Good news, clear highs,
so no problems there, whether you’re listening to hip hop music, if you’re watching videos
or listening to audio books, not gonna be an issue. Next up, let’s talk about comfort, so, always, I always stress this, take your time to make sure
you choose the correct ear tips and the wing tips to make sure they fit in your ear correctly, because it’ll lead to a
much better experience using them for long periods of time. Which is what I did, I
actually ended up taking out the stockier tips and went
with some memory foam ones which I personally prefer. And man, let me tell you,
I probably had them in the first initial time for
right around 50-60 minutes where I pulled them
straight out of the box. No issues man, sound quality, everything, the fit man, was perfect. Popped them back in their case, let them do their full recharge and then went ahead and
popped them back in. I probably listened to them for about, little bit over two hours and, no ear fatigue, no problems with that, so comfort, on pointe. And then speaking of that playback time, so they’re claiming three and a half hours worth of playback time, I’m
sure you can squeeze that out, I was not able to do that. I’m listening to a lot of bass
heavy music, stuff like that, probably anywhere from 70-90% volume, so I was able, on a full
charge, I was able to pull out right around
two hours and 20 minutes. So a little bit less then
what they’re claiming but still not bad. And not only that, with
their small battery case, it’s what this tiny little thing is. You can squeeze an additional nine hours out of your earbuds,
so that’s pretty cool. You know, they run out of juice, pop ’em back in, let them do their thing, hook ’em back up and you’re
off and running once again. So yeah, battery life, I’m
sure you can squeeze out those three and a half hours, for me I was not able
to, but with this case, you can extend that battery life out to, you know, I think it’s
like nineish, ten hours. So, not bad. Next up we have video lag and latency. So, I didn’t experience any
of that while watching videos, so you know, if I’m
watching videos of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, whether
it be Facebook, Twitter, whatever it might be, no video latency. The only time I experienced
anything like that was when I was playing, I
believe it’s Clash Royale or Asphalt, you know games,
when I’m gaming on the phone, whether it be on the
iPhone or the Galaxy S8, it seems like the apps aren’t optimized, so I don’t think this has
anything to do with these earbuds or any other headphones in general, I believe it’s just some
app optimization thing, but, if you’re trying to game on these you may experience a little bit of lag. Like I said, I don’t believe
it has anything to do with these headphones, I
believe it’s just an issue with the apps themselves. But I figured it was worth mentioning. And then last but not least, I really like the fact they’re IPX5 rated, so if you wanna take them out for a walk, if you wanna work out in them, you know, whatever it might be, or maybe you’re wearing them
and you get caught in the rain. I don’t know where you guys live, you never know, it might be
a rainy region, who knows? But that full IPX5 rating,
you don’t gotta worry about them getting wet,
you don’t have to worry about sweating on them,
you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. Not gonna be an issue. I really like that Anker and Soundcore have really, really emphasized
on making sure their stuff has IPX ratings, I really appreciate that. That’s great for everyone
who’s out there being active or working out and these
also carry that rating. So, kudos guys. As far as any negatives go,
the only one that comes up and seems to come up quite
often, because some people, some companies kinda just
haven’t got this figured out yet, is the microphone quality. Now, it’s not bad. But it’s also not great,
it’s satisfactory. In an indoor situation,
say if you’re in your car or indoors, not that big of an issue. If your outdoors, it picks
up quite a bit of wind noise so you kinda gotta be careful with that. So, I just wanted to give
you guys that warning. Like I said, it’s not the best out there, also not the worst,
there are far worse ones. So, with this, it’s actually not bad but I figured you guys should know that. So, all in all, would I recommend you guys the Soundcore Liberty Lites? Absolutely! For the price, even if you’re paying 65, you’re getting awesome sound quality, great comfort, IPX5 rating
and no video lag or latency. So, that’s a really tough package to beat, and not only that, this
is an Anker product. So, they back up their warranties, they back up their customers,
they take care of people when they have issues with their products and they don’t give
you any grief about it. Which is something that
I really, really love about this company and one
of the reasons why I do, you know, love their products. Not only because they’re great quality but also because I always hear stories from people telling me, hey, you know, I ended up having an issue
with these headphones and I just tweeted at them,
and within a couple of hours, they were sending me out a replacement. That level of customer service, that’s something that is priceless and I commend them for it and this is one of the main reasons why I have no problem
recommending one of the products that I have tested, because it’s good and it has a good company behind it. I absolutely, highly recommend these if you’re in the market
for True-Wireless Earbuds that aren’t going to break the bank, something good for under 100. Please, do yourselves a favor,
listen to your boy El Jefe, check out the Soundcore Liberty Lite, you can’t go wrong. Alright fam, I’m gonna go ahead and wrap up this review right here. Let me know what you guys think of the Soundcore Liberty Lite
down in the comments section. These somethings you might
consider picking up for yourself? Or maybe for a relative? Holidays are coming up,
gonna be a lot of discounts. Keep these in mind, and if
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  1. i bought the edifier w830bt by your recommendation and i love them.I am looking forward to buying this and hope it will be great to.

  2. You can also use each earbud independently , I'm using anker zolo Liberty+ and use them independently when I go for long distance travel 👍

  3. Hey man I was wondering…. If you can ever make a music player for Androids reviews…. Or can you tell me what's a really good Android music player? I have neutron music player….

  4. As usual Guey, you got me broke again🤣🤣🤣 enjoying my W830bt by the way..thanks for suggesting this and the ufo2

  5. Awesome review. Definitely gonna put this on the list. Perhaps you should try review edifier tws3? I think it is the same price range

  6. Great job Jefe! The X5's, design, has ruined me on any other earbuds so I give you credit for still testing others. I guess I'm one that once I find one "thing" i like, I dont care to test others haha. Great job though Jeff! Side note, do they fit in the battery base with the ear wings attached?

  7. 2 hours and 20 mins is a heck of a difference to 3.5 hours… I have just ordered these, not expecting miracles, but will give them a go and keeping my reciept for sure.

    I have seen a review where the guy says 3 hours and 12 minutes battery life, and that was ok for me, so will see.

    Other than the battery they do seem like quality and rather good value.

    Anyhow, thanks for your review,

  8. Have you tried the iKanzi X9/Pasonomi X9? They’re from Japan and they’re sold on Amazon. I haven’t seen any English video reviews of it. There seems to be plenty of Japanese article reviews of it claiming they’re pretty good. Sadly, only Japanese video reviews of it. They seem promising, I ordered mine. 🙂
    They have a feature, 2200 MaH battery case that can hold 72 hours worth of charges and can be used as a power bank!

    They appear to be the same thing, both brands, both are the same just made at the same factory.

  9. Good video bud. .but when are manufacturers going to get it right. .we want 6 hours + with out having to charge them. …+ we want the latest version of bluetooth 5.0..we are not all idiots out here. .

  10. Hey guys just wanted to share my experience with you all. I bought these earphones, went through three pairs. Now I'm trying to get a refund.

    In the first pair the sound from the headphones is muddled and sometimes the bass distorts the sound and the clarity of the headphones is affected.

    The second pair initially worked great, but over the first 4 days of use it developed a problem that got worse. The signal kept dropping, and this happened at least 10 times a day if not more. I troubleshooted the problem, and I made sure I kept my phone on the right side, so that they get the best connection possible, but the issue still persisted. I tested them out on a different phone and it still dropped the signal regularly interrupting the audio. I've also tested it to see if this is an issue with distance between the phone and earphones. It maintained connection through different rooms, yet still drops the signal often while the phone is right in my hand. It always reconnects shortly after but it happens so often that its frustrating.

    In the third pair in addition to the connection issue where the signal keeps dropping and returning, it also completely cuts out. It will only connected again once I have turned off both earphones and reconnect it to the phone. I have made sure the headphones were completely charged before use, and that there were no obstructions within the charging pins before I placed the to recharge.

    Also the sound from them varied, the second pair was bass heavy, but the third pair was balanced and sounded absolutely brilliant. Its a pity it had those problems. Comparing it to the cost of other well known manufacturers' truly wireless earphones, though it is a bargain, I guess you have to get lucky with the one you get and hope it doesn't have any issues.

    Anker's customer service has been exceptional though, I've only just contacted them for a refund. Let's see how this works out. I'm probably going to save up for the seinheisser's truly wireless alternative.

  11. What's good brother?! How often do you think you'll make more vids about budget wireless earphones? You put a good perspective on them and honestly the other channels don't go straight to the point like you do.

  12. I bought these earbuds but their connection quality is terrible, every 2-10 seconds I get half a second of stuttering.
    Maybe my one is faulty

  13. How about the Anker Liberty Air? Hope you have a review on those. I agree to you. Anker makes good products. Hope you could get Liberty Air from Anker.

  14. Great review! Good sales person too, because I’m going to buy these! I subscribed as well, you are a very good reviewer!

  15. Just received my Anker lites today. Hands down these are best wireless earbuds I’ve ever owned. Thanks for the excellent review brotha 👍

  16. ?how these any different they total out with the current standard 3 hours but makes such as "JAM " jam ultra true wireless buds carrying charging case offer upto 10x recharging times or even a USB outlet charging other devices should be catch short for £50 from UK argos down from £99 .I'm still considering Jabba's elite/ACTIVE 65T they just seems a high amountor we still paying developers RD cost at almost £200 now we can see where manufacturers are going with no headphone Jack

  17. My issue with anker earphones is that they do not very durable… i had mine replaced 4 times and each of them do not last for more than 3 months… i decided to upgrade to soudcore liberty lite and I hope this one’s better…

  18. Great review but I have a request… can you paint your wall of a different color or wear a cap, I can’t find the line between your bold and the wall itself… thanks…👻

  19. Anker has been making pretty decent price to performance stuff, this included. The only thing that actually disapointed me was the battery life. 2.5hr, imo, is too short especially when a bunch of other true wireless are going 4-5hrs. But I guess for normal 1h commute then it might be okay. But for my specific use though, it doesn't quite work. =/ Good video though, very in depth.

  20. I just got them and they are great!!! They look nice, I can't feel them in my ear, awesome bass, great battery life and soooo worth the price! Thanks for the review, helped me buy them, now I can study I school while listening to music even better.

  21. If you have only really used wired earphones would these sound much worse then something like the rha 750, phonak 012 or shure 425.

  22. Update: when going to school, I dropped them on the snow on forgot them for 8 hours! When my mom picked me up we couldn't find it so we looked where she dropped me off, and it was covered in snow! It was all wet but when I wipe it everyone still worked properly. They sound the same and the waterproof really worked!

  23. Anker just came out with the soundcore liberty air earpods, do you think you might review them? 🙂 Great video btw

  24. Are you sure that you haven't noticed any delay in audio while watching youtube videos. Because its using bluetooth 4.2 and in many reviews i heard this complaint. This is something worries me to take a purchase decision

  25. Bluetooth headphones always have latency, but Android and iPhone are able to compensate for the latency automatically because each device reports how much latency it has. notice when you pause or play YouTube videos the little bit of a delay before the video starts. And when you pause it a little bit of a delay before it stops. Unfortunately, video games are not able to play sound ahead of time because it doesn't know what you're about to press. 4 videos it just automatically synchronize with it.

  26. I recently bought a pair similar to this, for about $20 cheaper, called the anbes 358. They work great, fits in my ears, nice seal, good sound, but this one issue kind of ruins the whole experience for me: when my phone is in my pocket, the audio starts cutting out. I have no idea if you have tested these earbuds while walking with your phone in your pocket, but I wanted to know if you have experienced this issue with these earbuds or others similar to them.

  27. I must've gone though 15 pairs of true wireless earbuds ranging from $50 – $200. These were the only ones I ended up satisfied with.

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  29. So I've used these for quite a while, but earlier today the left earbud stopped working. It still connects, and can pause/play the audio, but there is no sound. Anybody else have this issue, or any advice? I've contacted support but haven't heard back as of yet.

  30. Check out the Soundcore Liberty Neo, they’re the successors to these. I got mine here recently and they’re damn good.

  31. El jefe I see Jlabs ready to drop some new buds 4/30 . Do a review on those once you get your hands on them , thanks . Keep up the good work. this what I saw on jlabs.

  32. Have some new info for you el jefe…

    Won’t be shipping to the public until June and July . Hope you get to review before hand.

  33. Your review made me buy mine. They're a solid buy, my only gripe is you can only use the right one by itself, thought I could get by using one at a time lol

  34. Hey man. Anker also released a Liberty Neo. It said that it has the graphene thingy. What do you think about that. Or should I get this instead?

  35. Great sound quality, water resistance rating, but not-so-stellar battery life in one go. Hmmm, decision decision.

  36. If we compare 1more & soundcore liberty lite …. Which one is best.
    I expect a little above average sound… And budget ones.
    Can u help

  37. Hey Jefe… Hope you are doing well… Just wanted to ask a question since it's 11.11 sale on Ali Express… How is the sound quality compared to Haylou GT1…??

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